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Peliatan Royal Palace Ubud & Dance Performance

Peliatan Royal Palace. Img: livejournal/vtaysaev
Peliatan Royal Palace. Img: livejournal/vtaysaev
Peliatan Royal Palace Entrance Fee: Rp20.000 - Rp100.000 Opening Hours: 08:00 -17:00 WITA | Dance Show : 19:30 WITA Telp. Number: - Address: Jl. Cok Gede Rai , Peliatan , Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia , 80571.

Peliatan Royal Palace is a heritage of the Peliatan empire located in the beautiful town of Ubud, Bali. It is the current residence of the royal Ksatria family and holds a sacred place in the hearts of the locals. The building is well-maintained, with gold ornament and statues here and there with its typical Balinese design.

The palace has stood strong for over 300 years and the royal family still lives in there. Like other palaces, Peliatan Royal Palace offers a tranquil retreat for those who seek peace and serenity. Visitors can enjoy the soothing morning scenery by taking a stroll in the palace’s garden, admiring the statues and Balinese carvings. It is also possible to catch a glimpse of the Royal family’s living quarters, located next door.

peliatan royal palace ubud
Peliatan Palace, Ubud. img: hanafi

Peliatan Royal Palace Entrance Fee & Show Ticket

The entrance to the palace is Rp20,000. There is a Balinese dance show performed every evening in the Royal Palace. Visitors can buy the ticket to watch the dance show at the entrance gate.

Peliatan Royal Palace Entrance Fee & Show Performance
Entrance Fee Rp20,000
Balinese Dance Show Rp100,000
Buy Kecak Dance Fire Show Ticket Online Rp93,333

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Peliatan Royal Palace Opening Hours & Balinese Dance Schedule

Peliatan Royal Palace opens from 8 AM to 5 PM. Most visitors come in the morning to walk around and take pictures. The beauty of the palace will reach at best with the sunlight. On the other hand, some visitors choose to come in the evening to watch the dance performance.

Peliatan Royal Palace Opening Hour & Dance Show
Every day except on Nyepi day 08:00 – 17:00
Balinese Dance Performance 19:30

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History of Peliatan Royal Palace

As well as other palaces in Bali, the Peliatan Royal Palace has existed for centuries. This sacred palace was first built in the 17th century. Ubud back then was a verdant jungle full of hundred years of trees, blooming plants, and green rice fields.

Nonetheless, at that time, there had been family staying around in Peliatan. Most of the people live in Jungut, Taman, and Bantuyung. The people back then made the traditional wooden house in the forest. The house was called as Kuwu-Kuwu.

peliatan royal palace yard
4 Balinese dancer and kalamakara statues at the yard of the palace. Img: Eka Baguz

The War

The community lived in peace under the leadership of Sri Aji Maha Sirikan, the king of Sukawati. The leadership of Sri Aji Maha Sirikan was running well. In the latest years of the 17th century, the king instructed the troops to protect Ubud. Unfortunately, a civil war happened during the expanse of Sukawati kingdom’s authority.

The king’s cousin’s rebellion creates a war between the villages in Peliatan. To protect the king’s reign, the king then sent the princes to a safe place. One of the princes is Tjokorde Ngurah Tabanan who was sent to Peliatan.

At that time, the palace was built to be the residence of the prince. Although there was a conflict between Peliatan and Mengwi, the palace remains strong and safe. Today, the Peliatan Royal Palace has gone to the child of the first king. The current king is called Cokorda Gde Putra Nindia. Together with the contribution of the locals have maintained the palace and Peliatan community in harmony.

peliatan royal palace gold ornaments
Gold ornaments and the king’s photos. img: manik

Peliatan Royal Palace Attraction

The palace is located on Cok Gede Rai street, a busy street. Compared to other royal palaces, Peliatan Royal Palace is quite big and well-maintained. Once visitors come in, the big gate welcomes followed by a wide yard. The separated small buildings with stunning towers surround the sideyard as well.

The blooming plants in the garden and statues are a combination of nature and Balinese style. The locals here living in Peliatan would frequently come to pray in the palace. Take a slow walk and see the fascinating carving in Peliatan Royal Palace. There is no doubt of how astonishing the Balinese stonework is.

One of the most fascinating carvings in the temple is the carving of Boma. Boma is known as the son of Wisnu. As the Hindu people believe. Boma carving is the symbol of the loss of Sad Ripu within someone’s soul. Sad Ripu itself means six enemies in someone’s soul. Guiding the person in a bad direction. Hence, once someone gets into the palace, the soul will only be full of good tendencies.

Peliatan Royal Palace Dance Performance
Every evening a dance show is held in the palace yard. Img: Mirah Adi

Balinese Dance Performance

Takes place in the front yard, and the show is the best attraction claimed by the audience. The dance performance is what brings the crowd to the palace in the evening. In Peliatan Royal Palace, visitors will get a chance to watch the traditional Bali dance.

With the Gamelan orchestra as the music background. The dance performance is different every night. Visitors will get to see the Legong Dance, Baris Dance, and even Barong Dance.

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How To Get To Peliatan Royal Palace

Right now tourists staying in south Bali could go to Ubud using Trans Metro Dewata Bus. The bus fare is quite cheap Rp4,400 ($0.39) for a one-way trip. Passengers could pay using QRIS, electronic money cards such as Flazz and Brizzi, or e-wallet apps such as Gopay and OVO.

The bus departs from the Ubung bus terminal and will stop at several tourists attraction in Gianyar and Ubud. First, the Sukawati Art Market, the Peliatan Royal Palace, and last Monkey Forest Ubud. The royal palace location is only 2 km away from Ubud Art Market. So it’s a short walk from the center of Ubud.

From Ubud Art Market head southwest passing Anomali Cafe. At the intersection, the Indra Statue landmark turns right. Walk for 1 km and the Royal Palace is on the left side of the road.

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Address & Location

The magnificent Royal Palace location is in Jl. Cok Gede Rai, Ubud, Gianyar district Bali 80571.


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