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ARMA Museum Ubud Entrance Fee & Cultural Class

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ARMA Museum with the classic Balinese style.
ARMA Museum with the classic Balinese style. Img: Arma Museum Official Facebook

The heritage, painting, and carving is something inseparable from Ubud. As the city inspire and produce both the best painter locals and foreign. A series of masterpieces from the art expert display in the museum based in Ubud. Puri Lukisan Museum,  ARMA Museum are the accomplishments. Of how the artists and arts living in a strong beat.

ARMA Museum offers hundreds collection of paintings from the legendary artist and new artist. The Arma museum can easily be spotted by the Balinese style and carvings. Location that just convenient and not far than a block from the busy Ubud street.

Located in Ubud, Bali, the museum has a different atmosphere compared to other art museums. The other museum commonly has a gloomy and indoor exhibition. Meanwhile, Agung Rai Museum of Art is designed in a bright and open-air place. With a spacious yard, lush garden surrounded by paddy fields.

ARMA Museum surrounded by lush garden
Agung Rai Museum of Art surrounded by a lush garden. Img: Wikicommons/Arabsalam

ARMA Museum Establishment

The presence of Agung Rai Museum of Art has a background that contributes to enliven Balinese art history. The founder Agung Rai, as the museum’s pioneer, must be counted as well. The man is a Balinese collector exposed to art during his childhood. Interaction with phenomenal painters in the workshop got him too deep.

Agung Rai is one of the famous Balinese collectors. Building a museum of art is one of the man’s dreams. Agung Rai involvement with the painters started in 1980. He becomes one of not so many collectors. Agung begins to buy paintings that he feels create such emotion.

Until at some point, Agung Rai decides to exhibit his entire collection. And spread the spiritual connection he felt through the collection. Collecting paintings from various legendary locals artist is one of his efforts. In preserving the Indonesian artworks and creating new artist through the foundation.

ARMA Museum Painting Hall. Img: armabali.com

In December 1989, the museum was finally built. Nonetheless, that was not the end of Agung Rai’s effort. The man also tried to get an authorization for the museum. After 7 years, Wardiman Djojonegoro, the Indonesian former Education, and Culture Minister. Finally authorized and inaugurated Arma Museum.

Today Arma museum through the foundation continues to support the art and culture of Indonesia. Preserve and to develop the art of Bali in particular. Promoting Balinese painters and support civilization through art for generations.

ARMA Museum Activities & Collections

The visitors can see the greatest artworks displayed on every side of the museum. Each of the paintings sets in artistic frames that are all vintages. Museum store is available and selling souvenirs. In addition, the visitors can enjoy savory Balinese food in the museum’s café.

ARMA Museum offers activities suitable for the different age group. Img: armabali.com

Art Collection

The paintings in Agung Rai Museum have been collected for years. The museum becomes a great alembic of Indonesian artworks for 80 years. The most impressive paintings that are displayed in the museum come from the Batuan era (1930-1940).

Some of the artworks are made by the Balinese famous Batuan painters such as I Gusti Nyoman Lempad. In this museum, the visitors can see Balinese typical activities through art. Nyoman Lempad tells a story of Balinese art through a painting titled “Dance Lesson”.

Another legendary, Ida Bagus Made’s painting titled Tumbal represents a story of strong Hindu heritage. The painting shows a man and a woman who came out from a Semara dragon. In Hindu culture, Semara is the symbol of the Gods of love. Not only collecting Balinese artists’ works.

KAFE ARMA with an outdoor dining space. Img: armabali.com

The museum also displays collections of famous Indonesian painter. Artists coming from different genres, such as Affandi, Srihandi Soedarsono, and Hendra Gunawan. The artworks of foreign legend artists Spies and Blanco become part of the museum too.

Walter Spies and Antonio Blanco are some of the influencer artists. That relatedly important in the development of Balinese art in Ubud. For their services, Spies and Antonio collections stored in a special place in ARMA museum.

Cultural Workshop

Experience the culture from its destination. Getting close to know what the locals do. It is part of activities to binding with civilization. ARMA Museum provides various kinds of activities for the visitors to earn more.

From the festivals held regularly in ARMA Museum. Choose activities like woodcarving, cooking, batik class to a dancing lesson. Learning the traditional ritual like making offerings. That important for Balinese people. Or joining the ritual ceremony in the morning in ARMA Temple.

