Borobudur Temple Entrance Ticket & Attractions

Borobudur Temple Entrance Fee: US$12-US$25 Opening Hours: 04:30 -18.30 WIB Telp. Number: +6224 86462345 Address: Jl. Badrawati No.9, Borobudur, Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia, 56553.

Borobudur Temple is one of the most magnificent and largest Buddhist temples in the world. Located in Magelang, Central Java. Borobodur is lying just 1 half an hour from Prambanan temple. In fact, exploring both sites in 1 day is doable. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, Borobudur is always packed with visitors. Locals coming from big cities like Jakarta, and outside the region at least visit the temple once a year.

The temple will be full of locals coming with their kids, especially during the school holiday in summer. Between the month of June to the beginning of July. Another occasion like Idul Fitri is when the temple is full of family reunions including elder people. It is almost impossible to see the temple have low incoming visitors.

As the largest Buddhist site in the world. Worshippers and pilgrims from Indonesia and all over the world are regular visitors to this grand temple. Regardless there is never a low season, the temple is definitely worth exploring. To summarize here are the tips and guides to visiting Borobudur Temple.

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Borobudur Temple Arupadhatu Zone
Borobudur Temple highest zone Arupadhatu. Img: Fcondromukti

Borobudur Temple Entrance Fee

Entrance ticket for international tourist is available from a 1-7 day pass. A 1-day pass to visit Borobudur Temple costs $25. While the multiple-day is a ticket to visit Borobudur combine with other temples. Visitors can explore the Prambanan temple and other temples in different locations spread in Central Java.

The accepted method of payment is by cash or credit card in Indonesian currency (IDR) Rupiah based on the visit day exchange rate. The Borobudur entrance ticket can be purchased on the spot at the ticket booth in the temple complex. On the other hand, visitors could buy it online through the Borobudur temple’s official website.

Borobudur Temple Entrance Ticket
Description Adult (>10 years old) Child (3 to 10 years)
Book Online Borobudur Tour *) IDR 718,000 IDR 562,000
Borobudur Entrance Ticket – 1 Day Pass **) $25 $15
Borobudur Monument (Stupa) & Entrance ***) IDR 500,000 IDR 350,000
Borobudur – Mendut – Pawon Temple $30 $20
Borobudur – Prambanan (valid for 2 day) $45 $27
Borobudur – Ratu Boko (free shuttle) $45 $27
*)The Borobudur Tour package includes hotel pick up & drop off & zone 1 Borobudur temple entrance fee
**) Borobudur entrance ticket only allows tourists to explore the temple from the yard
***)) The Borobudur monument ticket allows tourists to get to the stupas. Visitors will have to wear special footwear (provided). The guided tour duration is for 1 hour.

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Borobudur Temple Opening Hours

Borobudur opens every day from Monday to Sunday including on national holidays. However, on special occasions like Vesak day, the temple is limited to public visitors. The temple opens for public visitors from 7 AM to 5 PM. However, visitors with special passes could enter the temple zone. The sunrise opening hour is from 4:30 to 6 AM. While the sunset is from 5 to 6:30 PM.

Borobudur Temple Opening Hours
Borobudur Sunrise 04:30 – 06:00 AM
Borobudur Pass 07:00 AM – 17:00 PM
Borobudur Sunset 17:00 – 18:30 PM

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Borobudur Temple Event

As the largest Buddhist temple and world heritage, Borobudur is the site that hosts kinds of annual events. First, the annual religious Buddhist ritual on Vesak Day. To point out, the event is not only limited to Buddhists. In fact, it’s not just open for monks from all over the world to come and pray in the temple. At this time, even public guests get to celebrate important Buddhist events.

The event starts with monks and participants walking from Mendut temple to Borobudur. The next procession follows by a parade in the first zone of the temple. Then, the rundown is meditation led by the Bhikku. And last, the final procession. The closing of the event is when hundreds of lanterns light the dark sky.

Not only religious and musical events, but major sports event like the famous Borobudur marathon is also taking place here. Once a year, over 100.000 runners from the country and the world have participated in this annual marathon.

