The tourist wore only swimwear at Phuket Airport

Wearing Only Swimwear at Phuket Airport, These Tourists Stir Up Social Media

Two tourists in Phuket have caused a stir on social media by wearing nothing but swimwear at the airport! The photo was shared by Bui Thi Huong on the Thai tourism group, Du Lich Thai Lan, and has since gone viral.

The post shows two tourists carrying their luggage on a trolley, wearing nothing but pink and brown camouflage swimwear. They were about to board an international flight.

“Seeing Phuket Airport right next to the beach makes me want to vomit,” the photo uploader jeered.

This post has raised questions about local customs and cultural norms. Many have commented on the appropriateness of dress codes in public facilities.

Most netizens are concerned about tourists’ awareness of local customs. Some are disturbed by the way tourists dress.

As of now, the Phuket government has not issued any statement regarding the incident.

Phuket is one of the famous tourist destinations with beautiful beaches. However, there are many tourists who cause problems there.

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