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Mount Merapi Tourist Spot, Entrance & Top Activities

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Mount Merapi Kaliadem Entrance Fee: Rp5.000 - Rp600.000 Opening Hours: 24 Hours Telp. Number: - Address: Jalan Kaliadem Raya Desa Kinarejo, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta , Indonesia , 55582.

Explore the nature side of Yogyakarta, in just an hour’s drive from the city. Feel a breath of fresh air and different ambiance on the slope of Mount Merapi. As the most visited natural destination in Yogyakarta, Merapi is also one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia.

The outdoor activity from trekking to the top, sunrise hunting, and mountain photography. Mount Merapi has attracted more visitors before the eruption. After the eruption, Mount Merapi is still dazzling in the landscape. Even if the eruption makes the contour of the land becomes barren.

Exploring Mount Merapi will lead to a new story and leave an indelible moment for a traveler. People coming here can see the terrible impact of the lava by visiting the rest of the former house. The story of the survivor and more facts about volcanoes in Indonesia.

bunker kaliadem merapi
Bunker kaliadem tourist attraction spot in the slope mount merapi. Img: Adit Codot

For the photos hunter, capture the magnificent Mount Merapi from the hillside of the mountain. Make sure Mount Merapi is in the go list and here is the top 5 spot to go to.

Mount Merapi Tour Spot & Activities

Merapi, one of the most top nature destinations in Yogyakarta has an extraordinary landscape. On a sunny day, visitors will able to see the scene of the Merapi so clear. The enormous active volcano and sense the fresh cold mountain air.

For adventurers seeking more challenging activities, trekking to the top of Mount Merapi could be the option. The hiking trail is clear, however, for safety and security reasons. Don’t try to hike solo. Pay extra attention to the security warning along the track. Be extra alert during the trekking, Mount Merapi is still an active volcano.

bunker kaliadem merapi
Bunker kaliadem tourist attraction spot in the slope mount merapi. Img: Adit Codot

Looking for other options than hiking, the hillside of Merapi has a lot to dig and explore. From the museum to a bunker, here are the top spot and activities to do.

Kaliadem Bunker

The first spot is Kaliadem and Kaliadem bunker. Located 5km from the top of Merapi, the bunker is a witness of the formidable eruption. Unfortunately, when the eruption happened in 2006, the bunker cost 2 lives. On the last eruption, Kaliadem is the worst area and bunker wasn’t function well to hold the heated lava.

From Kaliadem visitor can see the phenomenon of Mount Merapi eruption, the material left after. The bunker was buried in 4-meter mount sand after the eruption. It takes 2 days for the volunteer to dig into the bunker.

bunker kaliadem
The bunker was last used in 2006. And suffer a tremendous impact. Img: Maksum Ridho

Mbah Maridjan’s House

Next spot is Mbah Maridjan’s house. Mbah Maridjan is known as the gatekeeper of Merapi, the legend guardian, and the most persistent keeper. He is believed by the Javanese people to have the power to speak to the spirit of Mount Merapi.

Mbah Maridjan is the son of the previous guardian. Appointed by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, the King of Yogyakarta. He was responsible for led ceremonies and present an offering to the spirit of sacred Mount Merapi. He was paid $1 a month just like the Royal Palace servant.

In the 2006 eruption, Mbah Maridjan refused being evacuated. He refuses to discharge his responsibility to protect the welfare of the Royal Palace. Mbah was born to be the fortress and it was his destiny to protect it. He survived the eruption but badly burnt and spend a 5-month recovery in the hospital.

entrance to kinahrejo village
The entrance to one of the affected villages during the erruption. Img: Ade Godel

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In the eruption 2010, the gatekeeper of Mount Merapi again refused to evacuate. He tells that his time to die in this place has almost come and he can’t leave. The hot cloud of gas and ash has killed him.

His body was found in a praying pose. The brother of the King of Yogyakarta, Gusti Prabukusumo, from Yogyakarta Palace, later confirmed. That the palace had known long before it happened that Mbah Maridjan is destined to be taken by Mount Merapi.

Museum Sisa Hartaku (The rest of my Wealth Museum)

Next place is the museum named Museum Sisa Hartaku (The Rest of My Wealth). The museum is located in the rest of the former house during the eruption. Motorcycle, the animal skeleton, gamelan or household equipment is well present to remember the moment.

gamelan instrument left at museum sisa hartaku
Gamelan instrument includes animal skeleton display in Museum Sisa Hartaku. Img: M. Usmar Arif

One stuff that is important in the museum is the clock. A Clock that showed and stop at the time when eruption came. By visiting this museum, guests will feel the atmosphere during the eruption.

Kali Kuning & The Alien Stone

Kali Kuning hill is also the top place around Merapi slopes. It’s a camping ground and outbound training place. To get a mesmerizing picture, people can take photos with Mount Merapi as the background view.

The last spot is Alien Stone, a huge stone with 5 meters in diameters, from the Mount Merapi eruption. The stone called Alien since the shape of the stone is like the head of an alien. The locals also believe that the stone has magical power.

merapi top attraction the lost world castle
The lost world castle also located on the slope of Mount Merapi. Img: cahya andriawan

Opening Hours Attraction in Mount Merapi

The attraction in Kinarejo village is open for 24 hours. The visitor is allowed to camp, visit the museum, or see the sunrise. The best time to get a clear sky and photo with the background of Mount Merapi is before 08:00 am. The vehicle rental service is available only until 16:00 local time.

Mount Merapi Slopes Attraction Opening Hours
Kaliadem Bunker, Kalikuning, Museum24 hours

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What To Prepare

Merapi is a barren land and without trees. To minimize sunburn, wear the most comfortable outfit, long shirt and trousers, and comfortable shoes. Bring a cap, sunglasses, a mask or buff,  sunblock to prevent the sunburn and dust during the trip.

Mostly in the dry season, visitors will be able to see the best view of Mount Merapi. Make sure to check the weathercast from the night before. If it’s cloudy at night, the chances of rain are high in the morning. It is better to postpone the trip. Otherwise, the rain in the night will result in a beautiful sunny day in the morning.

For hiker or camper going to Mount Merapi during the monsoon, make sure to bring a raincoat. Check the weather and be alert of the warning. Do not force and attempt to continue if the weather is getting worse.

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Entrance Fee & Vehicle Rent in The Slope of Mount Merapi

The guest can enjoy some spots to visit the attraction in a package. To get to the tourist attraction, people will have to rent a jeep or motorcycle trail. The vehicle packages provide various choices of the spots, from a short route to a long route. The price of the vehicle rent depends on the route and duration.

Foreign Entrance Fee & Vehicle Package to Mount Merapi Tour
Kaliadem Entrance Fee5.000
Jeep (max. 4 passengers)350.000 to 600.000
Motorcycle trail/hour50.000 to 250.000

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How To Get There

Kaliadem located 25 km from the city center Yogyakarta. It takes 45 minutes to get there without congestion. The most convenient way to reach the jeep service basecamp is by renting a scooter. Using public transportation is possible. However, visitors will have to change the bus. Not to mention the small bus is rare with an unpredictable schedule.


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