Peliatan Royal Palace Ubud Balinese Dance Performance

Peliatan Royal Palace Entrance Fee: Rp20.000 - Rp80.000 Opening Hours: 08:00 -17:00 WITA | Dance Show : 19:30 WITA Telp. Number: - Address: Jl. Cok Gede Rai , Peliatan , Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia , 80571.

Peliatan Royal Palace is a holy representative of Hindu majesty located in Ubud, Bali. This palace is currently being the residence of the royal Ksatria family. The ethereal solemn atmosphere is what brings the visitors to come. Seeing the royal residence open to the public.

Nonetheless, the beauty of the building becomes another reason why people list the palace. Located in the east of Ubud, Peliatan Royal Palace stands for more than 300 years. With the typical Balinese architecture, the palace remains enormously strong.

As with other palaces, taking a step in Peliatan Royal Palace gives satisfaction for those who seek tranquility. In the morning, Peliatan Royal Palace offers soothing scenery. Wandering around the garden, admiring compelling statue and unique typical carvings. Take a peek of the place where the Royal family lives next door.

Peliatan Royal Palace
Picture of the royal family, statue and carving decorate the corner of the palace. Img: mindy Lu

In the evening, the visitors can watch Balinese local dance performances, such as Barong dance. The dance stage that takes place in the middle of Peliatan Royal Palace. The magical performance shows spirituality and art. Along with the historical value of Bali is the reason why people should not miss it.

History of Peliatan Royal Palace

As well as other palaces in Bali, the Peliatan Royal Palace has existed for centuries. This sacred palace was firstly built in the 17th century. It took place in Ubud, where the verdant jungle was congregating well at that time. In other words, Ubud was full of blooming plants and green rice fields before the palace built.

Nonetheless, at that time, there had been some packs of family staying around in Peliatan. Most of the people live in Jungut, Taman, and Bantuyung. The people made the traditional wooden house within the forest. The house was called as Kuwu-Kuwu.

peliatan royal palace yard
4 Balinese dancer and kalamakara statues at the yard of the palace. Img: Eka Baguz

The War

The community lived in peace under the leadership of Sri Aji Maha Sirikan, the king of Sukawati. The leadership of Sri Aji Maha Sirikan was running well. In the latest years of the 17th century, the king instructed the troops to protect Ubud. Unfortunately, a civil war happened during the expanse of Sukawati kingdom’s authority.

There were the king’s cousins who made an opponent community. The war between the villages in Peliatan is invadable. To protect the king’s authority, the king initiated to send the princes to the safe place. One of the princes is Tjokorde Ngurah Tabanan who was sent to Peliatan.

That time, a palace was built to be the residence of the prince. Although there was a conflict between Peliatan and Mengwi, the palace remains strong and safe. Today, the Peliatan Royal Palace has gone to the child of the first king. The current king is called Cokorda Gde Putra Nindia.

The Gamelan Orchestra in Peliatan Royal Palace. Img: Tripadvisor

Together with the queen, Sagung Ratu Sri Jaya Laksmi, the king keeps the palace’s majesty. With the contribution of the local people maintain the palace and Peliatan village in harmony.

Attraction in Peliatan Royal Palace

Standing in Cok Gede Rai street, the palace stands enormously strong. Compared to other royal palaces, Peliatan Royal Palace is quite big and well-kept. Once the visitors come in, the big gate welcomes followed by a wide yard. The separated small buildings with stunning towers surround the side yard as well.

As the place is unique and stunning, most of the visitors come in groups. Spending time while solemnly enjoy the beauty of the palace will be exceptional. The grand architecture seems to be a spectacular attraction for the visitors. Hence, no wonder that the palace gets to the must-not-be-missed tourist places list in Bali.

Peliatan Royal Palace Dance Performance
Every evening a dance show is held in the palace yard. Img: Mirah Adi

The Garden

Coming through a big gate across the road. The well-groomed blooming plants will welcome the visitors. The garden is a combination of nature and Balinese heritage. With a lot of Balinese statuary. In addition, the presence of water fountains befits to complete the beauty of the garden.

Praying Altar

Aside from coming to enjoy the beauty of the palace, the locals also come here to pray. After taking a step deeper within the buildings, the praying altar will obviously be seen.

The praying altar stands tall as well as the typical Hindu pedestals. Although there are many people who come, this space still offers tranquility that makes the palace perfect to contemplate.

Stone Work & Carving

Take a slow walk and see the fascinating carving in Peliatan Royal Palace. There is no doubt of how astonishing the Balinese stonework. In every corner of the Peliatan Royal Palace, people can see beauty even in a short glance.

The statuary in Peliatan Royal Palace. Img: Tripadvisor

The big gate built up artistically with the classic design that shows an impressive Balinese heritage. There are many small buildings or quarters stand tall with the philosophical carvings. One of the most aesthetic carvings in the temple is the carving of Boma.

Boma is known as the son of Wisnu. As the Hindu people believe. Boma carving is the symbol of the lost of Sad Ripu within someone’s soul. Sad Ripu itself means six enemies in someone’s soul. Guiding the person in a bad direction. Hence, once someone gets into the palace, the soul will only be full of good tendencies.

Balinese Dance Performance

Takes place in the front yard, the show is the best attraction claim by the audience. The dance performance is what brings the crowd to the palace in the evening. In Peliatan Royal Palace, the visitors will get a chance to watch the traditional Bali dance.

With the Gamelan orchestra as the music background. The Balinese Dance Show perform different dance every night. The visitor will get to see the Legong Dance, Baris Dance, and even Barong dance.

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Peliatan Royal Palace Opening Hours & Balinese Dance Schedule

Peliatan Royal Palace opens from 08.00 am to 05.00 pm. Most of the visitors come in the morning to walk around and take pictures. The beauty of the palace will reach at best with the sunlight. On the other hand, some visitors choose to come in the evening to watch the dance performance.

Peliatan Royal Palace Opening Hour & Dance Show
Every day except on Nyepi day 08:00 to 17:00
Balinese Dance Performance 19:30

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Peliatan Royal Palace Entrance Fee & Dancing Performance Ticket

The palace charge no entrance fee. There is a Balinese dance show performs every evening in the Royal Palace. Visitors can buy the ticket to watch the dance show at the entrance gate.

Peliatan Royal Palace Entrance Fee & Dancing Performance
Entrance Fee Free
Balinese Dance Show Rp100.000

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How To Get To Peliatan Royal Palace

There is no public transportation that escorts visitors to get to the royal palace. However, Peliatan Royal Palace’s location is only 2 km from the center of Ubud. From the famous Ubud Traditional Art Market head southwest passing Anomali Cafe. At the intersection, the Indra Statue landmark turns right. Walk for 1 km and the Royal Palace is on the left side of the road.

Address & Location

The magnificent Royal Palace location is in Cok Gede Rai street, Ubud, Gianyar district. Bali 80571.

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