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Sudirman Street Food Bandung Culinary Spot

sudirman street food vibe
Sudirman street food vibe, an outdoor dining experience. Img: Nur Putri Dalimunthe

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Sudirman Street Food Entrance Fee: Rp5.000 - Rp110.000 Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00; Saturday : 10:00 to 23:30 Telp. Number: - Address: Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.107, , Karanganyar, , Astanaanyar , Bandung, , West Java , Indonesia , 40212.

Experience locals food is a fun thing to do. Looking out where the locals like to eat. Instead of just dining in a touristy restaurant. Luckily Bandung, as one of the prominent cities for tourists offers a lot of culinary spots. Located in the downtown Bandung, Sudirman Street Food is an easily accessible culinary spot.

This spot facilitates local food vendors to open their stalls there. With a broad variety of menu, Sudirman Street Food is a one-stop culinary spot. Here, tourists will be able to taste local food, refreshing beverages, as well as fusion delicacies. All in one area.

Don’t worry about the price. As the place caters mainly locals. With Rp100.000 in hand, foodies can relish a variety of finger-licking food. Sudirman street food is an open communal eating space. And it offers a casual dining experience.

snacks selection
For the appetizer, the juicy dumpling or fried meatball might be the best choice. Img: Raissa

Here, people can chat freely with family, friends, or even locals. Sharing the same table over the served food. The food court serves both lunch and dinner crowd.

Sudirman Street Food Strategic Spot

This culinary center serves as a popular destination for food lovers. The place is located not far from the town hall. It’s location even within the walking distance. Many locals love to spend leisure time in the open-space city hall. And Sudirman street food by far the closest dining destination. The spot always flooded with locals, especially during the weekend.

Sudirman street food spot is a road that is open on both ends. This means space enables pedestrians to come from Sudirman Street, walk-in. And reach another road, Cibadak street, which also serves some local delicacies.

sudirman street food crowds
Some food vendors open from the afternoon. But dinner time is always is the biggest crowds. Img: Nino Menova

On the premises, there are some mural paintings. And the food stalls are nicely decorated with colorful paints and decent lightings. This too is another reason that the dining spot is famous within youngsters.

Originally An Alley

Sudirman Street Food was originally an alley that connects two adjacent streets. The management table-turned the place to one of the prominent culinary destinations in Bandung. Here, food stalls offer various menus from appetizer to dessert.

Ranging from snacks to fulfilling meals available at any mealtime. For snacks, people can try fried meatballs, fish cake, or chicken/pork dumpling. The price starts from Rp20.000 to Rp60.000 depends on the size portion.

balinese pork dish
The traditional Balinese dish babi guling also available here. Img: Zelda C

As for meals, the option varies from locals, Chinese, to Western delicacies. Foodies are recommended to taste the local dishes such as nasi goreng pete – fried rice which is cooked with bitter beans. Other examples include fried carp with red/green chili sauce, nasi timbel, and mie kocok.

Both nasi timbel and mie kocok are the traditional Sundanese staple food. One is an aromatic rice cook and steam in a banana leaf. Served with either fried/grill fish or chicken, tempeh, and sambal. As for mie kocok, the dish is a noodle soup. It consists of bean sprout, noodle, kikil, beef/chicken serve with hot beef broth. The price for a portion of mie kocok starts from Rp20.000.

Bringing Pork To Its Finest

Sudirman street food court is also famous for its various pork dish. The sweet pork skewers and pork martabak are by far the people’s favorite. The pork grilled in the skewers is super juicy and sweet. Some even like it better to eat it with warm white rice.

Pork satay at sudirman street food
The satay is grill right after the customer order it. So it’s fresh-made, juicy, and still hot. Img: D.Tonny Widjaja

Other recommended menus for pork lovers are bakut sayur asin. Bakut is a salty, warm brothy pork Chinese dish. This main course is a combination of pig’s ribs, some spices, and fermented mustard. It’s a perfect food choice for Bandung chilly weather. The price of 1 portion of Bakut with rice starts from Rp45.000.

