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Ubud Art Market Best Shopping Spot in Ubud Bali

handicraft at ubud art market
Handicraft and Souvenirs center in Ubud Art Market. Img: Carlo Massaroni

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Ubud Art Market Entrance Fee: Free Entry Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00 WIB Telp. Number: - Address: Jalan Raya Ubud No.35,, Ubud,, Gianyar,, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia , 80571.

Ubud Art Market is one of the must-not-be-missed sites in Ubud, Bali. Exploring Ubud seems to be incomplete without coming back with the goods of this market. The various goods sold are all unique and identical to Balinese heritage. The stores stand in a tidy streak making the place more stunning and scenic as well.

Located in the main area, Ubud street, travelers can easily spot the market across the Ubud Palace. The market is separated into two major parts, the west, and the east area. In the west part of the market, visitors can find artwork merchandise. Meanwhile, the east part of the market is the wet market area.

Nonetheless, tourists looking for souvenirs could just head to the west part area. Taking the first step in, the seller will aggressively offer various kinds of Balinese artwork. Not just some artworks, Ubud Art Market is just the right place to find clothes.

ubud art market souvenir shops
Art market hallway, the seller selling the same merchandise and souvenirs. Img: GMaps/Mahir Dyan

Shopping in Ubud Art Market

Similar to other art markets in Bali, Ubud Art Market offers miscellaneous kinds of merchandise. Most of the visitors come and buy souvenirs stuff, even snacks. The eye-catching stuff and the bargaining part is the most exciting part of this market. By far, Ubud Art Market is still the top place in Ubud to shop around.

Souvenir & Traditional Handicrafts

The souvenirs sold in the Art Market are commonly handicrafts. This place becomes the center of the handcrafter around Bali to sell the crafts out. That is why the variant of the handicrafts in this market is uncountable.

Each of the craft has various colors and models. Most of the material is made of rattan, like the bags. The most popular product in the market, it has many sizes and suits perfectly with the summer dress.

Make sure to compare the price from 1 store to another store. Seller sometimes will offer like Rp500.000 for a piece of a small to medium size bag. With good bargaining skills, it could be lower up to 60% of the offered price. Besides rattan bags, there are stalls selling small size accessories like keychains. Or other stuff like the dreamcatcher, even dress.

woven bali bag at ubud art market
A wide selection of woven Bali bag and bamboo bag. Img: 양선모

Bali Painting

Along with the traditional souvenirs, Ubud Art Market is also a perfect site to hunt a painting. Most of the paintings portray the picturesque beauty of Bali. For instance, some of the paintings show the gorgeous view of Balinese panorama and Hindu style buildings. All of the paintings are placed in a gorgeous frame full of carvings.

Balinese Statue

Recall the memorable moment of exploring the island. Buy some miniatures, temple statues, in the Art Market. Ubud traditional market offers various kinds of Balinese statues. Made of stone and present in many different sizes. Make sure to bring some for souvenirs. There are also wooden statues available for the lighter version.

balinese mask and statue
A variety of scary Balinese masks and statues. Img: Hyunchul Kim

Bali Traditional Wardrobe

The traditional wardrobe is one of the most hunted items in the Ubud Art Market. There are some types of Balinese wardrobe collections such as the famous Bintang shirt. Traditional Bali Sarong is also available here for child and adult-sized.

Bali traditional wardrobe has a unique design and fashionable as well. Besides, the materials used are mostly soft and lightweight. The clothes are perfect to wear on the tropical island.

Ubud Art Market Jewelry Shops

The market is a perfect site to shop for jewelry. Tourists could find different kinds of jewelry designs for head-to-toe. Using wood and silver as the material, the jewelry sparks the Balinese style in its design.

fashion and jewelry ubud art market
From a cheap shirt to dress and jewelry, Ubud Art Market has all. Img: sso mo

Other different materials for jewelry like fabrics can also be found in this market. From the fiber art necklace, fabric rings to silk necklace craft. All those types of jewelry have always been successful in showing the elegance of the Balinese archetype.

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Balinese Snacks and Groceries

Not just perfect for a souvenir hunt, the market is also an excellent place to shop for Balinese snacks. In this market, tourists can find various types of Balinese snacks. The best seller snacks in this market are pie, peanuts, and pork chips. Other Balinese typical groceries such as coffee and tea are available in the east quarter.

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Ubud Art Market Opening Hours

Ubud Art Market open from 06.00 am to 06.00 pm. The best time to visit the market is early in the morning. It’s the right time while the store and market slightly less crowded. The seller will likely accept any bargain.

Ubud Art Market Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday, closed on Nyepi day.06:00 to 18:00 WITA

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Shopping Tips in Ubud Art Market

Located in a wide area, there are a lot of stores in the Ubud Art Market which tidily stand in two parts. Explore all the lane, and start to bargain. Most people walk around the entire market to find the best goods at the best prices. After all, most people will spend around 3 hours to shop and stroll around the market.

Start at least 70% off when it comes to bargain. If it doesn’t succeed in getting the stuff. Smile politely and walk away. Some of the sellers will be very persistent but agree on 50% off prices. To haggle less and get a better price, explore Ubud Art Market early.

Do the lap before the market getting busy with hordes and crowded. The sellers will easier to agree on a price in the morning. To turn down the bargains of the very first customer will bring bad luck in selling their stuff the whole day.

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How To Get To Ubud Art Market

Ubud Art Market is located in the main Ubud street right across Ubud Palace. The market is easy to spot for the visitors staying at Ubud. From the downtown Kuta or Seminyak area. It takes 1 and a half hours to reach the market by private car.

There is a shuttle bus operated by the travel company and it cost IDR 60.000,- to 80.000/one way. There is no public bus heading to Ubud directly from Kuta/Seminyak Area. The cheapest option catch the Sarbagita bus from the downtown to Batubulan terminal for IDR 3.500,-. And find bemo that heads to Ubud for IDR 5.000,-

Ubud Art Market Address & Location

The traditional art market is located in the main street of Ubud No. 35, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571.


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