Sewu Temple Buddhist Heritance Inside Prambanan

Sewu Temple

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Jl. Raya Solo - Yogyakarta KM.15, Bugisan, Prambanan , Klaten , Jawa Tengah , Indonesia , 55572.
Entrance Fee: Rp10.000 - Rp20.000 Opening Hours: 06:00 - 17:00 WIB Contact Number: (0274) 496401

Yogyakarta always has a special spot in travelers’ hearts. The extraordinary Javanese culture, historical buildings, and the locals are the main reasons. Surrounded by the active volcano, strong wave oceans to their ancient sites. Explore the entire ancient temple scattered in the city. Make sure to add Sewu Temple to the go-list. Discover the story behind the center of Buddhist civilization.

Sewu Temple is the second-largest Buddhist Temple complex in Indonesia. For the history lover, make sure to spare a day or two. There is a lot of myth and legend behind every temple in Indonesia. One includes what the visitor will find in the magnificent Sewu Temple.

Sewu Temple Entrance Fee

Since the location of the temple is in the same complex as Prambanan Temple. There is no additional fee to explore this Buddhist temple. A day pass to Prambanan already includes access to this splendid temple. Visitors with young kids or senior visitors can easily hop onto a golf cart and be charged a small fee for circling the huge temple complex by golf car. The car will make stops at Sewu gate and allow visitors to explore the temple. And in the end, bring visitors back to the exit gate of the Prambanan temple.

There is also a bicycle rental beside the golf car counter. For tourists who need more flexibility in exploring the temple, renting a bicycle is the best option.

Sewu Temple Entrance Fee
Book & Buy Online Prambanan Temple Ticket Rp217,500 – Rp362,500
Adult & Children
Golf Car Rp20.000
Bicycle Rent Rp10.000

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Buddhist Heritance Inside Prambanan

The relics and inscriptions found in Sewu reveal some indisputable facts. That the construction of the temple began in the 8 century, during the reign of King Mataram. The King Rakai Panangkaran was a Hindu Prince. The initiation of Sewu Temple is interesting – coming from a Prince with a different religious background.

Royal Monastery
Royal Monastery. Img Credit: Magul

People believed that the marriage between King Rakai to a Buddhist princess-Pramodhawardhani was the initiation of Sewu Temple. The architectural and huge scale of Sewu Temple reveals how the temple was important back then. Particularly since for some reason Sewu Temple’s location is coincidentally close to Prambanan Temple.

The original name of Sewu Temple presumably was Manjusri grha or the House of Manjusri. From the original name of the temple, many experts presume the temple once was a Buddhist monastery. Manjusri in Sanskrit means an individual who dedicated their life to Buddhist practice. Both inscriptions found from 782 AD and 792 AD confirm the initial name of Sewu Temple.

The evidence found draws a conclusion among archaeology experts on what the temple functions. Sewu once also was the royal Buddhist temple. It was once a religious site, a place where royals perform religious ceremonies.

sewu temple list in the world heritage
Sewu is listed as a World Heritage. Img Credit: Crisco

Temple that is also home to people learning Buddhist. University for People seeks enlightenment. And home for Buddhist people practicing religious ceremonies back then. The main temple is guarded by 2 small temples. Bubrah and Gana temples are located on the east and south sides facing the prominent temple.

The Dvarapala Statue

Sewu Temple is the largest Buddhist complex in the Prambanan Temple area. The architectural design of the temple is rectangular with 4 entrances. The main entrance is located on the east side of the temple complex.

The Stone Guards. Each entrance is guarded by the giant twin Dvarapala statues. The statues with their armor weapon are a common element in Hindu and Buddhist culture. Dvarapala statues in the Sewu Temple area believed were the watchman.

the dragon mouth
The statue of Dvarapala and the dragon believed will cast away bad energy and spirit.

Make sure to notice the twin Dwarapala statues before entering Sewu Temple. The Dwarapala reaches 2.3 meters with 1 knee bent and the other kneeling.

The Main Temple

The main entrance of the temple is located on the east side. Even if there are 3 additional doors facing the north, south, and west. The chamber inside the main temple once held Buddha statues.

Sewu Temple which was built before Prambanan and Borobudur Temple often missed by visitors. Mainly since visitors are unaware of other temples in the Prambanan complex.

The distance from Prambanan Temple is not really far. But since most visitor faces the hot temperature. Exploring and discovering what’s in the Sewu temple is sometimes not an option.

Sewu main temple
The main temple. Img Credit: Anandajoti Bhikku

There were 249 temples before the earthquake hit the temple in 2006. Most of the small temple ruins are scattered all over the area. Letting the main temple stand tall companionless. But the restoration work still continues now. To restore the once used to be the magnificent center of Buddhist culture.

Even if the restoration works still continue now. Visitors are allowed to explore the entire temple. The impressively carved stone and fewer tourist hordes are suitable for visitors looking for a tranquil moment.

The big trees shading the temple complex are a perfect spot for eating lunch. Pack a sandwich and enjoy the volcanic scenery around the temple.

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Guideline To Visit Sewu Temple

Among Buddhist people, Sewu is considered a sacred place. Visitors are expected to dress and speak properly during their visit to the temple. Explore Prambanan first, continue to Sewu, and head directly to Ratu Boko Temple to see the magnificent sunset.

A day itinerary is enough to cover the entire 3 temples. The location of the temple itself is not really far from each other. Always pack a liter of water, as visitors will be facing a hot temperature.

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Sewu Temple Location & Address

The temple is located in the same location as Prambanan Temple, Dukuh Bener village, Bugisan, Prambanan district, Klaten, Central Java.


  1. Hello, so if the entry price is already included in the Prambanan Complex-ticket as well, why did you mention on the top ‘entrance fee: 10,000 Rupia’….sorry but this is very confusing……………

    • Yes, the entrance is already included in the Prambanan ticket. The additional cost, Rp10,000 is for bicycle rent, and Rp20,000 for a golf car ride to Sewu Temple and drop off at the exit.

  2. candi sewu is inside the prambanan park.
    and the ticket is included with prambanan regular ticket, now (02/nov/2022) is 50 thousands rupiah for domestic, and for foreigner is USD $25.
    AFAIK, there is no partial ticket only for Candi Sewu.
    thank you!

    • Yes, the temple is inside the Prambanan temple, as clearly stated in the title. The entrance fee is already included with the Prambanan temple entrance fee. You can find more information about the entrance fee in the entrance fee subheading. Thanks.

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