Sanur Night Market Guide, Street Food & Local Price

Sanur Night Market Entrance Fee: Free Entry Opening Hours: 16:00 - 22:00 Telp. Number: - Address: Jl. Ps. Sindu No.5, Sanur , Denpasar Selatan , Denpasar , Bali, Indonesia , 80288.

Always follow locals when it comes to culinary. This universal travel advice also holds true in Sanur Village, Bali. Instead of touristy restaurants offering “authentic” local cuisine, consider the local food scene. Many restaurants alter their food to cater to tourists’ taste buds more. However, it’s not the case with Sanur Night Market.

Sanur Night Market offers truly authentic Indonesian food with an authentic local mood. Prepare for a mouthwatering experience as tourists stroll among stalls of food vendors. From traditional snacks to Indonesian cuisine, there are around 25 vendors ready to serve customers.

The price here is also local–very affordable and without the tourist tax. Sanur Night Market’s other name is Sindhu Market. It is a trending destination among tourists. TripAdvisor noted that there is a 242% increase in foreign visitors in 2016 alone.

Sanur Night Market Price Range
Food is extremely cheap starting from IDR15K, as it’s the place where locals eat. Img: Shareef Shareef

However, do not be afraid of this place gradually becoming a tourist trap. Among this market’s 2000 average daily visitors, only around 50-60 are foreign tourists. It’s still considered a hidden gem.

Tropical Smoothie & Fruit Bowl

Start the night with a cup of healthy refreshment from one of the juice stands. Avocado, watermelon, strawberry, and dragon fruits, are only a few among the overflowing options here. Dare to mix and match between two (or more!) unlikely combinations of fruits.

Apple and dragon fruit, or watermelon and mango, enjoy the newly created flavor. Ask the seller to add a drop of cream milk for a sweet and milky twist to the overall taste. Prefer solid uncrushed fruits? Order the fruit bowl instead. A dozen type of fruits is sliced and mixed in a big bowl.

toast stall in sanur night market
The famous toast in Sindhu Night Market. Img: Adam Durham

There are slices of banana, mango, starfruit, avocado, and many more. Afterward, shaved ice is added to the serving. The seller will also pour syrup and milk on top of the ice.

Indonesian Delight in Sanur Night Market

Grab a seat at one of the stalls. For starters, order ten pieces of chicken satay for only Rp15.000. The seller dip the skewers into a black soy sauce with herbs before roasting them. While waiting, get teased with the smoke and the herb aroma. It makes the stomach growl desperately in hunger.

There are plenty of other dishes to pick from. The meatball soup bakso, chicken noodles with dumplings, chicken rice, fried rice, and stuffed pancake martabak. Try as many as visitors can stomach. Go home with an empty wallet and full belly – it’s worth it.

sanur night market famous food nasi campur
Rice with various side dishes to choose. Img: Seri Lithi

Seafood Heaven

Sanur Night Market is the best place to get tasty value-for-money seafood dishes. At the average price of Rp40.000, customers can have a generous portion of grilled prawn or fish fillet. The products are fresh from the sea, and the dishes are cooked right away after a customer order. Do not forget to add a bowl of warm rice to accompany the seafood fest.

Snacks & Munchies

Apart from the fruit bowl, options for dessert are also abundant at Sanur Night Market. Try a serving of rice flour puddings called cenil. The appearance is colorful, as is the taste. A portion of this sticky traditional pudding is covered with savory grated coconut. The dressing is a sauce made from palm sugar. All kinds of flavors in one.

sanur night market ambiance
Sanur Night Market food stalls and ambiance. Img: Michael

Fried fruit –banana, sweet potato, cassava– is also worth trying. Get a full plastic bag of them for under Rp10.000. Foodies can also bring some home to munch later. Or get a sweet pancake martabak for breakfast the next morning.

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Fresh Veggies

Sanur night market is not just for prepared food. Come early in the morning for fresh products. Buyers can get a cheap price for seafood during this morning session. Fresh vegetables and colorful fruits have just been transported from farms all over Bali. Even if not buying, the chaotic vibe alone is worth experiencing.

It’s an opportunity to get in-depth with Bali’s daily life. In the morning, sample this cheap yet hearty rice breakfast. It was only Rp5.000 a piece! It’s a small portion of rice, and sometimes also comes with noodles. For the dishes, there’s a fish or a bit of a slice of chicken. The small serving even has steamed vegetables and sambal.

Indonesian crepes
The sweet dessert crepes with chocolate and peanut filling. Img: Seri Lithi

Drop By The Beach

Sindhu Beach, the nearest beach from the night market is only 550 m away. A two-minute walk and get a view of the eastern coast of Bali. The waves are way calmer here than in Kuta, or any other beaches bordering the Indian Ocean.

Sindhu Beach Sanur
The Sindhu Beach Sanur, 1 km walk from the night market. Img: Monika Kramer

Hence, grab a swimsuit and plunge into the water fearlessly. The Eastern coast is also famous for its sunrise. Come before dusk to see the sun making a grand entrance in the morning.

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Sanur Night Market Opening Hours

Sanur Market actually opens all day until midnight. However, the night market starts open as early as 4 PM until midnight. No entrance fee is required. Only prepare a parking fee of Rp3.000 for motorcycles. Food prices can start as low as Rp5.000 for snacks. On average, tourists only need to spend Rp15.000 for each dish.

Sanur Night Market Opening Hours
Every day 16:00 – 23:00

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Despite its status as a traditional market, Sanur Night Market is equipped with more than decent facilities. There are toilets and parking space. The government has renovated this market recently. The outdoor space is paved, ensuring no more dirty or muddy pathways during rainy days. Indoors, it is clean, spacious, and with air conditioning.

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How To Get To Sanur Night Market

The market is easily accessible by public transport. Hop on any Trans Sarbagita bus passing through Ngurah Rai Bypass Road. Stop at the bus shelter near Pizza Hut Sanur. From there on, walk toward the direction of Sindhu Beach. After around 100 meters, turn right to a small road heading to Sanur Night Market.

Visitors staying near the Sanur area will only need to walk to Sanur Night Market. Mention Sindhu Market when asking for a direction, as it is the more popular name among locals. Other popular transport means would be by rental scooters. Rent one from plenty of scooter rentals around Bali at around Rp60.000/day.

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Address & Location

Sanur night market or known to the locals as Sindhu night market situated in Jl. Pungutan No.2, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali 80228.

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