As for snacks, try everyone’s favorite ambokue. The dish is a nice combination of tofu, eggs, pig’s ear, cucumber, and lapchiong. All the ingredients are drenched with a thick seasoned brown sauce. The price for ambokue is Rp25.000 per small plate. For the other snack, pork martabak, the price starts from Rp60.000.

More toppings and more egg mean additional cash to pay. The pork skewers cost Rp65.000 per ten skewers. Some main courses like pork mixed rice, mixed grilled pork cost Rp50.000 per portion. It considered high compare to any place in Bandung. However, despite the price, the pork dish here is worth to try. Some even come with a large portion.

steamboat suki
Craving for some hot and spice dish. This seafood steamboat is worth to try. Img: Mariane Felicia

The Paradise for Meat Lovers

Foodies who crave steaks and grilled meats will be delighted too in here. Sudirman Street Food has several food stalls offering grill meat as its main menu. Not only beef and pork there also various chicken menus, such as fried chicken and grilled chicken. The food court also has a seafood stall, popular for its crab mouth-watering dish.

Sweets and Snacks

Sudirman street food does not only filled with main course vendors. Desert like durian ice cream, kue Pukis, and boba ice tea is something to look forward to. There’s even fusion food such as smoked ham Banh-mi that cost Rp30.000 only. End the evening with a sweet and refreshing drink.

There’s plenty of desserts and drink choices to try. Like the rainbow fruit juice and iced-coffee. The price range for ice cream dessert and juice starts from Rp12.000 to Rp30.000. Another dessert worth trying is the combination of ice cream and tropical fruit.

wedang ronde
The sweet wedang ronde, a hot dessert worth trying. Img: Puspa Indah

Order one of a coconut bowl or melon bowl. The so-called ‘bowl’ dessert is just Rp25.000 per portion. It comes with half coconut shell, top with 2 scopes of ice cream. Add it with a various topping like marshmallow, jelly, nata de coco even fruit loops. Whichever taste is OK. The green tea flavor ice cream by far is the best seller here.

For a touch of local savory taste, try the fried meatball. Exchange Rp30.000 with a portion of it. This snack is made of seasoned grounded meat with a spicy kick of chili sauce.

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Sudirman Street Food Opening Hours

Most of the vendors in Sudirman Street, whose stalls are closer to Cibadak Street, open from 10 AM-10 PM. The vendors located on the opposite side, closer to Sudirman Street opens in the afternoon or evening. The food court itself closes at 10 PM. There is no entrance fee to the food court, visitors only need to pay for the parking fee.

Sudirman Street Food Opening Hours
Every day10:00 – 22:00
Saturday10:00 – 23:30
Price RangeRp5.000 – Rp110.000

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Sudirman Street Food has a limited parking lot for both motorbikes and cars. On the weekend is almost impossible to find a parking space. Sometimes people have to park and walk quite far to get to the food court. To avoid the parking situation, simply just order a taxi to get here or use public transportation.

Basic facilities like toilets and sink available on the premises. The toilet is not free, prepare a small note of Rp2.000. The concept of wide alfresco dining space. With certain arrangement is another highlight of this place. The mural paintings in some spots are also hard not to notice.

How To Get To Sudirman Street Food Spot

Sudirman Street Food is easily accessible from the town center. Since the location is only 700 meters away from Alun-Alun Bandung, walking to the food court will take around 10 minutes. Another transportation available is by ordering a ride-hailing service. For a cheaper price, public vans are also available.

Starting from the town’s railway station, the trip with a public van is not that far. To go to the place, the right public van is colored purple with white and green strips in its lower body. After passing one stop in Dulatip street, travelers will arrive at Sudirman street.

Just ask the driver to stop near the food court entrance. As for the public van price, it charges Rp4.000 per person for a short distance.

Address & Location

The food court location is in Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.107, Karanganyar, Kec. Astanaanyar, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40212, Indonesia.


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