Monas National Monument

Monas National Monument Landmark & Museum Guide

Monas National Monument

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Jl. Pelataran Merdeka,, Gambir, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta , Indonesia , 10110.
Entrance Fee: Rp2.000 - Rp15.000 Opening Hours: Weekday : 08:00 - 16:00, 19:00 - 22:00, Weekend : 08:00 - 16:00, 19:00 - 00:00, Closed on Monday Contact Number: +(62 21) 3822255

Monas National Monument seems to be the most identical thing to Jakarta. Stands 132 meters tall in the center of Jakarta. Monas is a landmark known by all people. A white monument with a golden flame as the top point. By far, it’s the top spot to see the grand view of Jakarta city.

A tidy pavement surrounds the monument for a jog and strolling. Even riding a bicycle is an activity suitable for visitors coming to the monument. The National Monument is a perfect place for a family trip as the entrance fee is quite cheap and affordable, especially for locals.

The initiative of the Monas National Monument came from Soekarno, the former president of Indonesia. The First President wanted to build an iconic monument as Gustave Eiffel did in Paris. The monument is built for the sole purpose, to commemorate the great exertion people did for Indonesian independence.

Relief of History in Monas National Monument
Relief of Indonesian History in Monas. Img: Gunawan

Monas National Monument Entrance Fee

In short, there are 2 entrance fees. The first one is for visiting the museum only. While the additional fee applies for exploring the observation deck. Going into the monument area such as the park, and the fountain is free. There is no price difference between locals and international tourists.

Monas National Monument Entrance Fee
Children (Goblet) Rp2.000
Children (Goblet + Deck) Rp4.000
Student (Goblet) Rp3.000
Student (Goblet + Deck) Rp8.000
Adult (Goblet) Rp5.000
Adult (Goblet + Deck) Rp15.000

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Monas National Monument Opening Hours

The landmark and museum are open every day from 8 AM to 10 PM. The monument will be more crowded and hectic in the afternoon. Hence, the best time to visit the monument is in the early morning. And on weekends, the crowds will even be a lot more. To point out, there is only 1 lift to get to Monas viewing deck. There will always be a queue to the viewing deck.

Monas National Monument Opening Hours
Every day 08:00 – 22:00

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The Construction Process of Monas

Hence, Monas is not only the icon of Jakarta. But also the representative of Indonesians’ great effort in fighting for their freedom. The architecture of the monument was first designed by two Indonesian best architects. Frederich Silaban was the one who also design the sacred Istiqlal Mosque and R.M. Soedarsono.

The monument was successfully built after 14 years process. On January 12th, 1975, the monument was officially open for public visitors. The construction process takes a long time as Indonesia faces many issues and tragedies. The 30 September Movement brings massive trouble to Indonesia. And results in a temporary termination of the project. The project then continued from 1966 to 1968. Then it has to be postponed again as there is a funding issue.

Water Fountain Attraction every 07:30 and 08:30 pm in Monas. Img: Travelspromo

In general, the design of Monas represents Lingga and Yoni. The ever-lasting couple symbolizes unity in Indonesian history. In addition, the design also brings the philosophy of Alu and Lesung. Or known as Indonesian farming tools.

The stonework behind the monument is a narrative. Moreover, it tells the history of the Singasari and Majapahit kingdoms. Almost all valuable information about Indonesia’s history and its glorious kingdom is available in a monument. Hence, Monas almost never run out of visitors.

Indonesian people come from big cities around Jakarta. Another coming from the smaller region in Indonesia will most likely visit Monas frequently. The monument has become the most prominent tower in Indonesia’s history. Monas is also at the top of the list for any school trip in Indonesia.

Free Bike Facility in Monas. Img: CNN

Monas National Monument Attractions

With a spacious flat green terrain and garden, Monas is a perfect spot for some activities. On weekdays, most people come for a tour of the museum. And indeed, enjoy the big city view from the observation deck. On Sunday, some people assemble around Monas to join the Car Free Day in the morning.

Furthermore, on special days such as New Year and Christmas, there are events held around the monuments. From live music performed by the famous national band. Finally, the countdown is ending with tons of fireworks shows.

There are dancing fountain shows too that begin at 07:30 pm and 08:30 pm. The colorful dancing fountain lasts for 20-30 minutes for each show.

The Golden Flame View of Monas in the evening. Img: FarhanPerdana

National Historical Museum

One of the best attractions in Monas is the National Historical Museum. Certainly, the museum has a lot of dioramas depicting Indonesia’s history. The museum is located 3 meters underground. As the museum has 160 m² wide, the space is able to accommodate up to 500 visitors.

As with the obelisk of Monas, the walls of the museum look stunning with elegant Italian marble. On each side of the walls, there are 51 diorama displays. Each diorama tells the history of Indonesia from prehistoric to the new order era.

Stroll around the museum and find the jewelry room. The hall displays a precious crown, ornament, weapon, and gold. The entire collection once was worn by the Royal and aristocracies in Indonesia. Therefore, to learn more about Indonesia’s history better, make sure to visit the museum.

The Hall of Independence

There is two entrance gate that goes directly to the spinning staircase. Visitors can walk to the staircase to get to the great hall of Independence. The hall location is inside the monument’s goblet. In the center of the hall, visitors can see the original text Proclamation of independence.

The text is placed in a golden gate named the Independence Gate. In addition, there are golden Indonesian maps and the national emblem of Indonesia to complete the hall collection. The atmosphere is solemn as the Independence Gate opens. And it plays the Indonesian national song, Padamu Negeri.

The Observation Deck

There is also an observation deck where visitors can see a 360° view of Jakarta from the top. The deck is right under the golden flame with lift access for visitors. Expect to spare more time to get to the observation deck. There will always be a long queue. The lift access is located at the south gate. This lift will bring visitors to the observation deck at 115 meters high.

The Flame of Independence

Another interesting object in Monas National Monument is the golden flame. The Flame of Independence is the real representation of Indonesian effortful resistance to becoming independent. The flame is covered with 50 kilograms of gold.

The flame of independence is the favorite object of the photo hunter. Some photographers prefer to take pictures in the afternoon when the flame shines brightly under the afternoon sunlight. Some others choose to take pictures at night when the golden flame shines with the colorful lights around.

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The National Monument fountain is the most interesting activity offered in Monas. With colorful lights and beautiful water attractions. This show makes Monas a lovable place for hanging out at night. Monas has complete supporting facilities such as a food court area and toilet for people with disabilities.

Monas has 100 bikes for visitors to explore the area for free. Before using the bike, visitors can download Gowes Apps in the play store or app store. Scan the unique code right at the back of the bike and roam around.

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How To Get To Monas

As the landmark of Jakarta, Monas National Monument is very easy to reach. Located in Medan Merdeka Barat street. Monas is situated near other well-known tourist spots such as the National Museum.

The landmark is also accessible with Transjakarta which will stop at the Monas National Monument bus shelter. Try the free city tour bus in Sarinah. From Sarinah mall the bus will arrive at the destination in only 10 minutes.

Jakarta city tour bus route to Monas monument.

Address & Location

Monas National Monument is located in the center of Jakarta, Jl. Pelataran Merdeka, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat, 10110.

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