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Banjar Hot Springs Activities, Spa & Entrance Fee

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Banjar Hot Springs
Banjar Hot Springs, Buleleng Bali. Img: Laurens Gregoor

There are plenty of geothermal baths in the world but nothing quite like Banjar Hot Springs. Not just a typical hot bath, Banjar Hot Springs offers a traditional Balinese charm combined with a scenic tropical setting. The hot springs feature tiered pools created with architecture similar to Balinese Temples.

It is located at Banjar Village, Buleleng Regency, Bali, only 20 minutes from Singaraja. The pools at Banjar Hot Springs are built with stones and adorned with carvings. They have water spout resembling dragons’ heads. In Balinese belief, dragons are the guardians of rivers, springs, and wells.

These mythical figures are believed to bring health and fertility. The hot springs itself has existed for hundreds of years. But the pools are built by the Japanese back then. During the Japanese occupation. The murky green water at this hot spring has 26% sulfur concentration with a temperature of 38 C. The sulfuric content helps to cure skin diseases and boosts overall skin health.

Banjar Hot Springs Pool
The largest pool in Banjar Hot Springs. Img: Hergia Luqman

Banjar Hot Springs Rustic Balinese Style Pools

Bathing at Banjar Hot Spring is an unforgettable experience. Rustic stone pools, covered with green algae, are surrounded by lush tropical gardens. There are three sections of the pool. At the topmost one, hot water spews out the mouths of eight dragon showers.

Kneel down under one of the dragons to enjoy a gentle shower here. This pool is only one meter deep, so it’s quite shallow for a relaxing dip. The second pool’s hot water flows into the pond through five dragon showers. The depth starts at 1 meter and gradually declines to 2 meters.

At 10 meters wide, this pool is the largest and the guests’ favorite. Do a swim here, but be careful, as the sulfuric content can irritate both eye after a long swim. The third pool is only a waist-deep. Queue among visitors to enjoy showers from the 3-meters tall waterspouts at this pool.

small & big pool in Banjar Hot Springs.
Rustic Pools surround by the green lush trees. Img: Made Laka

Observe locals as they stand with back exposed. Allow the water pressure to give a massage. Later follow them and enjoy a relieving sensation as the hot water hit the body’s rear, hitting some sore spots.

Banjar Hot Springs Private Jacuzzi

For visitors who would rather bathe separately from the crowds. There are two secluded Jacuzzis south of the restaurant. These two pools charge hourly but they’re worth the undisturbed experience.

The surrounding greenery provides natural fences, shielding from prying eyes. The water is shallow enough that visitors can just sit at the bottom. Complete the luxury feel by ordering a beverage. Bintang beer would be a perfect companion.

Private Pool
Banjar Hot Springs Private Pool. Img: Made Sukma Febriyani

Balinese Spa & Traditional Massage

Get relaxed even more by booking a massage session. A Balinese traditional massage is a combination of manual therapy and aromatherapy. Say goodbye to exhaustion. As a skill hands knead, stroke, and deep-pressure tensed muscles. Stimulating more blood flows. The aroma of essential oil will help to relax the mind and relieve stress. The oil is also good for the skin.

Brahmavira Arama Buddhist Temple & Monastery

Only 1,5 kilometers from Banjar Hot Springs there’s a Buddhist monastery. Brahmavira Arama is built in 1970, perched on a secluded mountain. Pay a visit here after the hot springs. The place offers a serene and spiritual experience. A fresh break after the crowds at the bath.

See the miniature of Borobudur Temple. Around the garden, there are Buddha statues with various poses. The most notable ones are the gold statues from Thailand and Sri Lanka. Walk around dormitories where monks live daily. There are also libraries, meditation rooms, and lecture rooms.

Borobudur Temple Miniature
Borobudur Temple miniature, Brahma Vihara Arama Monestry. Img: Christophe CHAPET

Although the place is greatly influenced by Thai architecture, the Balinese touch not at all disappears here. Balinese-style gates adorn the garden and there are ponds decorated with Bali’s mythical figures. Just like at a Hindu temple, a strict dress code is required when visiting.

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Banjar Hot Springs Opening Hours

Banjar Hot Spring opens from 8:30 AM to 5:30 pm daily. Avoid going to hot springs during the school holiday. It’s the most peak time to visit. Like every other tourist destination, Banjar Hot Springs is closed during Nyepi Day.

Banjar Hot Springs Opening Hours
Every day except Nyepi08:30 – 17:30 WITA

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Banjar Hot Springs Entrance Fee

An entrance ticket is IDR 20,000 for adults and IDR 10,000 for children. The ticket is not including services such as massages and private jacuzzi. Massage costs IDR 75,000/hour while Jacuzzi costs IDR 15,000 per hour for adults (IDR 10,000/hour for children).

Banjar Hot Springs Entrance Fee
JacuzziRp10.000 (children) / Rp20.000 (adult)

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There are two parking lots available at Banjar Hot Springs. The car parking lot and the one for a motorcycle near the ticket office. Other basic facilities include toilets, changing rooms, and showers. Visitors can store belongings during the bath at the locker room, available at a charge. For souvenir shopping, there are rows of gift shops extending from the entrance to the pool area.

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How To Get To Banjar Hot Springs

Banjar Hot springs are only 10 km from Lovina. Getting there is a combination of using the public minivan car and motorcycle taxi ‘ojek’. Find the van with Singaraja-Seririt route. Make a stop at Polsek Banjar intersection. Then catch and ride the motorcycle taxi to get to the hot springs.

Tourists can also rent a scooter, affordable at around IDR 65,000/day. Tourists from southern Bali (Denpasar, Ubud) will have to make a longer journey. Renting a car is the best option to get to the springs.

The cost of renting a car with a driver typically costs IDR 650,000. The journey from Denpasar to Banjar Hot Springs takes 2,5 hours. Take Denpasar-Singaraja road and turn into Munduk road at Wanagiri intersection. Continue to follow this road until the location.

Address & Location

The hot spring located in Jl. Banjar, Banjar, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81152.


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