Museum Puri Lukisan Entrance Fee & Cultural Workshop

Museum Puri Lukisan Entrance Fee: Rp85.000 - Rp575.000 Opening Hours: 09:00 - 17:00 Telp. Number: +(62 361) 971 159 Address: Jl. Raya Ubud, Ubud , Ubud , Gianyar , Bali, Indonesia , 80571.

Dwelled in the middle of Bali Island, Ubud seems to be a perfect place. Either to explore nature, history, and arts. Driven by the passion for art. In 1936 the concern local painters with the Deutch, Rudolf Bonnet, decide to build Museum Puri Lukisan. The idea to keep the masterpiece of every talent in a museum come true 23 years later.

Stands tall with a stunning design of Balinese carvings, the gate designed by Rudolf Bonnet. Situated not far from the famous Ubud Art Market, the museum is located in Ubud street. The carvings in the museum represent the high dedication of the artists on Balinese heritage. The frames of the paintings are also designed with Balinese wood carvings.

Taking a step in, feel the tranquil ambiance of the garden yard. Spot the Balinese statues in the extensive yard with nice blooming plants and high trees. The beautiful small pond right in the middle of the yard. With the traditional statue place in the middle of the pond.

paintings exhibit in museum puri lukisan
Museum Puri Lukisan collection. Img: Museum Official

Museum Puri Lukisan is one of the best and favorite museums in Ubud. Together with the collection of the locals’ painters and the magnificent artistic building. Is what makes the museum remains popular even after more than 60 years.

Museum Puri Lukisan The Idea

The construction of Museum Puri Lukisan will not even finish. Without a great contribution from Balinese artists. The museum was first built for the purpose of keeping Balinese arts tenable. During that moment, the Balinese artists feel that the existence of the Balinese arts is decreasing.

It happens since most of the arts are given to tourists as souvenirs. To increase the artwork production, the artists living in Ubud affiliate in a foundation. The foundation in 1936 that representing the 125 members in the overseas called Pitamaha.

fish pond in museum puri lukisan
An extensive yard with a small fish pond just right outside the museum. Img: Waleed Shaheen

The first foundation with Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati, the Prince of Ubud. Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet, the Russian and Dutch painters. As the person in charge of representing the artist. There are more than 125 artists who successfully go international with the involvement of the foundation.

Following the disruption of World War II. Pitamaha has to change the foundation name into Yayasan Ratna Wartha. That time, the artists initiate to build a museum as the caisson of Balinese artworks.

Finally, Puri Lukisan construction process begins in 1954. Two years after, the museum inaugurated by Mohammad Yamin. The former Indonesian education and culture minister.

museum puri lukisan garden
The garden is the guest’s favorite spot beside the cafe. Img: monalizar monalizar

Museum Puri Lukisan Activities & Attraction

The artistic layout of Puri Lukisan Museum attracts the visitors even with a short glance. Stepping in the entrance, the visitors can see the carving and statue around the museum. The verdant yard combines with the fresh air of Ubud. The sequence that makes the eminent atmosphere stands eternally.

Passing the entrance, the various paintings display in the hall with flawless interior design. All of the paintings exhibited in unique frames. Separate in 4 galleries in a stunning pavilion. The frame’s design is elegant with an illustration of Balinese heritage. There are also old stone works displayed in every corner of the museum.


The paintings display in Puri Lukisan Museum collect from dozens of years ago. There are even some paintings from more than 300 years old. The old paintings of the former Pitamahas also available and store well. Make sure to see the painting I Gusti Nyoman Lempad.


A legendary Balinese artist is known as the Renaissance man of Bali. Each of the artists has particular styles and painting themes. For instance, the old paintings made by Bonnet commonly show the beauty of the Indonesian people. In the meantime, Walter Spies chose to show the beauty of paradisiacal Balinese scenery.

On the other hand, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad chose to represent the allure of Indonesian local tradition as well. In conjunction with the old paintings, there are also contemporary paintings displayed. Besides, the modern paintings made by new artists are also framed up.

Hence, visitors can see the development of Balinese arts over the years. Overall, this museum has been successfully being an alembic of every artist’s contribution to keeping the Balinese arts sustained.

museum building
Puri Lukisan entrance building. Img: Mark G

Wood Carving

As with the paintings, the wood carving collection has been being heaped for years. The collection of carvings made by the famous carvers around Indonesia is placed in every corner of the museum. Most of the carvings symbolize the majesty of Hindu and praise the Gods. Some others even show the Indonesian historical value as well.

Museum Store

As the paintings and wood carvings give a strong impression to the visitors, there is a store available within the museum. The store sells many kinds of souvenirs at affordable prices.

One of the most excellent product comes from the store is the catalog of famous artists. The catalog price starts from Rp2.400.000.

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Museum Puri Lukisan Opening Hours

Museum Puri Lukisan opens from 9 am to 6 pm. The museum opens every day except in Nyepi when all activities have to stop. Most of the visitors come in the morning or after lunch.

Museum Puri Lukisan Opening Hours
Every day, closed in Nyepi 09:00 – 18:00

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Museum Puri Lukisan Entrance Fee

The museum admission for foreign visitors includes a drink and snack in the museum cafe. For children under 15 years old accompanied by an adult are free of charge. Free admission does not apply to children in groups.

Museum Puri Lukisan Entrance Fee
Adult 85.000
Children under 15 years old Free

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Museum Puri Lukisan Art & Cultural Workshop Class

The museum organizes classes for all visitors enthusiasts in knowing more about the Balinese tradition. From learning the traditional instrument gamelan, flute, mask painting. Or learning to make offerings that is essential for the Balinese ritual.

Museum Puri Lukisan Art & Cultural Workshop Class
Gamelan 145.000/person
Traditional painting class 520.000/person
Flute Playing 145.000/person
Batik class 520.000/person
Shadow Puppet carve 575.000/person
Wood Carving 520.000/person
Basketry 365.000/person
Balinese Dance basic class 145.000/person
Offering Making 365.000/person

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Museum Café

Taste selectable of fine cuisine or snack in The Museum Puri Lukisan Cafe. Near the garden inside the museum, the cafe is open at 10:00 am and closed late. Offer a reasonable price, well present local and western food.

It sets in a quiet and magnificent garden and lotus pond. The lunch set offered starts from IDR 115.000. The set includes the main course, dessert, coffee, and drink. And serve snacks and drink for lunch or dinner.

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How To Get To Museum Puri Lukisan

The Museum location is on the main street of Ubud and walkable. 300 meters west from Ubud Palace and Ubud Art Market. At the intersection of Monkey Forest Road and the main street. A large wooden sign at the high split gate on the north side of the street marks the entrance to the museum parking lot.

Museum Puri Lukisan Address

The museum location is in Jl. Raya Ubud, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571.

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