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Orchid Forest Cikole, Activities & Entrance Fee

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Orchid Forest Cikole Bandung
Orchid Forest Cikole boast its wide variety of orchid in a great nature spot. Img: Vincentius Valdi

Indonesia is home to a large variety of orchid, considered the second most diverse after Brazil. If there’s any place to see many of them in one place, that would be at Orchid Forest Cikole. The tourist destination is only opened in August 2018. But it garnered quite an attention already from many people. Orchid Forest Cikole is located at Lembang highland, Bandung, West Java.

Orchid Forest boasts as many as 20,000 types of orchids in its collection. Among the famous orchid is the rare Phavio which is a native of West Java. Foreign varieties are also showcased here, including types of orchids from the Philippines, Peru, and other countries.

The Orchid forest cikole also has the giant stinking corpse flower, Rafflesia Arnoldi. Apart from orchids sightseeing. The Orchid forest Cikole is an all-around destination with plenty of options. When it comes to outdoor activities. The vast hilly forest offers a chance for visitors to hike or simply stroll around.

Camping venue
Surround by the pine trees in the highland. Orchid Forest Cikole also host music event regularly. Img: Visual Arts

A long wooden bridge allows tourists to explore the site from a height of 23 m. Camping is another thing to do here, with tents available for rent.

An Orchid Paradise

The sight of exotic orchids welcomes as soon as visitors step into the entrance gate. Hanging on the walls near the ticket counter, these orchids tease visitors of what’s waiting inside the premises. Step inside and be delighted to see orchids hang graciously almost on every pine tree.

Their petals make the green and brown dominate forest more colorful. On the ground, there are other flowers such as hydrangea and sunflowers. The forest path is a paved road instead of a dirt road – convenient to walk on even in rainy days.

sky bride
The sky bridge is the most favorite venue in Orchid Forest Cikole. Img: Febri Haryanto

Here and there, artful manmade structures are strategically located to enhance the place aesthetically. They make a good selfie spot, so don’t miss a chance to snap some pictures. The rarest variety of the orchids is well kept inside the greenhouse. Meet the prized collection of the place, the Phavio, here.

Foreign varieties include Octomeria chamaeleptotes. A red-yellow star-shaped orchid native of Brazil and Argentina. If lucky, fall across Rafflesia Arnoldi on its blossoming day. The largest flower on earth is peculiar yet interesting. Because of its giant size and rotten odor.

The Sky Bridge & Outdoor Activities

Enjoy a birds-eye view from the 125 m long, 23 m high sky bridge that crosses through Orchid Forest Cikole. Visitors will need to pay an additional fee of 15k. But the fee includes a ticket to do a flying fox- it’s quite a deal. The flying fox is perfect for everyone who’s too lazy to get down the bridge by the regular stair.

view in the evening
In the evening, the sky bridge looks even more beautiful and dramatic. Img: Stevan Konstansius

Well, why use the stairs if sliding down with a zip line is a lot more fun and a lot less tiring? Come early in the morning when the fog still hangs low. Walking through the bridge among the thick white mist either calming or eerie. Depending on how one’s would see it.

Other outdoorsy stuff to do here is just stray away from the paved road and do some trekking. Discover plenty of attractions along the way, such as the playground and the rabbit farm.

Take a break at the canteen

After seeing around, take a rest at the Orchid Forest’s canteen. They offer basic beverages: tea, coffee, and chocolate. Nothing special. But the hot beverages will do perfectly getting rid the mountain cold.

sky bridge orchid forest cikole
Children can pet and feed the rabbit in the rabbit house. Img: Muhammad Brilliant

The highlight of Orchid Forest’s cafe is their beanbags, which are nothing but inviting to rest the back on. Lie facing the sky. Immerse the sight of rustling leaves above while waiting for the order to come.

Camping at Orchid Forest Cikole

Camping is a good way to enjoy the place far beyond its official opening hours. Orchid Forest is illuminated beautifully by romantics lighting as the night comes. In the evening, there’s a light show called The Garden of Light. Control by sensors, the colorful light-bulbs dance following the rhythm of the music. They give a spectacular performance.

The camping package rate starts from IDR 450.000 per night. There are camping facilities available, such as bonfire and lawn chairs. In the morning, enjoy some solitude before the park opens. Walkthrough the misty forests. While pretending the whole area is visitors’ own private garden.

relaxing zone
The outdoor sitting and relaxing zone. Img: Fajrin Herris

The Orchid Forest Cikole Opening Hours

Orchid Forest Cikole opens every day from 9 AM to 6 PM. The site has longer operational hours on weekends, from 8 AM to 7 PM.

Orchid Forest Cikole Opening Hours
Weekday09:00 – 18:00
Weekend08:00 – 19:00

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Orchid Forest Cikole Entrance Fee

A ticket is IDR 100,000 per visitor.  There’s a parking ticket of IDR 5,000 for cars and IDR 3,000 for motorcycles. Attractions require a separate ticket each, starting from IDR 15,000 per attraction.

Orchid Forest Cikole Entrance Fee
LHI GateRp5.000
Entrance FeeRp100.000
Wood bridge + Flying FoxRp20.000

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The place is clean and well-kept with enough trash bins. Toilets are clean and parking is spacious. The closest accommodation is the lodge near the entrance. The rate for a room is IDR 700k/night. A gift shop is available for souvenir hunting. There is also an amphitheater for hosting events.

How To Get To Orchid Forest Cikole

Orchid Forest Cikole is inaccessible by the regular public transport van due to its remote location. The best way to get there id either a rented vehicle or a taxi. Renting a car usually costs IDR 400,000 for a seven-seater van, driver included.

It takes approximately an hour to reach the orchid forest from Bandung downtown. The route is as follow: Ir. H. Juanda road – Dago Giri road – Tangkuban Perahu road – Cikole – Orchid Forest.


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