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Blanco Renaissance Museum Ubud Collection & Entrance Fee

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Blanco Renaissance Museum Entrance
Blanco Renaissance Museum Building

Discover a piece of a lifetime work, here in Blanco Renaissance Museum Ubud. Go round a bold artwork of Blanco, the most successful  Spain painter ever lived in Bali. The museum or to be frank his gallery present the entire piece of his artwork. Stored in a 3 story building, the studio where the entire idea utter. What a living gallery that one should not miss when visiting Ubud.

Don Antonio Maria Blanco is a Spain Philippine-born artist. Living and spend his productive age in Ubud. During his childhood traveling with his parents around the world. Therefore is what gives inspiration in determining his painting style. Blanco chooses to focus on the human form, especially the female body.

In 1952, Blanco berthed his heart in Bali. During his traveling around Bali, the maestro found out that it is the small city Ubud. That gives him peace and focus as he wanted for his paintings. The serenity, Balinese art affluent to the locals and lots of love brought Blanco to stay.

Painting collection of Antonio Blanco
The entire collection of the Blanco Renaissance Museum is focused on the female body.

The King of Ubud realized that his city got a foreign painter’s arrival. The King gave Blanco some hectares of land and provide him a studio. Where then Blanco used during his early arrival in the art city of Ubud. The King knows that by giving access to an international artist. He could also promote Ubud as the center of Balinese culture.

The maestro Blanco builds a house and studio after getting the land from the King. During his productive time creating many paintings. As Blanco dreamt all the time, he built a museum to exhibit his personal painting. Unfortunately, Blanco died before the museum inaugurated.

Collection in Blanco Renaissance Museum Ubud

Blanco Renaissance Museum is one of a reputable art gallery visit by a hundred visitors. Thus making the museum a landmark in Ubud. A walking distance from the famous café, Blanco Renaissance Museum is pretty easy to notice. Sets only 5 minutes from the downtown Ubud. The building of the museum is located on the top of a hill facing Campuhan Valley.

Almost the entire Collection contain graphic vulgar
Blanco Renaissance Museum Collection is only appropriate for Adult.

The driveway that comes from a hairpin curve brings the visitors directly to the entrance gate. A huge courtyard and lawn could find inside. The splendid building, a magnificent fusion between Balinese and Spanish, raises up a unique atmosphere of the museum.

The blended culture tributes to the heritage of the maestro. The building represents the eccentric personality of Blanco. Before entering the gallery, the security will warn the visitors to not take some pictures inside. This rule is applied for protecting the originality of the paintings. Also to avoid any plagiarist painters copy the original paintings.

The Paintings Museum

Once the visitors enter the building, a colossal marble hall with paintings of the maestro is put in a row. More than 300 original paintings of the maestro are exhibited in the museum. The paintings revealed the journey of the maestro’s skill development.

Blanco Personal Stuff
The Private Stuff of Blanco Display in the Museum

Along with Blanco’s favorite lithographic artworks, nude women, poetry is put below each painting. The poetry represents the paintings so that the visitors could know his perspective. Some of the paintings bring an admiration, amazement, a curiosity to visitors, others a little execrate.

There are some threadbare pieces of clippings of adult magazines covered with soap dish and sand. This museum is solely suggested for adults, obviously not for children.

The Undisturbed Artist Studio

Going out towards the studio, the visitors could witness the original studio of the maestro. Some unfinished paintings of the maestro still on the easel. The visitors also could see assorted 60s-era paintings with paintbrushes in front of the unfinished artwork.

Blanco Renaissance Museum only exhibits the late work of Blanco and his son’s artwork. As the son of Blanco, Mario is following and the successor of his father’s talent. There is no other painter artwork displayed in this museum.

Dress Up in Traditional Balinese Costume

Done exploring the main gallery don’t just end it right there. Go to the courtyard and meet the beautiful parrots and the exotic  Bali birds. Visitors can take some pictures with the birds. And enjoy the lush delicate flowers and palm leaves around here.

The museum also provides a Balinese costume. Dress up like the local dancer with a lush green view around the courtyard. Likewise, the museum also is a residence of the Blanco family members. From the courtyard, visitors can look at the small family’s temple.

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Blanco Renaissance Museum Opening Hours

The gallery is open for public visitors from Monday to Sunday including national holiday. From 09.00 AM until 5 PM.

Blanco Renaissance Museum Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday09:00 – 17:00 WITA

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Blanco Renaissance Museum Entrance Fee

As with any other museum in Bali, a different entrance fee applies to foreign visitors. The entrance fee includes a welcome drink.

Blanco Renaissance Museum Entrance Fee
Foreign VisitorRp 100.000

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Museum Facilities

After paying the entrance fee, a small booklet is provided as a guide to walk around the museum. A gift shop that sells lithographic, biography of the maestro. Also, some accessories feature in the museum. Some of the antique kinds of stuff owned by the maestro are displayed in the gift shop.

How To Get To Blanco Renaissance Museum

The museum is located not more than a mile from the famous Ubud Palace. There is no public transportation to go there. But as the distance is not quite far from downtown. Blanco Museum is only 15 minutes head northwest from Ubud street to Jl. Raya Penestanan.

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Blanco Renaissance Museum Address & Location

Blanco Museum is located in Jl. Raya Penestanan No.8, Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar district, Bali 80571.


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