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Kreneng Night Market Cheap Local Food

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Kreneng Night Market
One of the suckling pig food seller in Kreneng Night Market. Img: K. Darsumantra

A kaleidoscopic portrait of Balinese life can’t be found inside a touristy shopping mall. Instead, jump head-first into traditional markets such as Kreneng Market. Kreneng Night Market is located at the heart of Denpasar. It is a lively traditional market, opens for 24 hours and sells all kind of products imaginable.

Kreneng Market occupies a three-story building built in the 80s. There are day market and night market. During the day, the first floor sells fruits, vegetable, and meat. Meanwhile, the upper floors sell clothes, household items, and other dry goods. There is a bus terminal in this market. But it’s vacant at night and instead serves as the venue for the night bazaar.

The night bazaar emerges in the evening after the day market closes. Mostly targeting foodies, plenty of food stalls offer delectable food. Options vary, from Balinese, Javanese, and Chinese.

Balinese Nasi Campur Bu Ayu Kreneng
Warung makan bu ayu, one of the famous Balinese Nasi Campur stall in Kreneng. Img: Okeiko Okeiko

Other vendors offer knock-off bags and clothes, jeans and shoes, accessories, pirated DVDs. And other peculiar things. A mega shopping mall at Kuta could never have a variety of food and goods as Kreneng.

Balinese Popular Cuisine

People mainly come to Kreneng Night Market for food. There are plenty to choose, and the prices never hurt the wallet. Sit at one of the long tables. Brushing elbows with other hungry customers. This style of dining is why Kreneng Night Market also called “senggol” market. Senggol can roughly translate into “bumping into each other”.

As what to order, start with the popular Babi Guling. This succulent suckling pig comes in enough portion with less than IDR 30k. That price even includes a glass of refreshing iced tea. When ordering, customers can specifically ask for more skin. The skin of the pig is where the flavor from the spices concentrate. That’s the secret to get the best part with the best flavor.

Kreneng night market suckling pig stall
Locals having late lunch and ordering take away. Img: Agung Ajes

Balinese are truly skilled in cooking meat. Other dishes such as Balinese chicken rice and pork fried rice are to try next. They will satisfy the palate with each juicy and tender bite. Sautéed with Base Genep. A mix of Balinese herbs tastes a hint of coriander, candlenut, pepper, and many other spices. Ask for Sambal Matah for condiment and extra spiciness.

More Indonesian Food at Kreneng Night Market

As visitors walk around Kreneng, it’s hard to not notice the satay stalls. The smoke coming from satay stalls teases anybody who comes near. It’s hard not to get tempted. So order one, pick a table. And wait as the satay are grilled fresh on the spot. A plate of satay usually comes with warm rice, and they are priced from IDR 1,5k a piece, depending on the type of the meat.

Foodies looking for something with broth can consider soups such as lamb curry “rawon”. There is also green curry “Soto” and many types of noodles dishes, fried and boiled. If one dares, try a type of Soto with nothing but chicken feet on it. To order this dish, seek stalls with “soto ceker” written as one of their menus.

Food stall kreneng market
Tropical fruit stall in kreneng market. It’s cheap and makes sure to bargain. Img: Anouar Zouggari

What’s For Dessert

Indonesian food, in general, are spicy and salty. It’s nice to balance the palate with something sweet afterward. Dessert soup Es campur (literally means mixed ice) can be a delightful sidekick for any meal. A bowl of es campur contains diced fruits poured with sweet and milky soup. Shaved ice provides a final touch on top of the mix. Price is IDR 10k a bowl.

Traditional snacks await for their turn. There are plenty of options that can be confusing at first. For a start, try a sticky rice cake called Lupis. This cake is originally savory until palm sugar juice is added to the serving.

The result is a heavenly sweetness that could melt both the tongue and the heart. Other snacks to try: Serabi, the traditional pancake, and its little sibling Balinese mini pancakes Lak Lak.

Cheap suckling pig kreneng night market
A portion of Balinese suckling pig dish in Kreneng Night Market cost not more than $2.5. Img: i made suberatha

Shopping at Kreneng Market

Kreneng Night Market is heaven for buyers looking for basic apparel. It’s easy to find products with good value for money here. A nice T-shirt here in Kreneng Night Market cost no more than IDR 50k. Plenty of locally produced garments with good design and comfortable fabric.

There is a huge selection of shoes and sandals. Price starts from as cheap as IDR 30k. Knock off products are also fun to browse through. Fake branded sneakers to knock-off sunglasses. There are belts, wallet, and made-in-china watches too.

They also come at a bargain, with quality, of course, on par with the price. Shoppers can also hunt for unusual items such as DVDs, ornaments, old records, and gemstones.

shirt stall pasar asoka
Cheap T-shirt for less than $2. Img: Yudia Satyawan

Kreneng Night Market Opening Hours

The night market opens from 5 PM to 12 AM. It opens every day with a significant increase in customers during weekends. It gets tricky to even find parking on Saturday and Sunday. So it’s better to come early during this time. Prepare a small denomination for parking (around IDR 5k). A little security tip, take care of personal belongings.

Kreneng Night Market Opening Hours
Every day17:00 – 24:00
Parking FeeRp5.000

See: Local Food Spot in Sanur, Pasar Sindhu Night Market.


Basic facilities visitors can find here at Kreneng Night Market are toilets and parking lot. Except that the parking lot available for motorbikes only. Hygiene in this place is rather overlooked. The garbage smell, for example, can be overwhelming for some.

Shops in the permanent area may have better tables and hygiene than vendors with makeshift tents. No air conditioner available so it can be hot inside the market.

How To Get To Kreneng Night Market

In Bali, public transport such as angkot or bemo rarely operates after dark. Tourists options can be broken down into motorbikes (rental or taxi) and cars, either taxi or rental. However, since it’s hard to find parking for cars around Kreneng, it’s advisable to stick to motorbikes.

Just rent one and head to the market following this route: Kuta – Imam Bonjol – Teuku Umar – Diponegoro – Surapati – Kreneng Market at Rijasa street. Online taxis can also be an option. Usually, this service is banned around tourist sites. But Kreneng Night Market is more local than touristy.

So it’s safe to use an online taxi to get here. Apps such as Gojek and Grab will do wonder. They’re easy to order, affordable, and their service is available until late at night. This is especially convenient for people planning to stay as late as possible.


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