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Lumbini Park Borobudur temple
Lumbini Park in the temple area. Img: Abid

Borobudur Temple History & Zone

Kalasan temple located near the Hindu temple Prambanan might be the oldest Buddhist temple. However, compared to Borobudur now aged more than 1,100 years. There is no other massive Buddhist temple in Java that could compete with Borobudur. Borobudur was built during the Syailendra era between 780 to 840 AD. In fact, Borobudur existed before the famous largest complex temple, Angkor Wat.

However, after its glorious moment in the Syailendra era, the temple nearly vanishes. The stupa in the highest zone is ruined. The stone and structure are covered in soil, bush, and trees. At first, there seems no trace of its glorious day. In this case, the temple has witnessed earthquakes and damage by serial unfortunate natural disasters.

The first temple restoration happens after the Dutch occupation of Java island. First, after the Dutch governor acknowledge there is an ancient monument. It takes more than 20 years of work to land clear the entire area. To point out, there is 72 years pause between the first restoration in 1907 and the discovery.

Borobudur restoration 1907-1911
Borobudur restoration 1907-1911. Img: Kemendikbud

Kamadhatu Zone 1, Rapudhatu & Zone 3

In total, Borobudur Temple has 3 zones, with each zone portraying a different story through its reliefs. The first zone has 160 reliefs that portray the law of cause and effect based on the Buddhist text Karmawibhangga Sutra. The relief in this zone itself once was covered and hidden. On the other hand, the argument of why the relief was buried has not ended until now.

The second zone Rapudhatu has more than 300 Buddha statues carved from a Sanskrit manuscript. In short, it depicts the human journey that begins to leave their human flesh desire. And the last one Arupadhatu zone, the stupa, and the terrace of the highest area in the temple represent the final stage. In the light of pure form and disappearance of desire.

Every relief in the temple tells a story of humans and their nature. To learn more about the relief and temple, make sure to visit the museum. In addition to temple history, visitors could watch the temple documentation. First, from the discovery to its preservation effort.

temple visitors
Borobudur visitors in high season. Img: Idetrips

Borobudur Museum & Samudraraksa Museum

The temple museum is located inside the complex area. To sum up, the museum exhibits photos of the hidden relief found around the temple. The museum has a cinema that plays the documentation of Borobudur’s journey. Such as the history of the temple from its discovery, to its preservation.

Samudraraksa museum exhibit photos and the history of Indonesia’s ancient maritime. In particular, documentation of the Indonesian trade route and the story of its successful expedition in Ghana, Africa. To put it another way, the museum was built as a tribute to the crews involved in the Borobudur ship expedition.

Buddhist statue
Borobudur stupa in the highest zone. Img: Thijme

Borobudur Temple Entrance Ticket Special Pass

Besides the regular ticket allows visitors to explore the temple during the standard opening hours. Borobodur offers a special pass ticket for visitors to explore the site before sunrise or sunset. Borobudur entrance ticket for sunrise & sunset comes with breakfast or dinner, coffee & tea, and a souvenir. A special rate for Manohara guests is currently not available. And <6 years old children are free of charge.

The sunrise ticket includes access to Borobudur Temple from 4:30 AM to 6 AM. On other hand, the sunset experience in Borobudur temple begins after 5 PM to 06:30 PM.

Borobudur Sunrise, Sunset Entrance Fee available at Manohara Resort
Adult Rp500.000
Children (6-10 years old) Rp250.000
Student *) Rp400.000
Sunrise & Sunset Entrance Fee KITAS Holder
Adult Rp370.000
Children (6-10 years old) Rp185.000
Student *) Rp280.000
*) valid student cardholder
Borobudur Sunrise Ticket: Guests are entitled to get access to the temple from 4:30 AM to 6 AM, breakfast & merchandise. The ticket sale is available from 4 AM.
Borobudur Sunset Ticket: Guests are entitled to get access to Borobudur Temple from the public closing hour until 6:20 AM, dinner & merchandise.
*) valid student cardholder

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Basic facilities like toilets and an information center are available on the premises. Visitors coming with a private vehicle will easy to find a parking spot. At this time, the parking fee for a car is Rp10.000 from Monday to Thursday. While from Friday to Sunday, the fee is Rp15.000. ATM machines are plenty just outside the temple area. Meanwhile, for accommodation, the choice is abundant from guesthouses to 4-star hotels.

Restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops are plenty just outside the temple area. In fact, besides the temple, this area is never short of customers. On this occasion, try to buy some souvenirs such as Batik cloth. The souvenir shop outside is the best spot to practice bargaining skills. At the end of the trip, don’t miss visiting one local cafe and ordering their coffee for Rp4.000 only. Feel the humble ambiance and adore its wooden small house while eating some traditional snacks.

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How To Get To Borobudur Temple

Right now the choice of public transportation is plenty compared to years ago. Previously, there is only 2 departures from Adisucipto airport and Jombor bus shelter using Trans Jogja. Now, tourists staying downtown could catch the Damri bus from Tugu train station with a ticket cost Rp70.000. The second option is to catch the bus from Hotel Limaran, Gondomanan, with a fare of Rp20.000.

There is also another departure from UC UGM that cost Rp30.000. And last, for tourists heading to Borobudur from Yogyakarta’s new airport. DAMRI bus is available just outside the departure terminal, and the bus fare is Rp70.000.

Public Transportation To Borobudur Temple
Departure Ticket
Jombor bus shelter (trans jogja) Rp10.000
Adisucipto International Airport (Damri), departure from 7 AM, every hour Rp75.000
Tugu train station Rp70.000
Hotel Limaran Rp20.000
University Club UGM Rp30.000
Yogyakarta International Airport Rp70.000

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Address & Location

Borobudur temple heritage is located in location is in Jl. Badrawati No.9 Borobudur Magelang – Central Java 56553. 

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    • The experiment and analysis of whether it’s fine for the temple construction by letting visitors go up to the stupa still continue. The number of maximum visitors allows per day is 1.200 and max 150 people per session. The experiment right now is valid until May 6, 2023. And will be updated.

    • The regular entrance ticket $25 only allows tourists to explore the temple from the yard. To see the stupa and get to the top, there is an additional charge IDR 387k. The additional cost includes a guide and slipper that visitors will have to wear while going up the stairs. And the tour is available only from Tuesday to Sunday.

    • Hello Ventsi, The sunrise entrance ticket price is the same for regular visitors and hotel guests, Rp500.000 ($32). And for the sunrise ticket, guests are only allowed to explore Borobudur temple from 4:30 to 6 AM. However, sometimes the resort offers a room package that includes an entrance ticket to Borobudur at a regular time. So if you’re staying and booking that package you might be able to stay after 6 AM.

  1. Dear sir
    pls help me out with purchase of2 tickets to the entrance of borobodur temple (sunrise) thru
    official website online.
    Pls let me know the link for online purchase.

    • Hi Mr. Kumar,

      You can purchase Borobudur sunrise early pass at Manohara Resort Hotel on the spot. It’s the official partner that sells the early pass to Borobudur Temple. There is no quota or limit for Borobudur Sunrise visitors. You don’t need to make a reservation and just walk in. The ticket counter is open from 4 AM. You can check the Manohara Resort Hotel page for reservations or more information.

  2. Hi.Very informative. May I ask if how much will I pay if I wanted to see the sunrise and stay till 10:00Am?

    • Hi Joana,

      Unfortunately, the entrance fee for sunrise or early pass valid only from 04:30 AM – 6 AM. Early pass is Rp275.000,- for guest staying in Manohara Hotel or Rp450.000,- for non-guest. The ticket can be purchased only at Manohara Resort Hotel.

      To explore Borobudur Temple until 10 AM, an additional 1-day pass is required. You can get a 1-day pass at Borobudur Ticket Booth in the Borobudur temple complex. 1 Day pass ticket cost $25 for adult but will be converted to Indonesia currency based on the current exchange rate. Both cash and credit card is acceptable in the ticket counter.

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