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Candi Plaosan Activities & Entrance Fee

Candi Plaosan Kidul
Smaller temple marked the difference between Plaosan kidul and lor. Img: Ita puspita

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Raises enormously in Klaten, Candi Plaosan adds a more cultural abundance of Yogyakarta. This holistic palace does not only offer beauty, but also a strong philosophy. The locals claim this temple to be a holistic, romantic palace. The temple also shows the virtue of diversity through its building.

With a solitary architecture, Plaosan presents a different matter of gorgeousness of a temple. Unlike the other Indonesian temples, Plaosan Temple is a fuse of Buddhist and Hindu. The temple owns an artistic structure of Buddhist temple in the base. Whilst in the top, the typical beauty of Hindu building stands out.

The architecture represents an ancient romantic story. The two were separated in religion and ideology. However, their love was as enormous as the temple seems. Thus, the diverse rather create a beautiful harmony of two religions. It emerges along with the beauty of the temple buildings.

Candi Plaosan Shrine
Candi Plaosan has more than 50 small shrines. Img: Dwi Darmawan

Candi Plaosan Complexes

Although the building design is a mix of two, Candi Plaosan sticks out to be a Buddhist temple. The temple is divided into two: Plaosan Lor and Plaosan Kidul complexes. Each complex has a wide yard with greens that please the eyes. Plaosan Lor is where 6 the Buddhist sculptures, Dhyani Boddhisatwa, takes place.

The complex has two main temples. The first temple in the north part portrays the female ancestors. Meanwhile, the second main temple in the south draws the male ancestors. 50 ancillary temples stand surrounding the main ones. Still, at the same complex, the visitors can also find 116 ancillary stupas.

On the other hand, Candi Plaosan Kidul covers a smaller area in the south. The complex does not have any main temple as with Plaosan Lor. However, the complex owns enormous stupas and temples. The number of the ancients is much the same as the other complex. To maintain its endurance, the temples partly had restored several years ago.

plaosan biggest temple
The enormous structure among all in Plaosan complexes. Img: Ermawan Ridyantoro

In the east and west part, tourist can see the trace of Plaosan’s old trench. It shapes a large square surrounds the temple area. Outside the trench, a long gate preserves the temple complex as well. Moreover, another trench building sites around the main temples of Plaosan Lor.

Through each temple, the eyes can’t escape from the refreshing field view. In working hours, tourist can observe what the locals do for a living. The locals with their plowing tools, working in the fields for hours around. At those times, it is best to observe Indonesian local cultures and get naturally blend in.

Cycling & Running Best Scene

Candi Plaosan offers a calm, natural ambiance for contemplation. The green yard helps to eradicate negative energies once people step in. The natural sound keeps people away from the vociferous cities. The fresh breeze completes the reverie, turning burdens into reliefs.

cycling track candi plaosan
Cycling with a pleasing view around Plaosan. Img: Wiwing Ws

Still, with the wide yards, Plaosan will suit best both morning runner and cycling enthusiast. Besides, the wreckages of the temple keep the running activity challenging yet heartening. Even more, every year Candi Plaosan always host a marathon event along with Prambanan temple. That is done in Mandiri Jogja Marathon in around April.

At the end of the day, one can enjoy the beauty of Yogyakarta’s sunset time. At the golden hour, the sun sets, the sunlight bounces off from the fields. With a view of Merapi mountain, Candi Plaosan is a perfect place for sunset viewing. This time is also a golden chance to capture great moments at the temple.

On the evening, meet other fellows that come daily riding a bike around the temple area. The regular riding track lays from Selokan Mataram to the temple’s main complex. Afterall Candi Plaosan is famous with a flat road surrounds its area. The greenfield offers a splendid natural view to please the eyes while touring around.

plaosan square and ruins
Plaosan stupa and shrine, Buddhist and Hindu heritage in 1 zone. Img: Achid Zamroji

Annual Festival

Candi Plaosan annual festival named Festival Candi Kembar is quite a hype. Every year, thousands of people gather to watch various cultural performances. Here, traditional dance, music, foods, and carnival are ready to please the visitors. The event usually starts in summer, around August to September each year.

The festival is held 3 days for all agenda. More than 30 art groups show various traditional arts. Furthermore, more than 200 Indonesian artists come to the stage with different genres of performance. Participant artists flew all the way from different cities, Kalimantan, Jakarta, and all-around Indonesia. For a traveler, this is the perfect chance to see Indonesian art and cultural richness.

At the end of the festival, tourist can scramble for piles of fruits, vegetables, and money. The three are the alms given by the villagers around the temple. In addition to the festiveness, people can watch Ramayana ballet performance. A mixture of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy show. The legacy of art that can only be found in Prambanan and Plaosan.

Candi Kembar Festival
Cultural Festival 2019 held in temple yard. Img: RRI/Yon Mujiyono

Candi Plaosan Opening Hours

Plaosan is open from 08.00 mornings to 05.00 p.m. It also welcomes tourist from all over the region even in the national holiday. The temple guest is also welcome to stay late to watch the sunset in the temple’s yard.

Candi Plaosan Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday08:00 – 17:00

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Candi Plaosan Entrance Fee

The entrance ticket for all tourists is Rp3.000 per person. Nonetheless, visitors need to pay more money for the parking fee. For bike and motorcycle, the price pegs at Rp. 3.000. Meanwhile, visitors need to pay Rp. 5.000 for the car parking fee.

Candi Plaosan Entrance Fee
Children & AdultRp3.000

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As with the other temples, Plaosan Temple provides basic tourist facilities. Those are the culinary, toilets and parking area. There is no tour guide available on the premises. However, the visitors can call any local guiding agency to come with. The tour guide assistance usually covers a morning to sunset tour.

How To Get To Candi Plaosan

Plaosan Temple sites lie not too far from the famous Prambanan Temple complex. To reach the temple from downtown, catch Transjogja line 1 A. Bus ticket cost IDR3.500 and will take 20 minutes to get to Prambanan shelter. The way to Candi Plaosan Temple is precisely in the north part of Prambanan.

The silhouette of the temple is precisely at the right of the road. From Prambanan, it will take 30 minutes walking to get to Plaosan. To reach the temple without walking. Tourist can easily book taxi/motorcycle through online apps Grab or Gojek. By motorcycle, it takes only 12 minutes and cost not more than Rp10.000.


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