Legong Dance Performance in ARMA Museum. Img: armamuseum official

The cultural workshop is dedicated for various visitors ages. Coming with the children, take the Balinese Traditional Dance class. The cultural workshop takes place in a spacious hall outside the galleries. The facilities in the outdoor section also for painting class, silver class, and handicraft class.

Balinese Dance Performance in ARMA Museum

The list of attractive things about Agung Rai Museum of Art does not stop at the workshop. Furthermore, the tourists can also watch a Balinese art performance. There are theatre, dance, and music performances as well. The performance is held 4 times a week and takes place in a large stage placed in the museum area.

Balinese Dance Performance Schedule in ARMA Museum
Kecak Rina DanceEvery full moon and New Moon
Legong Dance *Sunday 07:30 pm
Topeng Jimat *Wednesday 07:00 pm
Barong and Kris Dance *Friday 06:00 pm
Legong Telek *Tuesday 07:30
* Except Full Moon & New Moon, Terms and Conditions apply.

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ARMA Museum Opening Hours

Agung Rai Museum of Art opens from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM. Nonetheless, since having a tour of this museum will spend many times, most visitors come in the morning. Besides, all of the classes and exhibitions are started in the morning as well.

ARMA Museum Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday, closed in Nyepi09:00 – 18:00 WITA

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ARMA Museum Entrance Fee & Workshop Class

The entrance fee for foreign visitors includes complimentary coffee/tea voucher redeem in ARMA Cafe.

ARMA Museum Entrance Fee
Children & Adult80.000

The cultural workshop class subject to availability and demand.

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ARMA MUSEUM Cultural Workshop
ClassPrice Quote in USD $
Golden Hour Village Tour50.00/3-4 hours
Rindik Instrument Class25.00/2-3 hours
Yoga Class50.00/2-3 hours
Hindu Astrology Class44.00/2 hours
Bali lecture class44.00/2 hours
Bali history class44.00/2 hours
Egg Painting class44.00/2 hours
Silver jewelry class45.00/3 hours
Lontar Leaf Painting35.00/2 hours
Balinese offering class35.00/2 hours
Balinese Painting Lecture & Tour55.00/2 hours
Balinese Painting Class44.00/2 hours
Balinese Batik Class44.00/2 hours
Woodcarving Class35.00/2 hours
Balinese Cooking Class50.00/2 hours
Handicraft Basket Class44.00/2 hours
Hinduism Practice Lecture44.00/2 hours
Balinese Architecture Lecture50.00
Balinese Gamelan Class25.00/2 hours
Balinese Dance Class25.00/2 hours

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ARMA Museum Dance Performance Admission & Dinner Package

The traditional dance performance takes place in an open stage area inside ARMA Museum. There are 2 admission options, the visitors can choose to see the performance package.

ARMA Museum Balinese Performance Admission
Kecak Rina Dance100.000
Kecak Rina Dance + Dinner175.000
Legong Dance80.000
Legong Dance + Dinner155.000
Topeng Jimat80.000
Topeng Jimat + Dinner155.000
Barong & Kris Dance80.000
Barong & Kris Dance + Dinner155.000
Legong Telek80.000
Legong Telek + Dinner155.000

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Facilities in ARMA Museum

As the museum offers a beautiful view inside. Enjoying the view through the café must be amusing. As the café-restaurant has both indoor and outdoor space. With the different concept and delectable cuisine.


The open-air cafe-restaurant offers a selection of Balinese cuisine and western dish. Need refreshment after exploring the museum. Make sure to try ARMA cocktails and a healthy drink. One of the most recommended foods in the restaurant is Crispy Duck. The fried duck combined with Balinese sauce and Sambal Matah. Will make your trip perfect after exploring the museum.

ARMA Thai Restaurant

Craving for some Thailand cuisine. Make sure to dine at ARMA Thai Restaurant. The fine-dining restaurant offers an indoor and outdoor dining space. The beautiful set outdoor dining area surrounded by paddy terrace. With a tranquil river next to it.

Warung Kopi

ARMA Coffee shop is the perfect place to relax before the evening. Sets in the outdoor space, Warung Kopi offers a great scene on the paddy field and garden. Sip a cup of the finest coffee with delicious cakes and a selection of snacks.

ARMA Museum Address & Location

The museum is located 900 meters from Monkey Forest Ubud. From the famous monkey forest, visitors can walk 350 meters to the east. Take a right turn in Jalan Raya Pengosekan Ubud. The ARMA Museum will be on the left side of the road.


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