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Asian African Carnival, Expo & Venue

Asian African Carnival Entrance Fee: Free Entry Performer: Parade, Unity Run & Tourism Expo Start: 2019-06-29 End: 2019-06-29 Event Place: Asian African Street Telp. Number: Address: Jl. Asia Afrika , Braga, Sumur Bandung, ID, 40111.

In 1955, leaders of Asia and African countries gathered in The Asia Africa Conference (AAC). It’s one of the largest international conferences after the world war. There were representatives from 26 countries. Many of which was a newly independent state. Well in Asian African Carnival, people will remember what happened 64 years ago.

The conference was significant in shaping then world politics. Until today, Bandung still prides itself to be its host. Every year an event called Asian African Carnival serves as a commemoration. Although colonialism and the cold war are no longer today’s concerns.

The spirit of unity from that day remains relevant as ever. The Asian African Carnival continues to manifest this unity spirit. It celebrates unity, friendship, and synergy through diversity. The event attempts to celebrate AAC. In a way that is relevant to today’s circumstances.

It focuses on cultural and economic collaboration rather than political matters. The event is presented to the public with the aura of celebration and festivities. Participants are mainly the members of AAC.

Indonesia's First President Cosplay
Costume Parade feature cosplay of Indonesia’s First President. Img: Wego

Bandung sister cities, and other regions in Indonesia. There will be an elaborate carnival, cultural and tourism exhibitions, a marathon, and many other cultural sub-events.

The Colorful Asian African Carnival

The most anticipated event of Asia Afrika Carnival is the parade. A costume parade showcasing cultures from Indonesia and all over the world. Over 2000 of participants take part in this carnival. There is a long line of delegates wearing costumes of all imaginable color and shapes.

The design ranges from traditional to simply imaginative. If the eyes are spoiled by the colorful splendor. The ears get to enjoy music from a lively marching band and traditional musicians. Asian African Carnival is one huge party celebrating richness and diversity.

Indian Representative on Asia African Carnaval
The Indian delegation in Asian African Carnival 2018. Img: Wego

It starts and ends at Asia Afrika Street. Spectators flock the pedestrians. As the road closed for vehicles to make way for the parade. Get lost in wonder watching the participants. Each exuding the beauty of their country or region. Photography enthusiast better not leave the camera behind. As there will be many moments to snap.

Asian African Carnival Unity Run

The track for Unity Run is 6 km long and everyone can participate. Circling through historical landmarks of Bandung. The marathon offers participants interesting sights to see throughout its track. Run past street arts of around Braga Street.

See Bandung city square. And admire historical buildings along Asia Afrika Street. Unity Run is set to be one of the most important sporting events in Indonesia. Although it may seem like a competition. Being the winner isn’t the priority.

The festiveness of Asia African Carnival
The 2018 Asian African Festiveness. Img: Wego

As indicated in its name. Unity run is a marathon celebrating unity and diversity. It’s supposed to be fun and festive, and more importantly, healthy. So take time and no need rush to the finish line.

Guided Visit to Asian African Museum & Talkshow

Take a commemorative walk back to 1955 at Asian African Museum. For anyone interested in AAC history. This sub-event offers a deeper understanding. The event takes place at Gedung Merdeka. Or the Asian African building where the conference was held.

Experience on what it’s like sitting at the conference room. Knowing at this exact spot, history was made sixty-four years ago.┬áNewly independent countries were hand in hand fighting imperialism.

Colorful Traditional Costume Asia African Carnival
Parade Participants wearing the colorful traditional costume. Img: Wego

It’s a reminder that nothing is impossible with unity. Eyewitnesses are invited to talk about the event at the Asian African talk show. So make sure not to miss this one too. It’s a chance to get firsthand insights on what happened during that day.

Cultural & Tourism Expo

For a closer look into each participating country. Head for the cultural expo of Asian African Carnival. This sub-event showcases diversity, from culture to tourism. Each booth introduces visitors to the tourism potential of an ACC member country.

A great opportunity for anyone planning to travel in the near future. Take a glimpse of their beautiful culture too. And in the culinary bazaar, it’s a chance to taste food from all over the world.

Entertainment Stages

Near Asia Afrika building, there will be two main stages. Hosting music shows after the carnival. Whether visitors taking a rest after the marathon. Or viewers of the carnival who want to see something more.

These stages will offer the kind of entertainment attendees need. Local and national celebrities are ready to create some havoc. Consider this an after-party of Asian African Carnival, and enjoy every bit of it.

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Asian African Carnival, Venue, Schedule, & Ticket

Asian African Carnival’s venue takes place in the Asia Afrika Building. Located in Asia Afrika street, Bandung just stones away from Alun-Alun Bandung. The event comprises of many sub-events held from May to June. The main event – the carnival and marathon – will be held on 29 June 2019. Asian African Carnival requires no ticket for participation.

Asian African Carnival, Venue, Schedule & Ticketing
Date & Time 29 June 2019, 13:00 – 16:00
Venue Asia Afrika Street
Ticket Free Entry

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How To Get To Asian African Carnival Venue

From Bandung Railway Station, Asia Africa street is accessible by 20 minutes walk through Braga Street. Carnival attendees can also take public transport minivan to reach the location. Use minivan line Sederhana-Buah Batu. Or Cisitu- Tegalaga line. Prepare small notes IDR 5k for the fare.

From Leuwi Panjang bus terminal, takes DAMRI bus heading to Bandung City Square. The line for the bus is Cicaheum – Leuwipanjang. Visitors arrive at the airport will have to take a cab to get to the location. Approximately it takes 15 minutes drive.

Note that roads around Asia Afrika Street will be closed since morning throughout the carnival. So stop at the nearest unblocked road before continue walking to the location.

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