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Dago Dream Park Bandung Activities & Entrance Fee

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Dago Dream Park Bandung
Dago Dream Park Bandung, the nature theme park in West Bandung. Img: Gurun Suganda

Dago Giri area at Bandung, West Java mostly popular among tourists as a shopping destination. Unlike its neighbor, Lembang, there are not many tourist destinations here other than shopping. However, Dago Dream Park tries to fill this gap. An 11-hectare pine forest is transformed into a nature-based theme park, with numerous attractions and rides.

Like its name, the park was meant as a dream destination. This is where visitors go out of daily life. And enter into a world of wonder and imagination. Dago Dream Park boasts 999 photo spots. They are categorized into 4 zones, each offers a different concept.

Photo spots are what made the park viral since its inception in 2016. Aside from photo spots, there are 27 attractions and rides scatter around the area. These rides are divided into four categories according to their extremities.

Row a boat zone
Paddling in a small boat, one of the kid’s favorite activities. Img: Novi Farida

The Dream Zone area caters more for kids with its playground and animal farm. Meanwhile, Selfie Extreme, Park Zones, and The Bridge target visitors of all ages.

Take Unbelievable Pictures

Dago Dream Park’s 999 photo spots are an opportunity to get creative with one’s photography skill. A right-angle would result in an impressive picture that looks unbelievable. The Aladin Carpet, for example, is where visitors sit on a floating carpet above the pine trees. Skybike is another feat.

Take an acrobatic picture where visitors riding a bike on a thin rope, meters above the ground. Among the most popular is the Up House. Taking inspiration from the 2009 movie Up, this photo spot features a house floating mid-air, carried by a bunch of balloons.

Geared up zone
Bicycle Track on the Kids Zone. Minimum age requirement 5 years old. Img: Fitri Anggita

Snap a picture here and get a glimpse of Mr. Fredericksen and Russell’s adventure. The green forest and the cloudy Bandung sky acts as a perfect backdrop. “Night” is when the photo spots get more interesting. Decorate with sparkly lights in contrast with the darkness behind.

Visitors’ adventure looks more otherworldly in photos. The photo spot ‘bird nest’ has a  romantic vibe with its colorful LEDs. The leaves on photo spot ‘Sakura Tree’ lights up into purple at night, making it way more magical than it is during the day.

Anti Gravity House

There this traditional Javanese Joglo house at Dago Dream Park. It’s a beautiful wooden house, only there’s an amusing peculiarity: the house is upside down. Complete with a set of furniture that also defies gravity.

Anti Gravity house
The upside-down Javanese Joglo house. Img: Rizal Fadillah

The upside-down house is fun to explore. This is where tourists can get more creative with the pictures. Try all sorts of different poses – imagination is only the limit.

Pine Forest

Although it’s captivating to explore. The vast and hilly terrain of Dago Dream Park could be a nightmare for one’s feet. Luckily the park has Wara Wiri Bus. Hop on to this brightly decorated vehicle. The bus will bring visitors on a dreamy trip through the tall trees of Dago Dream Park.

Another interesting way to venture into the forest here is with a sky bridge called Tarzan Cross. A wooden path connects several pine trees high above the ground. Gear up with safety helmet and safety ropes. And walk carefully along with the narrow Tarzan Cross. This attraction is not for someone who’s afraid of height.

Wara Wiri Bus
Wara-wiri drop bus will escort visitors to each zone. Img: Oki Setiawan

Plenty of Outdoor Activities

The trees at Dago Dream Park is a perfect venue to play war games. Have fun marking opponents with colorful paint bullets at Dago Dream Park’s paintball arena. Aside from paintball, there are other outdoor activities to do here such as horseback riding, archery, and flying fox. Tourists can also rent a boat and row along Dago Dream Park’s artificial river.

Ethnic Village Dayang Sumbi

Take a closer look at Sundanese architecture at Dayang Sumbi Village. The village has a soothing environment, surrounded with many greens. It successfully replicates a quiet atmosphere just like a Sundanese village in old times.

There are 20 traditional houses in total. Two statues welcome near the village gate. These statues are Dayang Sumbi and her son. Both are characters from the popular Sundanese folklore “Sangkuriang”.

Children Playground in dago dream park bandung
Children Small Playground. Img: Gurun Suganda

Dago Dream Park Opening Hours

Dago Dream Park opens daily from 9 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. On weekends, the park has longer operational hours from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Dago Dream Park Opening Hours
Weekday09:00 – 17:00
Weekend08:00 – 18:00

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Dago Dream Park Entrance Fee

A ticket to Dago Dream Park costs IDR 20,000. There’s a parking ticket, IDR 5,000 for motorcycles, and IDR 10,000 for cars. Rides have their own separate tickets, starting from IDR 20,000 per ride.

Dago Dream Park Entrance Fee & Rides Ticket
Entrance FeeRp20.000
Parking Fee motorcycleRp5.000
Skybike ride (min. 12 years)Rp20.000
Geared up (>5 years)Rp30.000
Loveseat photo boothRp30.000
Sky treeRp30.000
Uncle’s BarnRp30.000
Horse Around (children & adult)Rp30.000
Aladdin CarpetRp30.000
Anti Gravity HouseRp30.000
ATV (200 meters x 4 laps)Rp35.000

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Dago Dream Park claims its vast parking spot is able to accommodate up to 3000 cars. The park provides other basic facilities such as toilets and a gazebo for taking a rest. There are 2 restaurants and 3 food courts around the parking area. As for accommodation, plenty of hotels and villas to choose from at the Dago area nearby. Rates start from IDR 180,000 /night.

How To Get To Dago Dream Park

It takes around 40 minutes to reach Dago Dream Park from Bandung. Tourists can go with a public bus ‘Damri’ with route LW.PANJANG-DAGO. Ask the driver to stop at Simpang Dago. From there on, use a motorcycle taxi to get to Dago Dream Park. Tourists can also go by a rented vehicle.

To rent a car, it usually costs starting from IDR 350,000 for a day. The route to Dago Dream Park is easy and straightforward. Just follow Ir H Djuanda Road and continue until Dago Giri Road.  However, avoid going during the weekend since the road is often jammed with ridiculous traffic during this time.

Dago Park Address & Location

The leisure park located in Jalan Dago Giri KM. 2,2, Mekarwangi, Pagerwangi, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java 40135.


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