Kelingking Beach Top Spots & Entrance Ticket

Kelingking Beach Entrance Fee: Rp10.000 Opening Hours: 07:00 - 18:00 Telp. Number: - Address: Karang Dawa , Bunga Mekar , Nusa Penida , Klungkung , Bali , Indonesia, 80771.

Situated at Bunga Mekar village, Kelingking Beach is considered one of the most magnificent beaches in Bali. Kelingking is pinky finger in Indonesian. Where did Kelingking Beach get its’ name is uncertain. But the world must agree on one thing, Kelingking Beach is one of magnificent marvels in Nusa Penida!

Also called T-Rex bay, Kelingking Beach lies at the southwestern side of the island. The cliff stands 150-meter high, locals said. Its’ iconic T-Rex shape cliff makes it so popular among the beach goers. It looks as if going to swallow the sea with its’ open mouth.

Kelingking beach is notorious not only for its’ admirable views. Arduous track, scorching sun and monkeys are among other struggles people will have to face to get here.

kelingking beach and cliff
Kelingking beach and stunning landscape. img: linda

Kelingking Beach Extreme Track

Many people may consider the track is challenging. Well, it is! Most of the beaches on Nusa Penida lie at the cliff base. It takes 20 minutes or so to the beach. Nonetheless, the only way to get here is by trekking narrow ridge. Then, the way down is abrupt with almost perpendicular steps.

It takes extra energy and a lot of sweating to get here. Furthermore, there is no railing at many points along the cliff side to protect tourists from falling down. Be really careful when picking these points to stand.

While the spots offer spectacular views, it comes with a risk. In the past, there’s been a series of accidents. One that involves tourists falling down from the cliff on the way up. Wear good shoes! And mind the steps when climbing up.

kelingking beach steep path
The track to get down the beach is a rocky and uneven steep path.img: puti

Wild Monkeys

People cherish the tranquility. The feeling visitors get only by standing at the cliff, looking at the horizon where the sea meets the sky. And, white, soft sand always tempts people to lie down or walk the beach. Apply lavish amount of sunscreen, because it is not fun to get sunburn.

Don’t miss out to snap T-Rex-shaped cliff picture, the signature of this place. The sunset view from the cliff is also magnificent. However, the track’s characteristic should warn tourists not to stay at the beach until dark.

In addition to the scorching sun, the wild monkey here is something guests will have to deal with. Besides food, they mostly will try to steal sunglass even phones. Be cautious and remember, no matter how tame it seems, monkey is wild animal.

wild monkeys
Be cautious of the wild monkeys on Kelingking beach. img: maria

Photo Spots

The must visit spot here is Kelingking secret point. It is where tourists can grasp the T-Rex look of the cliff. The steps are wide enough for 2 people. Nevertheless, in peak season, tourist may have to take turn for 1 hour to get the best pictures.

Other spot includes Kelingking Swing that replaced the old love tree. The spots offer stunning blue ocean and green cliff as background.

kelingking beach
Kelingking beach clean and soft sand. img: kevin

Paluang Cliff & Temple

Still have time and get contented with Kelingking Beach? Just roam and find other wonders. Paluang cliff is only 10-minute walk distant with more tolerable track. Tourists may see the back of T-Rex, head of Kelingking beach from a wooden boat at the cliff side.

The other photo spot includes the swing and bird’s nest replica. To point out, it all overlooking the breathtaking cliff and sea view. However, this man-made spot is a paid photo spot. Prepare Rp10.000 for each spot.

paluang cliff
Paid photo spots in Paluang cliff. Img: suhaimy

There is also a temple near the cliff called Paluang Temple. The temple is a relatively small temple. It’s a temple for locals living near the village to go to pray. The unique thing is there actually a car-shaped statues in the temple. It’s not really common in many temples in Bali. Tourists may have to pay attention to what to wear here since temple is a sacred place for the locals.

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Kelingking Beach Opening Hours

Kelingking beach is open every day except on Nyepi from 7 AM to 6 PM. Astounding views, magnificent cliff and beautiful beach are perfect blend for picturesque scenery. However, the sun is blistering during its’ peak. Consider this when lining up to take pictures at the best spots. Before 12 PM and after 3 PM is the best time to get to the beach. But do leave the beach before dark.

Kelingking Beach Opening Hours
Every day, close on Nyepi day 07:00 – 18:00

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Kelingking Beach Entrance Fee

Unlike the popular beaches on the mainland, to access Kelingking beach visitors will have to pay an entrance fee. As at any beach in Nusa Penida, the entrance ticket is Rp10.000. There is an additional fee for parking Rp5.000 for a scooter and Rp10.000 for a car.

Kelingking Beach Entrance Fee
International tourist Rp10.000
Parking fee Rp5.000 (scooter) / Rp10.000 (car)

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With its’ popularity and wonderful destinations around, many facilities scatter here. Locals offer foods and drinks of various kinds in restaurants and stalls. Coffee shops are also available with affordable price.

Tourists may also enjoy coconut water from local vendor or ice creams at the stall around. Toilets are available near the local food vendor and they come with an extra fee Rp5.000. There are also lodgings and hotels to suit tourists’ dream vacation near the beach.

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How To Get To Kelingking Beach

From mainland Bali, it is a 30 to 40-minute crossing with speedboats to Nusa Penida. There are 3 harbors that serve several times daily, Sanur, Padang Bai and Kusamba Klungkung harbors. The speedboat fare starts from Rp150.000 to Rp200.000.

Solo travelers could rent a scooter from local rentals at Banjar Nyuh for Rp75.000. Car rent for Rp500.000 suits more for travelers coming in a group. The journey is a 25km-long bumpy road to Kelingking Beach.

The rental fee for a car usually includes gasoline and a driver. However, it doesn’t include tickets to tourists attraction and the driver’s tip. The perk of renting a car here is the driver will be happy to show guests the best spots to take photos. Spare extra money for this service and hotel pick up and drop off if those are in the plan.

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Address & Location

Kelingking beach is located in Bunga mekar village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali 80771.

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