Gunung Lebah Temple Guide & Top Things To Do

Gunung Lebah Temple Entrance Fee: Free Entry Opening Hours: 09:00 - 17:00 Telp. Number: - Address: 23, Jl. Raya Ubud, Sayan, Ubud, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia , 80571.

Different from most temples in Bali, Gunung Lebah Temple does not only offer a meaningful spiritual trip. Just a few steps from the temple, there’s a picturesque view of a gorgeous hill that attracts people. The temple structure, the vast trees, and the river are perfect for tourists looking for a tranquil moment.

The temple is located below Campuhan hill, hidden behind a small little forest. Two rivers, the Oos and Cerik rivers flow just beside the temple. The huge trees surrounding the temple provide shade. That even at midday the temperature is still cool. There is no sound of vehicles despite the temple is not too far from the busy street.

gunung lebah shrine
Gunung Lebah temple offers a tranquil ambiance yet is not far from the main road. img: brengkengan

Gunung Lebah Temple Entrance Fee

Since the temple is a small local temple, there is no entrance fee to visit the temple. However, tourists will have to wear Balinese traditional dress to enter the temple.

Gunung Lebah Temple Entrance Fee
Ticket Free Entry

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Gunung Lebah Temple Opening Hours

As with other temples, there are particular times for visitors to visit the temple. For locals living around the area, the temple is open every day without a time limit. However, for tourists, the locals sometimes allowed visitors from 9 AM to 5 PM. To point out, sometimes when there is a ceremony, tourists are not allowed to enter at all.

Gunung Lebah Temple Opening Hours
Every day except Nyepi Day 09:00 – 17:00

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History of Gunung Lebah Temple

At first, Campuhan hill was well hidden. Until an acclaimed Hindu leader namely, Rsi Markandeya found the hill. The priest was astonished and fell in love with the beauty of Campuhan hill. He then decides to meditate there, as he feels the tranquility and peace.

Day by day, Rsi Markendeya keeps coming to get spiritually united with the Gods here. One day, Rsi Markendya found that the hill has magical power. Hence, the priest finally built the temple after the building Besakih temple first.

After the temple completely built, there are many people came and made a civilization around the temple.  The society also claims that the temple is the pioneer of Ubud village’s name. The name is taken from the society’s term for a medicinal plant grown around the temple.

gunung lebah temple ubud
Gunung Lebah temple is a small village temple. img: brengkeng

Temple Attraction

In conjunction with the religious atmosphere, the natural scene is also enjoyable here. The combination of spiritual and nature is what makes Gunung Lebah Temple more attractive. Each of the items built keeps historical matter related to both terms. That is why the place is enjoyable for a family visit.

Admirable Religious Building

Gunung Lebah Temple stands strong with aesthetic carvings that visitors can see even with a short glance. The carvings were made with particular values enmeshed with the Hindu itself. Besides, there are a lot of statues that stand strong as with other Balinese temples. Each of the statues represents the majesty of the Hindus and the Gods.


The calm atmosphere of the temple makes this place paradisiacal for meditation. Furthermore, the pure nature sound seems to make the place a holy Eden-like temple. Hence, the meditation will run in the most hallowed sense in this place. Those points make the worshipers get closer unity to the Gods.

gunung lebah temple campuhan
A small path beside the temple to Campuhan ridge walk. img: idetrips

Odalan Event

As with other temples, there are some events held regularly in Gunung Lebah Temple. Every year, the people around the temple come to celebrate the temple’s anniversary. This celebration is called the Odalan event. During the event, there will also be a traditional dance performance namely the Calonarang dance along with the Gamelan play.

Verdant Natural View

Aside from the great Balinese architecture, the beauty of the temple seems to be complete with the beautiful surrounding. The natural view of tidy trees can be obviously seen once the visitors take a step in. Furthermore, the visitors can enjoy the stunning view of two rivers around the temple.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

As the temple building is not that enormous, many visitors spend more time on the Campuhan Ridge Walk. This walking trail is made for visitors who want to see the beautiful scenery wider and closer. The scenery of rice fields and the blooming jungle will hypnotize everyone who comes. With the fresh air and beautiful scenery, walking here during sunset will be fun as well.

campuhan ridge walk
Campuhan ridge walk is within a walking distance from the temple. img: idetrips

Café and Resorts

After having a walk-in at Gunung Lebah Temple and Campuhan Ridge Walk, most of the visitors usually stop by the restaurants. There are some cafes and resorts placed near the temple. Most of the restaurants offer Balinese local foods. Hence, the visitors will have a great meal while enjoying the beauty of Campuhan hill as well.

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Unlike other big temples complex in Bali, Gunung Lebah is more like a village temple. So it doesn’t have proper facilities to cater to tourists. Toilets are not available on the premises. However, there are cafes and restaurants near the temple with decent facilities.

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How To Get To Gunung Lebah Temple

The temple is located not too far from Ubud center. It’s just 1 km from Ubud Palace and Ubud Art Market. There are 2 options to get here. First, book ride-hail apps through Gojek or Grab apps. Choose between a motorcycle or car from any departing point in Ubud. From central Ubud, the fare will cost around IDR 10k (less than $1) for a scooter trip.

However, since the distance is just 1 km away, walking is the best option. It only takes 10 minute walk from Ubud Palace. Head to the west, Gunung Lebah temple is just the opposite of Blanco museum.

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Address & Location

Gunung Lebah temple is located in Jl. Raya Ubud No.23, Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571.

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