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Tibumana Waterfall Bali Attraction & Entrance Fee

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Tibumana Waterfall
Tibumana Waterfall, located in a small village Apuan, Bali. Img: Danny Oehrlein

It gets harder these days to find somewhere more secluded such Tibumana Waterfall in internationally popular Bali. This is why explorers appreciate very much the existence of hidden gems throughout this island. However, it also gets more difficult to get some solitude at these hidden gems.

As social media could make a tranquil place in Bali not so tranquil anymore. Thankfully this is not the case with Tibumana Waterfall. Or at least, not yet. Tibumana Waterfall is located in Banjar Bangunlemah Kawan, Apuan Village, Susut, Bangli Regency. 500 meters from the location.

There are no houses anymore, only rice fields. Tall coconut trees adorn the small road toward the entrance of the waterfall. The best lines of coconut trees can be found in Bali, some visitors swear. The place is quite secluded. Its serenity makes anyone question.

Heliconia in Tibumana Waterfall
The heliconia plants along the short track. Img: bnbn 10

The fact that this place is only half an hour from the ever-crowded Ubud. The characteristic of this waterfall is its slow-falling water from a tiny crack above the canyon. The canyon is unique with a large nook that slowly narrowing to an entrance of a tiny cave.

The cave is a mystery, locals believe it connects to Goa Raja Temple at Besakih which 32 km northwards. It’s a mere myth of course.

Tibumana Waterfall Short Track

Like any waterfall in Bali, trekking is the only way through. But unlike most waterfalls in Bali. Track to Tibumana Waterfall is easy and short. A decent pathway makes it even easier to get down to the site. So focus that energy to enjoy the view along the way, because it’s wonderful and unforgettable.

Small Shrine in Tibumana Waterfall
A small shrine for the locals to pray. Img: bnbn 10

Flowers and shrubs decorate along the way down, a type of garden croton and Heliconia. Butterflies flying above them. Birds chirping among the trees, vines creep their branches. When passing a wooden bridge, there’s a small unnamed waterfall. The waterfall is short but it’s beautiful, an appetizer before the entrée.

A Tranquil Waterfall

The waterfall is a single flow of water in the dry season. In the monsoon season, two columns of water will cascade down from the canyon. Nature generously put a large rock just in front of the waterfall. Like it understands the tourists’ needs for pictures and selfies.

Swimming is welcome on the creek under the waterfall. That and having an enormous shower under the waterfall. But tourists are prohibited to swim too far close to the cave for fear of landslide. The tranquility of this place is soothing for the tired soul.

Paddy Field, Bangli
Green Paddy Field next to the entrance booth. Img: Christopher Jervis

Simply relax and enjoy the hidden paradise at the small gazebo nearby, or sit on one of the rocks.

It’s easy to get lost with one’s thought here for hours. Stack pebbles to do some rock balancing art at the river. Local children love to do this and visitors should try too – it’s meditative, train the concentration, and fun.

A Small Warung Next To The Rice Paddies

Do not just leave after the waterfall excursion. Instead, stay a bit longer and order a hot beverage at a small food stall nearby. A coffee would warm up the body after all the wading at the waterfall before.

Enjoy the greenness of the surrounding rice paddies, with banana and coconut trees along the road. Stay until sunset and watch as the sun goes into hiding, turning the green fields to a shade of orange before dark approaches.

Small Shop in Tibumana Waterfall
Small shops selling modest eateries such as noodles and mineral water. Img: Iejad Saffuan

Pura Dalem Agung

There’s a temple near the entrance called Pura Dalem Agung. It’s not open for visitors and there’s a strict dress code. Nonetheless, its Balinese gate is enough to marvel at. Made from red bricks and adorned with difficult carving.

The temple gate ‘Candi Bentar’ is a definition of wonder. See it from a distance, take pictures, but don’t touch the gate and the statue since it is prohibited.

Tibumana Waterfall Opening Hours

The waterfall is open for visitors every day from 6 am to 6 pm. Check the weathercast to get the best experience and clear water.

Tibumana Waterfall Opening Hours
Every day06:00 – 18:00

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Tibumana Waterfall Entrance Fee

The ticket is affordable at Rp15.000 per pax, visitors can buy it from the ticket counter near the entrance. Parking is free at Tibumana Waterfall, no additional fee is required. There’s locker storage for visitors’ belongings, available for rent at Rp5.000 per locker.

Tibumana Waterfall Entrance Fee
Children & AdultRp15.000

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For a new tourist destination, Tibumana Waterfall has quite complete amenities. There are bathrooms that function both as toilets and changing rooms near the waterfall.

Stairs down toward the waterfall is well maintained and equipped with safety handrails. There are two small warungs to buy food and drink. A decent parking space is available near the ticket counter.

How To Get To Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall is only 35 minutes from Ubud. Visitors can go to the waterfall either by a private vehicle and a taxi. It’s best to rent a motorbike or go by bicycle to the waterfall. Since the scenery along the way is such a treat itself.

Follow this route to get to the destination: Ubud (Raya Ubud Road) – Cok Gede Rai Road – Goa Gajah road – Semebaung Road – Sawo Road – Betiting Road. After Betiting Road, turn right to a small path beside Village’s Cacang Penataran Temple. It’s around a kilometer until the waterfall entrance.

Renting a car cost around Rp600.000/ day while a motorbike is more affordable at Rp50.000 to Rp65.000 a day. For visitors choosing a taxi (the only public transport option). Make sure the driver is willing to wait for visitors since it’s hard to call a taxi to the waterfall area.


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