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Jimbaran Fish Market, Activities & Seafood Culinary Spot

fisherman in jimbaran
Fisherman unloading the catch of the day. Img: Dimas Acellin
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Jimbaran Fish Market Entrance Fee: Free Entry Opening Hours: 06:00 - 21:00 Telp. Number: - Address: Jl. Pantai Kedonganan, Kedonganan , Kuta , Badung , Bali, Indonesia , 80361.

The locals call it Kedonganan Traditional Fish Market. But tourists know it by another name. Among travelers, it declared as Jimbaran Fish Market. And between other markets downtown, Kedongan is definitely one of the busiest wet markets. Exploring the market might give an essential Balinese experience for tourists looking for an insight into the locals’ daily life.

Jimbaran Fish Market is a hub where both locals and tourists get to buy seafood caught by local fishermen. Every morning brightly colored boats would come into the nearby harbor to unload their haul. Seafood of every kind is available. Buyers just need to come as early as possible to get the freshest catch.

Too late to buy it from the first hand? worry not. The seafood unloaded in the morning can be found in the stalls inside the market. There is however one small snag. Vendors inside the market will sell it at a slightly higher price. Trying to make a little profit. However, buyers are still welcome to haggle. It’s the art of going to a traditional market, after all.

jimbaran fish market
Fresh seafood stalls in Jimbaran fish market. Img: Imam Fahrudin

Seafood Abound

The main selling point of Jimbaran Fish Market is people can buy the freshest seafood for cheap. Compared to eating seafood at a fancy restaurant, buying it here is definitely a steal. The price will differ depending on the vendors. So stroll around and look for the best price.

The price for a fresh fish starts from Rp55.000 to Rp85.000 for 1 kg. Among the many kinds of fish offered in this market, the most sought after seeming to be the red snapper. It’s not a surprise though, considering there are so many ways to cook this white fish. It couldn’t go wrong and it tastes sweet.

Be sure to check the freshness of the seafood before buying it. For fresh fish, for example, it is best to choose fish with eyes that still look clear. The body should still look shiny, the gill bursting in red or pink color. And lastly, the fish should still smell like fresh ocean water.

seafood stall jimbaran
The cooking fee for seafood starts from Rp20.000. Img: Mariani tjio

Other than fresh fish, this market also sells lobsters, crabs, prawns, scallops, and squids. The priciest lobsters can be sold for Rp400.000/kg. For freshly caught crabs can go up to Rp120.000 for one kilogram. The prawns will go around Rp140.000 and squids at Rp60.000 to Rp75.000/kg. Lastly, visitors can buy scallops with the price ranging from Rp30.000 to Rp45.000/kg.

Jimbaran Seafood Culinary Spot

The advantage of buying the fresh catch in this market is buyers could eat it right away. Around the market, there are food stalls that could turn it into a dish for a fee. Just walk around, pick one of the vendors, give the fish, and wait while drinking some refreshments.

seafood feast
The grilling fee price includes steamed rice and sambal. Img: Febritassa D

The prices set by the vendors depend on the weight of the seafood and the way of cooking it. For grilling, every kilogram of seafood will cost Rp20.000. For frying or boiling, it is slightly pricier at Rp30.000/kg. These prices already include steamed rice and sambal to be served alongside the cooked seafood. For refreshments, buyers can choose from mineral water to coconut water.

Jimbaran Seafood Cooking Fee
Frying or BoilingRp30.000

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Spice and Fish Market

While the market is heaven for seafood lovers. It didn’t stop there. Some tours arranged by hotels in the Nusa Dua and Jimbaran area will make a stop here. As part of the cooking class highlight. There is this market tour that includes exploring Jimbaran Fish Market.

vegetable and spice in jimbaran fish market
Jimbaran fish market also has vegetable and spice stalls. Img: gogon

The guide provided by the hotel will take the participant to explore every aisle of the market. Help participants to choose the ingredients and haggle with vendors. Jimbaran Fish Market not only sells fresh ingredients but also spices and vegetables. Everything is available and complete here.

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Jimbaran Fish Market Opening Hours

The market opens from 6 AM to 9 PM. Tourists who wish to buy the freshest seafood should come in the morning. And buy directly from the fisherman. Make sure to prepare small notes Rp2.000 to Rp5.000 to pay for the parking fee.

Jimbaran Fish Market Opening Hours
Every day06:00 – 21:00

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As it is essentially a market, only basic and necessary facilities are available here. Jimbaran Fish Market provides public bathrooms, a parking lot, and food stalls or warung. Prepare some small notes of Rp2.000 to use the public bathrooms. The food stalls are available for tourists wanting to eat the seafood right away.

For tourists who prefer to eat outside the market, there are plenty of options. Even outside the market area, 80% of the restaurants around also offer seafood. These restaurants of course are more expensive than the humble food stalls from the market. Some restaurants also offer western cuisines for guests who don’t want to eat more seafood.

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How To Get To Jimbaran Fish Market

Visitors can take private vehicles or shuttle bus to get to the market. Car or motorbike rent are scatter in the main tourist area or opt for an online rental site. The rental fee for cars can cost about Rp200.000/day. Meanwhile, the motorbike’s rental price is a lot cheaper at Rp50.000/day.

For shuttle bus, Kura Kura bus can take guests to a stop near the market. Tickets for the bus cost around Rp20.000 or tourists can opt for a day pass for the bus. From Denpasar, Jimbaran Fish Market is only 20-25 minutes away.

Address & Location

Jimbaran Fish Market location is in Jl. Pantai Kedonganan, Kedonganan, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361.


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