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Borobudur Marathon, Venue & Ticket

Borobudur Marathon Entrance Fee: Rp200.000 - Rp500.000 Performer: - Start: 2020-11-15 End: 2020-11-15 Event Place: Borobudur Temple Telp. Number: Address: Jl. Badrawati No.9, Borobodur, Borobudur , 56553

If there’s any scenic place to do a marathon. Borobudur Temple at Magelang, Yogyakarta could be the one. The largest temple in the world is a venue for Borobudur Marathon. The famous annual event organized since 2012. After a successful run in 2019. Borobudur Marathon 2020 will set to make a comeback again on 15 November this year.

Borobudur Marathon is one of the biggest marathons in the country. Total participants in 2018 were close to 10,000 runners. They came from more than 30 countries. The prize for the first place exceeds 100 million rupiahs in total. There are plenty of categories to participate and the marathon is not the only agenda.

There are also a friendship run and entertainment show afterward. Borobudur Marathon carries three principles as its concepts. The first is Harmony, which translates as a sense of togetherness.

Borobudur Marathon participants
Borobudur Marathon participants come from all over the world. Img: Tirto

The second is cultural immersion. Emphasizing that the marathon isn’t just about sport but a cultural event in a larger scope. The last principle is the marathon itself as a sports tourism.

Borobudur Marathon Race Categories

In general, the race is divided into Open and National. Foreigners may join the open race. While the national race is reserved for the Indonesian citizen only. There are three categories for the race. And it depends on the length of the track.

For experienced and trained runners join the full marathon category. A full-length Marathon has a 42.195 km track. Prepare to compete with other trained athletes in this category. The half marathon is 21 km long. The mid-range track is suitable for seasoned runners. Participants who are not sure yet about joining a full-length marathon.

Children at Borobudur Marathon
Children cheering the marathon participant. Img: IG/Borobudur Marathon

Beginners can consider the 10-kilometers track of the 10k category. Each category offers a prize for the first five race finishers. So not to worry. Every participant, regardless of skill and experience, has an equal chance to be a winner.

Friendship Run

Held one day before the main event. The friendship run holds true to its name. It’s more of a fun family event than a competition. The track is only 3,2 km, so expect the vibe to be more relaxed than the next day marathon.

Consider Friendship Run a warming up activity of Borobudur Marathon. It’s a chance to get to know the track and to meet other participants before the real race.

Borobudur Marathon Scenic route
Scenic track and runner from all over the world. Img: Tirto

Scenic Tracks

Since Borobudur Temple, the venue is located on the outskirts of Yogyakarta. Expect to see humble villages, farms, fields, and nature throughout the race track. The view does help to make the race less tiring.

The fresh air and shades provided by the trees along the track. Will also help runners to shield from the tropical heat. The temple itself, Borobudur, serves as a grand backdrop for the marathon. All race categories will circle this temple en route.

Friendly Locals

Since the main event, the Borobudur Marathon starts early. Many locals will open their homes for participants. Some of them will provide their houses to be a seasonal homestay. Just for the runners, so they can stay around the area night before. It doesn’t just stop at that.

Local Artist entertain borobudur marathon runners
Entertainment by local artist. Img: IG/Borobudur Marathon

Villagers offer refreshments to runners who happen to pass in front of their homes. Little children stand by the roads cheering. How enthusiastic locals in welcoming the participants are the most heartwarming thing of this marathon. It shows the spirit of harmony. Which exactly is one of the three pillars of this event.

Post-Race Entertainment

Take a rest in front of the stage to enjoy the entertainment after the race. Cheer and applause on whoever winning because they deserve it. Each race finisher gets a medal. Snap a selfie with the medal and join the social media challenge.

There will be surprise gifts “door prize” distributed to lucky participants and cheering teams. National celebrities come into the stage to sing and entertain. The excitement does not finish yet when Borobudur Marathon ends.

Borobudur Marathon venue
Borobudur Marathon venue, Borobudur Temple Lumbini Park Complex. Img: Ari Armanda

Stay A Bit Longer

Borobudur Marathon takes place for only one day. However, nothing stops a participant should they decide to stay longer in the city. There are many things to do while runners recover from the previous race. The Borobudur temple itself is a wonder to explore.

There are also museums and art gallery to see around the temple complex. Taste some Magelang delicacies before heading back home. Magelang has some unique dishes worth to try. Such as Kupat Tahu and Bakmi Jawa (the Javanese noodles).

Kupat Tahu is a tofu-based dish poured with various vegetables, fried onions, and soy sauce. It is famous for being a favorite dish of the former Indonesian president.

Borobudur Marathon Venue & Schedule

The race starts and finishes at Borobudur’s Lumbini Park Complex, Magelang. In 2020, the event will be held on Sunday, 15 November. The race starts as early as 5 AM in the morning. While the race village (the committee) opens from 3 AM. The friendship run will be held one day before the main event.

Borobudur Marathon 2020 Venue & Schedule
Friendship run 14 November 2020
Borobudur Marathon 15 November 2020 / 05:00 AM

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Borobudur Marathon Ticket

Participants can register online on their official website. Prepare ID upon registering and routinely check Borobudur Marathon’s social media for registration schedule. Registration fees differ for each category.

The full marathon requires IDR 575k for registration. Half marathon’s registration fee is IDR 425k and for 10k marathon, its IDR 275k. Each participant gets a bib with the participant’s name on it, a t-shirt, a finisher medal, and refreshment.

Borobudur Marathon Ticket Price & Registration
10k Marathon track Rp275.000
Half-track Rp425.000
Borobudur Marathon Full Track Rp575.000

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Visitors staying near the venue can find many hotels nearby the temple. The rate can be as cheap as IDR 200k/night. However, expect a more expensive rate. Magelang will experience an influx of visitors around the date of the event.

Therefore booking far in advance is recommended. There will be a limited parking space provided by the organizer. There are also refreshment booth, fruit booth, medics, and shuttle service.

How To Get To Borobudur Marathon Venue

The journey from Yogyakarta to Borobudur takes an hour. There are several options on how to get to the venue. Participants can take advantage of the shuttle service run by the organizers. Their vehicles pick up participants on several meeting points across Yogyakarta and Magelang.

However, seats are limited and registration is required. The next option would be government-run DAMRI’s shuttle service. Pick up points are located at the following locations. The Adi Sucipto Airport, Yogyakarta Railway Station, Giwangan Bus Terminal, and Tugu Bus Terminal.

The fare is IDR 75k/passenger. If coming by private vehicles, the route is as follows: Magelang-Yogyakarta Highway – Kleben – Mayor Kusen St. – Sudirman St. – Balaputradewa St. – Borobudur Temple.

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