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Maribaya Hot Spring Bandung Hot Water & Activities

Maribaya Hot Spring Lembang Bandung
The VIP Pool in Maribaya Hot Spring. Img: Abdullah Arief

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Maribaya Hot Spring Entrance Fee: Rp45.000 - Rp115000 Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 08:00-20:00, Fri-Sat 08:00-22:00 Telp. Number: - Address: Jl. Raya Maribaya No.105/212, Langensari, Lembang , Bandung Barat , Jawa Barat , Indonesia , 40391.

Milky blue water with just the right temperature. There’s no better way to relax other than dipping in this kind of natural hot bath. Maribaya Hot Spring is located in Lembang, Bandung, West Java. It is tucked among pine trees of Maribaya Forest, at the foot of Mount Masigit, 1000 m above the sea level.

The water at Maribaya hot spring contains the chemical Sodium Bicarbonate. It is sulfuric and slightly base, with a PH level 6,6 to 7,3. The typical temperature of the water is 40°C, while the weather is around 10°C. The minerals in Maribaya Hot Spring known as effective in healing any kind of disease.

Aside from any hot water relaxes any sore body muscle. It also heals skin diseases, arthritis, and muscle inflammation. Maribaya Hot Spring too popular among tourists for its beauty effect. As in restoring skin elasticity and softening rough dry skin. Due to its popularity, the place used to be overcrowded.

Maribaya Hot Spring & Waterfall
The wooden bridge, river stream, and waterfall. All in Maribaya Hot Spring Area.

It was full of trash and unappealing until new management made a thorough renovation of the place. Nowadays it is a clean and modern resort area. It is completely redesigned, and some enhancing facilities are added and new as well.

The ticket price is more expensive though. But it’s quite worth it. Considering it takes a certain effort to keep Maribaya Hot Spring well maintain and clean.

Choosing The Hot Pools

Upon entering the pool area, the guide will offer several choices. Visitors can either choose a Deluxe or a VIP pool. It comes with a different price and different facilities. The deluxe pool is large in rectangular shape while the smaller and round ones are the VIP pools.

Cikawari Waterfall, Lembang, Bandung
Pine Trees, Cikawari Waterfall. Img: Wahyu Hagono

Pick a VIP pool for the best experience. The VIP pools are smaller, less crowded. While the temperature consistency is more stable. Rocks circling the pool give a vibe one can experience in a Japanese Onsen. Bambo fences protect the VIP pool from prying eyes outside. It’s a perfect setup for a private group and relaxing bathing experience.

A VIP package that comes with lunch is just one of many options to pick. A little less self-arrangement and definitely make things easier and better. Expect and taste a delightful classic west Javanese dish. Warm rice with roasted fish, raw veggie called lalapan, and the traditional chili.

Sit on one of the poolside chairs after bathing. Dine, do a little sunbath. And enjoy complimentary beverages Bandrek the traditional ginger milk that also comes with the package.

Twig Cafe, Maribaya Hot Spring Resort
Lunch with a 360-degree green view at TWIG Cafe, Maribaya Hot Spring. Img: Yusuf Maulana

Spa & Private Bath

Treat the body to a spa with a private bath package. It’s just like the hot spring. But the water instead is there in a big lux bathtub. Enjoy a total private luxury in the private room, a rustic walled area made from bamboo.

Guests will get complete toiletries from bath salts, soap, towels, and shampoo. It’s more of a spa treatment than just a basic bath. Don’t be surprised if the bathtub is also covered with flowers and herbs.

Maribaya Hot Spring Beauty Nature

Apart from the pools, the landscape around Maribaya Hot Spring is a sight on its own. Take time to walk between the pine trees covering the area. Head for the sky bridge to enjoy the fresh mountain air. The bridge is also the best point for sightseeing Maribaya forests.

Animal Feeding, Maribaya Resort
Sheeps House, animal feeding is one of many activities in Maribaya Resort. Img: Hartyny Kayry

Walk along the river and tourists can see the small waterfall calls Cikawari waterfall. There are also some well-maintain gardens where visitors relax. While sensing the tranquil and sound of nature. The garden comes with a playground and small houses call the hobbit house.

Deers and rabbits roaming and feed properly around this area. Maribaya Hot Spring provides little adventures and a good combination. As visitors can interact with the animals in a green lush environment and feed them.

Foot Spa

Maybe visitors only want to dip the feet at the hot springs instead of taking a full bath. Luckily the pool specifically designed for a relaxing foot spa.

Children Playground
Children’s Playground Facility, Maribaya Hot Spring. Img: niki abdillah

The same hot spring’s water fills the shallow pool. Sit and let the water’s hot temperature massage the feet. It’s a perfect way to treat the sore muscle. Especially after taking a stroll in nature.

A Night At The Maribaya Hot Spring Resort

The hot spring location is within the resort area. Book a room and get 24-hour access to bath into the hot pools. Even in the middle of the night. The chilly night air will give a nice sensation to the body in tandem. With the hot water temperature.

And this is not to mention the atmosphere. Imagine a choir of crickets, a sight of million stars, and the serenity—definitely an ultimate experience. Room price starts from IDR 2,200,000 a night.

Deluxe Pool Maribaya Hot Spring
The Deluxe Pool. Img: Abdullah Arief

Maribaya Hot Spring Opening Hours

Maribaya hot spring open every day from Monday to Sunday. Including on national holiday. For the non-guest resort, the pool open from 08.00 am to 08.00 pm.

Maribaya Hot Spring Opening Hours
Sunday – Thursday08:00 – 20:00
Friday – Saturday & National Holiday08:00 – 22:00

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Maribaya Hot Spring Entrance Fee

For guests resort, the pools are open 24 hours. The entrance ticket is Rp45.000 but visitors still need to pay a separate ticket for the hot bath. The VIP pool and private bathtub entrance include additional facilities. Like free use of towel, shampoo, and soap. While for the VIP pool package, guests will get a welcome drink and lunch set.

Maribaya Hot Spring Entrance Fee
Entry TicketRp45.000
Foot SpaRp25.000
Private Bath TubRp90.000
Deluxe PoolRp35.000
VIP PoolRp90.000
VIP Pool PackageRp115.000
Children PlaygroundRp20.000
Animal FeedingRp5.000/bucket
Cikawari Photo SpotRp5.000

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The hot spring has a spacious parking area in front of the entrance. A food court stands just by the entrance and there is also a cafe called “Twig Cafe”. Visitors can buy souvenirs at the gift shops. In the pool area, there are toilets, changing rooms, and locker facilities to store belongings.

How To Get To Maribaya Hot Spring

Maribaya Hot Spring’s is set in Maribaya Street 105/212. From Bandung downtown, the route is Ir.H Djuanda Street – Dago Giri Street – Cikidang Lembang – Maribaya Hot Spring.

The journey is only 40 minutes from Bandung. Travelers can go by rented vehicle car or motorcycles. There is no public transport available that goes directly to the location.

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Address & Location

The waterfall and hot spring located in Jl. Raya Maribaya No.105/212. Langensari, Lembang, Bandung Barat Regency, West Java 40391.



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