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Punclut Ciumbuleuit, Activities & Culinary Spot in Bandung

Punclut Ciumbuleuit
D'dieuland is just one from many cafe and attraction in Punclut. With view to Bandung citylights. Img: Soraya Anka

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Punclut Ciumbuleuit Entrance Fee: Free Admission Opening Hours: 08:00 - 22:30 Telp. Number: - Address: Jalan Punclut, Ciumbuleuit , Cidadap , Bandung, Jawa Barat , Indonesia , 40142.

The city of Bandung is surrounded by mountain and plateau areas with Punclut as the nearest one. Located only 7 km from the downtown. Punclut (Puncak Ciumbuleuit) is the local favorite destination for a quick getaway from the city. The area is pretty much still green and polluted-free.

The highland is also the best place to see Bandung from the top. Punclut covers a 286-hectare area of Ciumbuleuit village, Cidadap Bandung. In the past, the area was designed to be a nature reserve. But nowadays the government sticks with the 80:20 rule. The 80% reserve for nature and only 20% of the area is allowed to use.

Punclut acts as an important catchment area in rainwater harvesting. Deforestation at Punclut can cause severe floods in the urban area below. As a weekend spot, local tourists’ top activities here at Punclut includes eating at one of the restaurants. Taking kids to the leisure park while still manage to enjoy the hill and city view.

Punclut Crowd on weekend
Packed with locals during the weekend. Img: Calvin 

There are plenty of restaurants and shops along Ciumbuleuit road. A slightly bigger amusement park D’Dieuland was opened in late 2017. Adding a new variation to Punclut tourism. The locals also like to exercise here at Punclut. Either running, jogging, or simply having a morning walk.

The City View

The popular time to go to Punclut is in the evening. As the sun goes down, the city below starts to lighten up. With a cup of hot beverage to help withstand the increasingly colder air. Wait until the night comes. The sparkling cityscape will spoil the eyes. The lights are like stars, only on the ground.

The view in daylight is no less beautiful. Green forests and hills border Bandung in every direction. Visitors will see clearly how Bandung has a basin-shaped terrain. On clear weather, spot Mount Malabar, Patuha dan Waringin on the horizon. Some Bandung landmarks will be clearly visible too, such as the minarets of Bandung Grand mosque and Pasupati bridge.

Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee
Try one of the various selections of coffee in Lereng Anteng Panoramic Cafe. Sit back and enjoy the view from the hillside. Img: Veranty 

A Traditional Sundanese Feast

Lesehan stalls along Ciumbuleuit street provide various Sundanese specialties. They make a perfect companion on a chilly night. While visitors enjoy the view of the city. Order a full set of Nasi Timbel.

It’s a dish of red rice served in woven bamboo with various Rencang Sangu (side dishes). Such as fried tofu, chicken, shrimp, fish, or squid. The dish also comes with red chili paste sambal, and vegetables.

Eating Experience & Unique Restaurant

Lately, many new restaurants and cafes have sprung up at Punclut. They offer unique concepts. Prices are more expensive than at street stalls. But these restaurants’ ambiance is worth trying. Dago Bakery, for example, steals attention with its castle-like gate.

Indonesian Traditional Dish
A full course of Sundanese traditional cuisine & snacks. Img: Alexandra 

Its open seating area provides a great view of the city below. As for the food, choose among wide selections of cakes, pizza, and pastry. Head for Tafso Barn restaurant if visitors want something more romantic. Their birdcage-like pavilions are lovely to eat inside.

They have other types of seating as well, such as transparent tents and park benches. The Tafso Barn serves various dishes from Indonesian to Western. The price on average is around Rp8.000 to Rp60.000.

Minggon Market

On Sundays, a small part of Ciumbeluit street is closed for vehicles. The street is closed in order to make room for the Sunday market Pasar Minggon. The ‘surprise’ market is a favorite destination for tourists after a Sunday morning walk at Punclut.

Dago Bakery Punclut
Dago Bakery cafe ambiance at night. Img: Michael 

The market sells all kinds of things, from street snacks, home utensils to fresh agriculture products. Punclut Minggon market is heaven for street snack lovers. Not only that there’s plenty of choices to satisfy the palate. But the price here is also ridiculously cheap too.

With only Rp5.000, visitors can get a taste of ketan bakar, roasted sticky rice sprinkled with grated coconut. Other snacks worth trying here are klepon, a sticky dumpling with brown sugar as a filling. And serabi, a traditional pancake made from rice flour and coconut.

D’Dieuland Leisure Park

The newly built D’Dieuland is a large playground for visitors of all ages. The 5,500 square meters area is equipped with a skywalk, large trampolines, a garden, and plenty of photo spots at its every corner. The place also has restaurants too. Pick a spot at their topmost terrace cafe. The interior is cozy here with beanbags and small tables scattered on a green-carpeted area.

D'dieuland Bandung
Besides the children’s playgrounds, this is one of the cool spots in D’dieuland. Img: Roni 

Punclut Ciumbuleuit Opening Hours

Punclut welcomes visitors every day. The cafe and attractions opening hours vary depending on the place. Typically cafes and restaurants are open from 8 AM until late at night.

Opening Hours
Every day08:00 – 10:30

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Punclut Ciumbuleuit Entrance Fee

There is no admission to enter Punclut highland. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants here. Visitors can simply just order food and beverage, sit back and enjoy the city lights. There is one leisure park D’dieuland and it charges ticket Rp10.000 on weekdays and Rp15.000 on weekends.

Punclut Ciumbuleuit Entrance Fee
Punclut AreaFree
D’DieulandRp10.000 weekday/ Rp15.000 weekend

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Almost every place here provides basic facilities such as parking spaces and public toilets. Some fancier cafes and restaurants offer free wifi. Tourists looking for accommodation can head for one of the Villas along Ciumbuleuit Road. Rate starts from IDR 300,000 per night for a 3-star establishment.

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How To Get To Punclut Ciumbuleuit

The best way to get here is by rented a vehicle. Tourists can simply just book a ride through apps like Grab or GoCar. It’s easy to get around from one spot to another with a private car than public transport. Renting a car typically costs Rp300,000 per day. From Bandung downtown, it usually takes 35 minutes to Punclut.

From any point of Bandung, head to Ir. H. Juanda Street. Take a left turn at Dago intersection and then take a right turn to Siliwangi street. Continue until visitors meet a T junction. Lastly, take the right direction to Ciumbuleuit Road.

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Address & Location

Punclut culinary spot is located in Jl Punclut, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40142.


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