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Dieng Culture Festival Venue & Ticket

dieng culture festival
Costume Parade, visitors will get a chance to see locals wearing their traditional clothes. Img: IG/DCF

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The highland plateau Dieng is an amazing place to hold a festival. Dubbed as the kingdom above the clouds. Dieng Culture Festival offers one in a lifetime festival experience one can’t easily forget. Imagine starting the event under the freezing temperature of -4 C, as it happened in 2018.

Moreover, Dieng Plateau is among the few places in Indonesia where tourist can experience a bit of frost. The event itself, Dieng Culture Festival (DCF) is an annual cultural event. It’s been held since 2010. It aims to promote tourism around Dieng Highland.

This region is known for its 13th-century temple complex. All named with the same name. It is also where the highest village of Java is located, at 2300 m above the sea level. Dieng also features mountains, multi-colored lakes, hot springs, and numerous other natural wonders.

Dance performance and parade
Traditional dance performance at dieng culture festival.

Dieng Culture Festival will runs for three days in the dry season August. The festival launch and schedule a series of interesting activities as its sub-events. From the music show Jazz Above the Clouds. To environmentally-aware Dieng Cleanup. The committee estimate around 100,000 – 150,000 participants attend DCF each year. 

Dieng Culture Festival Jazz Above The Clouds

Experience a unique Jazz concert surrounded by nature. Forget a classy concert hall; Dieng gives a better venue than that. The stage stands in front of Dieng’s Arjuna Temple – nothing more exotic as a concert backdrop. Since it’s situated 2000 m above the sea level, the weather can be freezing.

Hopefully, the music will warm the atmosphere. Sing along and forget the cold as musicians start playing. The lineup consists of Indonesian jazz musicians and performers from abroad. Last year, it was Hiroaki Kato from Japan and Indonesia’s Letto, among many others. Expect an exciting lineup for this year as well.

festival of lanterns
As soon as the music concert comes to an end. Hundred of lanterns will fly up to the sky. Img: IG/DCF

Thousands of Lanterns & Fireworks Festival

When the night deepens. it’s time for the most romantic sub-event of Dieng Culture Festival. The festival of lanterns begins at 12 AM, after the concert. Write a wish and put it inside the lantern. Then fly the lantern along with a thousand other dreams. Watch as they ascend to the sky and cheer up the darkness with colorful lights.

Jamasan – The Hair Ritual

The children of Dieng are famous for being born with an unusual dreadlocks hairstyle. They are referred to as Anak Gimbal, the Messy-haired kids. On why they have such hairstyles is unexplainable. Legend says that the hairstyle was a magical gift from a powerful king in the past.

When children get to 6-7 years old. Their family will hold a ceremony called Jamasan. In this ceremony, the dreadlock hair will be cut. So then the hair will get to grow as usual afterward. The ceremony is a lavish one and takes place in several Dieng Temples.

Jamasan ritual dieng
Jamasan Ritual, a tradition of cutting dreadlock hair on children. Img: IG/DCF Official

The participants of the Dieng Culture Festival are invited to come and see the procession. The family members will wear colorful traditional clothes. The child, however, wears white clothing. The child then sits on an ascending platform. Where the elders with scissors in hands, start cutting the hair.

The amusing moment is the gift part. Every child is granted a wish their parents must fulfill. Listen and laugh as they tell out loud what their wishes are. Which sometimes can be innocently absurd. Ranging from a chicken, snack, ice cream to an iPhone.

Dieng Clean Up

Every morning during Dieng Culture Festival. Right before the main event begins. It will start with a mass cleaning activity called Dieng Clean Up. Every participant must take part to clean up the mess from the day before. 

Lengger dance
Lengger, the opening dance on Dieng Culture Festival last year.

It’s one of the effort DCF make to give back to nature. To pump up the enthusiasm, the committee prepares nice gifts for people who collect most rubbish.

Festivals & Local Product Exhibition

Throughout the three days of Dieng Culture Festival. There will be more mini-festivals within. These festivals exhibit local specialties of Dieng. Domba festival or Sheep Festival introduces visitors to the prized sheep of Dieng. Which of course have thicker wool than sheep coming from another region.

Flowers are also Dieng specialty, especially lily which is exhibited at Lily Festival. Lastly, Tumpeng Festival invites participants to taste the mountain-shaped rice dish. The villagers will prepare 50 portion meal for everyone to try.

festiveness dieng culture festival
The festiveness at Dieng Culture Festival last year. Img: IG/Novemlawalata

Dieng Culture Festival Venue & Schedule 

The venue for DCF 2019 is Dieng Kulon Tourism Village at Banjarnegara, Central Java. The ticket price is IDR 350k per person. It provides participant three-days entry for Dieng Culture Festival. Dieng Culture Festival 2019 starts on 2 – 4 August on dry season. Which also the coldest month of the year. Pack some warm clothing and enjoy Dieng at the fullest.

Dieng Culture Festival Venue & Schedule
Date & Time2 – 4 August | 08:00 – 23:30
Venue LocationDieng Kulon Tourism Village, Banjarnegara Central Java.
TicketRp350.000/3 Days Entry

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Tourists can easily find accommodation to stay at night at villages around Dieng. Consider booking in advanced since hotels can easily get overbooked around the event date. Included in the ticket is the entrance fee to Dieng tourist attractions, a t-shirt, hat, and merchandise. The organizer also provides limited camping grounds, available for rent at a price.

How To Get To Dieng Culture Festival Venue

The most convenient way to reach Dieng is by joining a tour package. Many tour companies offer a shared minivan service which will deliver tourists from Yogyakarta to Dieng. The rate starts from IDR 200k/passenger for a one-way trip. From Yogyakarta, it takes 3 hours to get to Dieng.

A public transport option is also available. Although the journey takes longer time. Head to Yogyakarta’s Giwangan Bus Station and catch a bus to Wonosobo City. At Wonosobo Bus Station, transfer into a bus heading to Dieng. Prepare IDR 50k for each bus trip. By bus, Yogyakarta-Dieng takes 5 hours.


  1. Apakah untuk DCF 2020 sdh ada rencana penjualan tiketnya, saya posisi Semarang dan ingin wisata mandiri, tiket bisa dibeli dimana ya?

  2. Dear mba/mas..
    Mau tanya info ttg Dieng festival utk tgl 1-4 agustus 2019. Saya dr Jogja pengen ikutan Dieng festival, gimana caranya ya mas/mba… Tolong dibantu ya.. Terimakasih banyak sebelumnya.

    • Hi Anastasia,

      You can organize your trip independently. Choose between book your own accommodation near the venue or camp in the venue and buy the entrance ticket. Although ticket sale is not open yet. Or you can simply book a tour. There is plenty of tour operator out there. Make sure to check their reputation and reviews.


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