Menjangan Island Activities, Underwater & Entrance Fee

Menjangan Island Entrance Fee: Rp200.000 - Rp300.000 Opening Hours: 06:00 - 18:00 Telp. Number: - Address: Desa Sumber Klampok , Sumber Klampok , Gerokgak , Buleleng , Bali , Indonesia , -.

Menjangan Island can be an exciting unexplored territory for international tourists visiting Bali. The 125-ha island is still all-natural and pristine, inhabited mostly by wild deer. It is located far in the northwestern part of Bali, still a part of Buleleng Regency’s West Bali National Park.

Its name ‘Menjangan’ is from a Javanese word, which translates to ‘deer’ in English. Wild deer of Menjangan Island migrated from the neighboring Java and Bali when the island was not separated by the sea. Along with deer, a species of wild chicken, wild rabbits, and monitor lizards also inhabit the island.

But the highlight of the island’s fauna is hidden beneath the surrounding sea.  Along with vibrant marine life, the Menjangan diving site is also famous for its great visibility – around 50 meters on a clear day. Menjangan Island is uninhabited due to the lack of freshwater sources, but it’s not without human activity.

menjangan island underwater
Menjangan Island underwater is famous for its clear visibility. Img: Ekklesia

Balinese Hindus built a number of temples on Menjangan Island and routinely hold religious ceremonies here. There are nine Hindu Temples on this island, with the most popular one Segara Giri Kencana Temple. The temple has 15 meters tall Ganesha statue made from white stone. In fact, the tall statue is quite visible to visitors from their boats.

Menjangan Island Entrance Fee

The island is part of West Bali National Park. To explore the entire island including doing underwater activities, tourists will have to pay the national park ticket on the mainland. The entrance ticket to West Bali National Park including access to Menjangan Island is Rp200.000/ person on weekdays. During weekends and holidays, the entrance ticket to West Bali National Park costs Rp300.000.

Menjangan Island Entrance Fee
Weekday Rp200.000
Weekend Rp300.000

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Menjangan Island Opening Hours

The island itself is accessible at any time of the day but the ticket office opens from 6 AM to 6 PM every day. Visit between April to August to avoid the monsoon season.

Menjangan Island Opening Hours
Every day 24 Hours
Ticketing Office 06:00 – 18:00

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Menjangan Island Underwater Paradise

The underwater world around Menjangan Island is famous for its wall-diving. The underwater cliffs lie at a depth of 10 m to 50 m. They are covered with corals and overhangs. Beginners can choose to snorkel around the 10 meters-deep coastal bench. See a spectacle of batfish, blue starfish, and giant clams and living among the sandy rocks and hard corals.

Further, from the coast, the reef drop-off provides a more exceptional variation of sea creatures. Soft corals are abundant and visitors can spot occasional sea turtles swimming. Close to the seabed. The dive spot here is called Coral Garden, located in the north part of the island.

nemo fish in menjangan island
Small Nemo fish in Menjangan underwater. Img: Ryan

The variety of fish that can be found here are parrotfish, Java spine foot, and several species of angelfish. Try to spot some ‘Nemo’ clownfish among the sea anemones. Experienced divers can go for a 45 m deep Anker ‘Anchor’ Wreck. A ship of unknown origin sunk at this part of Menjangan.

Its large anchor is still preserved, hence the site’s name. The rusty, flattened shipwreck is now home to corals, with schools of bannerfish and batfish swimming around. Spot the ship’s remains and cargo such as bottles and coopers. Examine them but do not take any as a souvenir.

Pristine Beaches & Deer

Anywhere near a snorkeling spot, there should be a beautiful beach nearby. The beaches at Menjangan Island are pristine with white sands and crystal clear water. The sight of East Java’s Mount Ijen looms from afar across the sea. Trying to reach the open sky.

deers in menjangan island
Friendly deer relaxing on the island. Img: Brock

Take off those snorkeling gears, take a rest, and enjoy the sight. The sun and sea breeze will also help to dry up the water from the body. Sometimes a herd of deer will also claim some part of the beach. The deer of Menjangan is fearless.

They are also not afraid of the sea. Observe them entering the shallow water around the beach on hot days, foraging for food. They are also friendly and visitors can interact with them. Do not leave any trash, as it is dangerous since deer will eat the trash.

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Temples Scatter on Menjangan Island

It is understandable why the Balinese Hindus choose to build temples at Menjangan Island. Without the hustle and noises of a human settlement, the island makes a quiet place for a place of worship. Pilgrim starts from the nearest one from Jetty, Pura Beji, and ends as far as Ganesha Temple.

ganesha temple
The Ganesha temple, Menjangan Island. Img: Peter

All visitors must wear traditional clothes, available for rent. Visitors can skip most temples and go straight to the popular ones. Visit Kwan-In Pagoda to see an interesting mix of Hindu and Budha religions in this temple.

The grandest temple Segara Giri Kencana is built with white stones, in perfect contrast with the nature surrounding. Its most prominent feature, the Ganesha statue, is also amazing to see from the sea. Make sure to ask the boat captain to pass the temple on the way back to the mainland.

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Menjangan Island provides minimum facilities to preserve its natural state. There isn’t any accommodation on the island, so tourists can find a hotel in either Banyuwangi or Bali.  Toilets are available near the ticket office and jetties.

Tourist can bring their own food and drinks since there’s no food vendor on the island. Every visitor must keep away from lettering and trash must be brought back to the main islands.

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How To Get To Menjangan Island

The easiest and cheapest way to access Menjangan Island is by boat from Banyuwangi. The city itself is accessible by train and bus from any major city in Indonesia. To rent a boat, tourists can go to either Bangsring Beach or Watudodol Beach, and find a boat rental there. The cost to rent a boat is as cheap as Rp120.000 per pax. The journey is an hour to the island.

Tourists from Bali can go to Menjangan Island from Lalang Harbor, Pemuteran, Bali. The harbor can be reached from Singaraja or Lovina by bus. Boat rentals from Lalang Harbor typically cost around Rp400.000. The price includes the entrance ticket, snorkeling gear, and lunch. Additional amenities vary depending on the price and package.

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Address & Location

The pristine island is located in Sumber Klampok village, Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency, Bali.

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