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Tanah Lot Temple Entrance Ticket & Attraction

Tanah Lot Temple Entrance Fee: Rp30.000 - Rp60.000 Opening Hours: 07:00 - 19:00 WITA Telp. Number: 0361-880361 Address: Beraban , Beraban, Kediri, Tabanan , Bali , Indonesia , 8217.

One of the most iconic temples in the magical land of Bali is Tanah Lot Temple. The temple is popular for its sunset and Kecak dance performance. Tanah Lot is part of the many beautifully iconic Hindu temples in Bali. In addition to the beauty of the temple the access by going through the beach making the temple itself more unique.

The location that set right on the coast makes Tanah Lot different than other temples. And when the seawater is rising, the temple becomes inaccessible. Tanah Lot which translates as land in the sea is an original Balinese language. The temple location in Tabanan is not too far from downtown Denpasar.

Dang Hyang Nirartha & Tanah Lot Temple History

Tanah Lot was built during the 16th century. The legend history of Tanah Lot begins when Dang Hyang Nirartha come to Bali for the first time from Java Island. He comes with one mission. To teach and spread Hinduism. During his time in Bali, one time he sees a beautiful rock on the island. He then rests and setting.

When the seawater rising, the temple is out of reach. Img: Simika007

Later he saw by the fishermen. The fishermen bought him gifts. That night is one night when Dang Hyang Nirartha rests on that island. During the time on the island, Nirartha tells the fishermen to build a temple on the rock. He feels that this island is a holy place. An appropriate place to worship Balinese sea gods.

The main god of the temple is Dewa Baruna or Bhatara Segara also known as the sea god or the mighty power in the sea. Today the temple is also known as a place to worship Dang Hyang Nirartha. Not only the pilgrimage site for Hindu people. Tanah Lot is actually the popular spot to see the sunset.

Tanah Lot Temple is also popular for its religious ritual. At the very beginning, the temple is on the island. Shape and build in gigantic rock. At that moment on the island, Beraban village, the leader Bendesa Beraban Sakti disagree with Nirartha’s spiritual belief.

The crowd waiting for the sunset. Img: Kozhisseri Ramadas

Bendesa belief in monotheism. He is doing any possible way to extrude Nirartha out of his meditating place, the temple. Tanah Lot or land in the sea is the history where Dang Hyang Nirartha moved the rock from the island to the middle of the sea spiritually.

Beraban Village after Nirartha Left

Since that moment, Bendesa becomes one of Dang Hyang Nirartha disciple. Embrace the Hindu religion with the rest of the locals. At the time of leaving the village, Dang Hyang Nirartha give a kris to Bendesa Beraban. The extraordinary kris has a magic ability to remove any disease in a plant.

A religious ceremony is performed once in 6 months. The locals believe the ceremony will increase their welfare. It will give them abundant results when harvesting. And they’ll live harmoniously in mutual respect.

Batu Bolong temple next to Tanah lot. Img: Jayant Singh

Tanah Lot Temple Attraction

One of the magic things of the temple is in the water cave. There is one source of freshwater. The freshwater itself believes come from the center of the sea and is holy water. To get a blessing from Hindu Pandita in the cave is like a daily routine for locals.

Holy Water Cave

The water splashes at the top of the head and sometimes face. A pinch of rice grain will be put between the eyebrows. The visitors can also get bless by Pandita just as the locals get. Inside the cave, both locals and visitors can drink the holy water or wash the hand or face.

The holy water is also believed can heal sick people and give fertility for a couple who wish to have children. There is no entrance fee to enter the holy water cave. However, for the visitor who wishes to donate for maintenance can simply put the donation in the box.

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There are holy water and blessing at the temple. Img: Bernhard Meister

Snake Cave

The snake cave is located in front of the holy water cave. There are a few snakes that are considered as a holy snake. One of the snakes 1,5 meter long and a stripe black and white. The locals believe that the snake belongs to God and the duty is to protect the temple.

The visitor can get a closer look at the snake, take a photo, or even touch it. Touching the holy snake is also believe will bring good luck. There is no entrance fee to the entrance cave. But for a visitor who wishes to donate, there is a small box for donation.

Kecak Dance Performance

Another attraction not to miss in Tanah Lot Temple is the traditional Balinese dance. Kecak Dance in Tanah Lot temple is scheduled after the sunset. Almost all of the tourist attractions or temples in Bali schedule Kecak Dance Show. But Kecak Dance in Tanah Lot is really not to miss.

After the sunset, don’t miss Kecak dance performance. Img: Laurenz L.

Not only the performance of the dancers is magnificent. Kecak Dance comes with a scenario and funny move from one of the characters Hanoman. Right before entering the stage, the audience will get a paper about the story-line of the play.

The audience will be amazed by the choreography of the dance, the singing, and the trance. Expect to see a dangerous performance. A priest will put a spell and make one man trance. The show starts at 06:30 pm. To watch Kecak Dance, the visitor can buy the ticket in Tanah Lot Temple ticket booth inside the temple area.

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Tanah Lot Temple Opening Hours

The temple is closed in Nyepi and another ceremonial ritual. Famous for its sunset. The visitor is allowed to stay awhile after the sunset.

Tanah Lot Temple Opening Hours
Every day except for Nyepi Day 07:00 am – 19:00

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Tanah Lot Temple Entrance Fee

Foreign tourists expect to pay more than locals. The temple charged Rp30.000 for children and Rp60.000 for adults. The entrance fee can be paid only by cash. Tanah Lot Temple Entrance Ticket does not include the ticket show to watch Kecak Dance.

Tanah Lot Temple Entrance Fee
Price in Rp
Adult 60.000
Children 30.000
Kecak Dance Show
Adult 80.000
Children 40.000
Photo/Video Shooting Price
Photo 500.000
Video 2.000.000
Drone 500.000

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Basic facilities like toilets are available on the premises. The art and souvenir shops are available next to the sidewalk. From the parking area to the entrance gate. From handicraft to cheap dress or even a T-shirt. Some offering a fixed price even if the customer can always bargain.

Restaurants and small cafes located near the parking area. There is also a small stall selling snack, mineral water, and fresh coconut water.

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Tanah Lot Temple Address & Location

The temple location is at Beraban, Kediri, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 8217. Phone (0361) 880361


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