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West Bali National Park Guide & Entrance Fee

West Bali National Park
West Bali National Park, home for Bali Starling Bird. Img: Philip B

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West Bali National Park Entrance Fee: Rp200.000 - Rp300.000 Opening Hours: 08:00 - 18:00 Telp. Number: - Address: Desa Pemuteran , Pemuteran, Buleleng , Jembrana, Bali , Indonesia , 81155.

West Bali National Park and its astonishing beauty of nature will never cease to amaze people. Located in the regencies of Jembrana and Buleleng, Bali, this national park offers the most exquisite biodiversity. By far, It is named as the “Best Top 100 Destinations” by Internationale Tourism Borse (ITB) in Berlin.

Situated about 100 km from Denpasar, the virtue of its nature definitely worth the effort. It was in 1941 that this area declared as the national park on the island. In total, the national park cover as wide as 19.002.89 hectares including all the islands.

Menjangan Island, Gadung Island, Burung Island, and Kalong Island are waiting to be explored. With a 3:5 ratio of land and water, travelers are indulged with four different natural ecosystems. In a word, tourists will get to explore the forests, savannah, mountains and the sea.

Menjangan island part of West Bali National Park
Menjangan Island popular for its preserved coral reef is part of West Bali National Park. Img: Chirag Kandiyal

West Bali National Park is also home to the endemic Bali Starling Bird (Leucopsar Rothschild). Hundreds of endangered species of floras and faunas are also calling this national park its home. From bull, gazelle, green sea turtle, black-headed ibis, and lesser adjutant roam freely in the area. It really is an exceptional national park like no other.

Wildlife All In West Bali National Park

Nature awaits to be explored once travelers arrive at West Bali National Park. A variety of nature-based tourism is available to enjoy. Trekking is one of the many activities offered in West Bali National Park. A 4 hours walk through the scenic view of the park most likely is the best option to meet the endemic faunas.

The view is absolutely mesmerizing travelers will not even realize that time flies so fast. The main thing not to be missed is the appearance of the exotic Bali Starling bird. This critically endangered species is well-protected in the preservation area. Its white fur hiding behind tree branches. Waiting to be spotted.

Animals in West Bali National Park
Deers and monkeys roam freely in the national park. Img: Martin

With its critical number of the population, this bird is the star of the national park. Go further and indulge in the beauty of floras in the area. Cherish the blend between rainforest, savannah, and mountains in this national park.

The diversity of floras is a result of a monsoonal climate. Foreign exotic species from the mixture of dry and wet climate areas are really one of a kind views.

Nearby Attraction Temple Or Hot Spring

Make sure to end the day at the hot spring nearby. Release the stress whilst healing the tired foot with a bath at Banyuwedang Hot Spring. The natural hot water lies at the heart of the mangrove forest. Moreover, the locals believe the hot spring can heal skin diseases.

Nearby attraction in West Bali National Park
Banyuwedang Hot Spring, one of the nearby attractions in West Bali National Park. Img: alif syahroni

The mineral from the hot spring water also effective for relaxing the sore muscle. Other options are also available to explore. Take a walk to the Taman Sari Temple and prepare to be amazed by the hilltop view. Pura Pulaki Temple is another place travelers should visit. It is always a good choice to get refills for the soul at a temple.

Water Sports Activities

As the island of gods is famous for its beach, snorkeling, and diving sites, worry not. At the national park, travelers may also enjoy water sports activities. Dive into the colorful and well-preserved coral reefs at Menjangan Island. Travelers can get the best of both working out and washing away the stress during the dive.

Diving equipment rental is available throughout the site. Along with local operator offers a variety of diving package. A complete diving package from boat rental, lunch, and 2 dive spot starts from Rp1.000.000. It already includes the diving gear rental.

Ganesha Menjangan Temple
Menjangan Island and the Ganesha Menjangan Temple. Img: Rajendra Kumar

Snorkeling gear also available for rent at Rp50.000. Take pictures and mesmerize the colorful coral marine. Watch out and be very careful around the coral reefs. It is under the careful preservation and protection of the regional authorities and institutions.

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West Bali National Park Opening Hours

The park is open all year-round. But the best time to visit is between March to September. While the national park ticketing office opens from 07:30 AM to 04:00 PM.

West Bali National Park Opening Hours
Every day07:30 – 16:00

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West Bali National Park Entrance Fee

Like every other National Park in Indonesia. Foreigners will have to pay way more than the locals. There is also an additional fee for every activity. For foreigners, a ticket to the national park costs Rp200.000. And every visitor will have to go with a guide to explore the national park. The entrance fee doesn’t include the guide fee.

West Bali National Park Entrance Fee

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Stroll around the national park freely to explore its exotic surroundings. The national park has complete facilities. Restaurants, toilets, information centers, and diving equipment are at hand for tourists to use. Tourism packages that include a diverse option of activities are also available.

Choose between trekking, diving, and many other activities based on personal interest. Several eco-resorts are within a range based on budget. From luxury resorts such as The Menjangan and Waka Shorea to cottages.

Plenty of options and the local tour will be happy to arrange a tour or accommodation. Nevertheless, breathtaking views guaranteed no matter what accommodation is chosen.

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How To Get To West Bali National Park

There are several options to reach the national park. The easiest and fastest way from Banyuwangi city in Java. West Bali National Park located at the tip of Bali island. Thus right across Banyuwangi port. The ferry trip from Ketapang to Gilimanuk, Bali ferry port will take half an hour.

From there it only takes 10 minutes to get to West Bali National Park. Ferry ride cost only Rp6.500, and from the port. Either going with a public van or motorcycle. A 10 minutes ride will range from Rp5.000 to Rp20.000.

While tourists coming from south Bali might have to pay slightly higher. Since the journey itself will take 3-4 hours. Microbus, van, and bus are available in the Mengwi bus terminal. It will cost Rp40.000-60.000 to get to Gilimanuk.

Address & Location

West Bali National Park situated in Sumber Klampok village, Gerokgak, Buleleng Regency, Bali 81155.


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