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Chicken Church Indonesia, Attraction & Entrance Fee

Chicken Church Indonesia Entrance Fee: Rp30.000 Opening Hours: 05:00-16:00 WIB Telp. Number: - Address: Karangrejo Dusun Gombong, Kembanglimus, Borobudur, Magelang, Jawa Tengah , Indonesia , 56553.

Situated in enchanting Rhema hill, Chicken Church, become popular as the uncommon building shape. Aside from the location that is so close to Punthuk Setumbu. The sunrise top spot in the city. The scene from the Indonesian love movie successfully made the church as a traveler must go places.

The chicken church is known as a praying house by locals. Despite the building called a church, the building is not meant to be as a church literally. All of the people, who believed in God can pray here and welcome here. The unique building shape that meant to represent pigeon. The peace creature symbol.

Sometime misrepresent and recognize as the chicken shape building. Now that the building becomes the most visited place. The prayer house develops the area into a complete tourist attraction tour. Spare 2 hours minimum to explore the entire building.

Chicken Church Building
Chicken church Magelang, located not too far from the popular Borobudur Temple. Img: Febriyan Afdania

See the grand hall inside with many functional rooms and floors. Explore the first floor and get to the top floor of the bird crown. Chicken Church offers unique construction. People not only can see the great architecture but the philosophy of the church. The building is not just a place, but it has a story in it.

The Story Behind The Building

Built in 1992, The Chicken Church is a symbol of a human devotee. The story of the house of prayer begins when a young man Daniel Alamsjah has a vision in 1988. Building a house of prayer for all nation. Daniel did not know where the scene was. A year later when he saw Rhema hill he remembered his dream.

Rhema hill is exactly the same hill as in his dream. From the landscape to the scenery around the hill, there was no different. He then decided to build the prayer house just as his vision told him to. The big house in the shape of a pigeon. The beautiful bird that represents peace and love symbol.

chicken church interior
Inside the chicken church building. Img: Trisno Ary Budi

In 1992, the construction begins and become the most difficult moment for him. He has to spend 5 weekdays to work 300 miles away. And going back to Magelang on weekend. Where he has to see and supervise the construction. Four years later, the construction was not run smoothly.

Due to his financial limitation and rejection from the locals. Daniel decided to stop the construction. By times, the chicken church left unmaintained. Despite that, the construction is never complete. Chicken Church had been used as the house of prayer. And become a rehabilitation place for drugs and mental victim.

In 2000, the place was shut down again due to financial problem. Some traveler still visited this place even if it had been closed. Today the chicken church is popular more than ever. The founder of the place, Daniel still dedicating himself to rehabilitate drug user.

basement of chicken church
The basement and praying area. Img: Putri Santoso

Explore The Chicken Church

Today the chicken church is a well-maintained building compared than years ago. Not only as a tourist attraction. But the building also continues to reform into a place to educate its visitor. Of the value of living, prayer, nationalism and also the dangers of drug addiction.

Private Documentation & Painting Room

In the ground floor, there is a simple theater, using a projector and the screen. The guest can watch the beginning process of Chicken Church construction. The movie showed all of the private documentation of Daniel struggle from 1990 during the construction.

The second floor is more alive than the ground floor. The guest can see the graffiti hanging on the wall tells around nationalism.  The art, culture, and also Indonesian tourism. Some of the art pieces is a story of moral values, the traditional dance like Serimpi dance or Reog Ponorogo; or tourism destination such as Borobudur Temple or Bunaken Beach.

chicken church free snack
Enjoy Indonesian traditional snack with a view. Img: Eka Pertisa Malau

At the underground of the house, the guest can also explore the entire area and find 25 rooms. The rooms on the ground are the prayer room. The smaller one is used for people to pray in private. And the bigger room use for a group of people. Despite the building called a church, the founder also provides a praying room for all religion.

The Landscape of Chicken Church Indonesia

From the ground floor, the guest can see the entire area of the chicken church above. In the ceiling of the building, there is unique cross-shaped ventilation. To get to the next floor and for the comfort and security reason.

The visitors of Chicken Church Indonesia have to register and get in line. As there was guest maximum capacity for each floor. The second floor is narrower than the ground floor. And from the windows, the guest will be able to see the view outside the chicken church.

Gereja Ayam Magelang
Secluded yet near punthuk setumbu. The sunrise spot to see Borobudur Temple in a distance. Img: Aldin Renda

The third floor is the transit floor, for the guest waiting to get to the top of the building. There is a small window on this floor. But the view is not that much. Guest can sit while waiting for the queue to the top. The crown is the most favorite spot in the house of prayer. From the top or known as the crown.

The guest can see Punthuk Setumbu hill, Mount Merbabu, and Merapi as the background. Mount Sindoro on the west side and in the east, the view of the magnificent Borobudur Temple. For safety and security reason, the maximum guest allowed is only 8 people.

cafe in chicken church
Cafe with a view, guest can enjoy a quite selection of hot beverage coffee or tea and a free snack. Img: Mason Rumengan

Chicken Church Opening Hours

Chicken church opens every day from 06:00 am to 16:30 local time. But only on the weekend, the guest is allowed to see the sunrise from Chicken Church.

Chicken Church Opening Hours
Monday to Friday06:00 – 16:30
Saturday and Sunday05:00 – 16:30

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Chicken Church Entrance Fee

The entrance ticket for the foreign visitor is different than the locals. Keep the ticket as on the third floor of Chicken Church. Exchange the ticket with free Indonesian snack fried cassava at the cafe.

Chicken Church Entrance Fee
Children & Adult30.000,-
Jeep Ticket7.000/one way

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How To Get To Chicken Church

Chicken Church is 45 minutes to an hour driving from downtown Yogyakarta. And 2,5 km or 10 minutes drive from Borobudur Temple. Going by public bus. Catch Transjogja bus line 3A from Adisutjipto International Airport.

Transit in Condongcatur Shelter and continue by bus line 2A head to Jombor Bus Station. At Jombor Bus Station, take the microbus and expect to pay Rp20.000,- to Borobudur junction. Use the taxi bike to get here. The taxi bike will cost Rp 30.000,-. Always agree on the price before jump on the seat.

Chicken Church Address & Location

The house of prayer located the hill of Karangrejo Gombong Village, Borobudur district, Magelang.

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