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Tirtagangga Palace Entrance Fee & Attraction

Tirtagangga Water Garden img credit : Tirtagangga Palace Official FB
Tirtagangga Water Garden img credit : Tirtagangga Palace Official FB
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Tirtagangga Palace Entrance Fee: Rp30.000 Opening Hours: 06:00 - 18:00 WITA Telp. Number: - Address: Jl. Abang - Amlapura, Ababi, Abang, Karangasem, Bali , Indonesia , 80852.

The east side of Bali may not be as hip as the west part of the island. But still, the exquisiteness of vista in the eastern will grasp the quintessence of every traveler in an instance. Here is one of the top traveler list in east Bali. Tirtagangga Palace, the former royal palace features a fountain and archaic sculpture.

Depending on the activities visitor prefer, this landmark for Karangasem folk offers a picturesque scenic view. Unmissable view of rice fields, cold mist, and the holy water. Are the reason visitor keep coming back to the splendid palace.

The Antecedent of Tirtagangga Palace

Tirtagangga Palace, the former royal palace located 5 km from Karang Asem district. The erstwhile vicinity once ruled by the monarch King Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem. Endow by clement air, stupendous panorama and surround by hills is what drives him. To build a water garden palace for his family and people.

Beautiful Bridge and Pond - Tirtagangga Palace.
Beautiful Bridge and Pond – Tirtagangga Palace. Img : schnobby

The construction of the scenic palace is not happening with the King’s idea only. King Anak Agung Karangasem likewise involves designing, working together with his people constructing the palace. He doesn’t mind engaging in digging the soil. Wetting his knee in the water and working in the dirty mud helping the laborer.

The passion to work with his people and involvement during the construction of the palace. Brings admiration to people not limited only to his folks. But also impress the worker knew him for a while. Tirtagangga Palace construction begins in 1946 and finishes 2 years later.

The palace becomes the pride of the Karangasem people. And also a great accomplishment achieved by the king at the age of 61. A Palace that captures the King’s spirit. Both in preserve holiness and respecting his root culture. Tirtagangga remains to be a vessel where people and their king equalize life until now.

Rice Fields around Tirtagangga Palace img credit : FB Tirtagangga Hotel & Restaurant
Rice Fields around Tirtagangga Palace img credit : FB Tirtagangga Hotel & Restaurant

There are many other royal palaces scatter on Bali island. One of them was built in the 18 century. The palace still stands today, as the witness of once a kingdom in Ubud, Gianyar exists.

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Restoration Work of Tirtagangga Palace

The eruption occurs from February to September in 1963 ruins almost the greater part of Tirtagangga. The Palace was not in good shape when the King return. The entire vegetation vanishes due to the effect of lava and hot ash during the earthquake.

For some time during the eruption, the Tirtagangga palace has left abandoned. People from the village along with the King family have gone to a safer place. Fleeing from the mountain catastrophe. The palace left empty with every property inside the palace being sold.

After the catastrophe passed, evacuation ended. The king and his folk return just to discover the palace ruins. The restoration work of Tirtagangga Palace took longer than the king expected. In 1979, 16 years after the earthquake. The first restoration begins with the king ordered. The rehabilitation of the palace garden conducts and supervises by the king in charge.

Ornament and bridge.
Ornament and bridge. Img credit: yeowatzup

By the help of the local government, and visitor contribution some spot is rehabilitated. Inexhaustible work series on Tirtagangga Palace restore the water garden. In 1999, the king’s son involves and transform Tirtagangga Palace into the present shape.

Things To Do in Tirtagangga Palace

As a solo, couple traveler or coming with a pack of a family member. Tirtagangga Palace has a lot to offer. Amidst the holiness of Tirtagangga Palace, tier fountain and ponds. A gorgeous set-out garden and tranquil atmosphere. Is a perfect pair to escape from the hustle bustle city.

Fish Pond

Immense pond with plentiful of Koi fish definitely the star of the pond. The visitors will be able to self-feed the fish. Make sure to buy some fish food or just bring bread onward.

The stepping stone in Tirtagangga Palace
The stepping stone in Tirtagangga Palace. Img credit: schnobby

Natural Spring

The freshwater from Tirtagangga palace is perpetual as holy water. Water from the spring is used for an uttermost purpose in the city. As the source of drinking water for the whole town of Amlapura.

The water also used for the religious ceremony in the temples inside the palace. Flowing into the swimming pool, ponds, and pouring the rice field in the surrounding area.

Tirtagangga Palace Swimming Pool

Aside from the beautiful sculpture, fountain, lush green garden. The guests can enjoy a dip and swim in the cool freshwater outdoors. There is 2 swimming pool in Tirtagangga Palace. One other is more popular with the locals.

Stepping stone around Tirtagangga pond.
The stepping stone around the pond. Img credit: David Stanley


Tirtagangga palace is a perfect contemplation place. It’s a perfect place for visitors looking for a brief serenity. Right after the main gate visitor will be greeted by 2 beautiful dragons statue. The protector of the meditation area. The dragons will encounter negative energy and protect guests from the demon spirit.

Tirta Ayu Restaurant

Serving a spectacular view facing the water garden from the hill. The visitors can enjoy fine cuisine in Tirta Ayu Restaurant after exploring the palace. A selectable menu for both local or western dishes.

Tirta Ayu is a favorite lunch stop inside the palace. The restaurant is well known for its great hospitality. As well as the food standard and quality. Is why it becomes the favorite restaurant among visitors.

View from the restaurant. Img credit: Tirta Ayu Restaurant
View from the restaurant. Img credit: Tirta Ayu Restaurant

Tirta Gangga Palace Opening Hours

The water castle Tirta Gangga open every day except for Nyepi. Where the entire activity in Bali pause.

Tirta Gangga Opening Hours
Every day except Nyepi08:00 – 19:00 WITA

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Tirta Gangga Palace Entrance Fee

Just like almost every tourist attraction in Bali. It accepts only cash and local currency. The entrance fee for foreign cost Rp50.000 and an additional charge Rp10.000 for swimming in the freshwater.

Tirta Gangga Palace Entrance Fee
Foreign VisitorRp50.000
Swimming PoolRp10.000

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Tirta Gangga Palace Address & Location

The water palace reside in Jl Abang Amlapura, Ababi, Abang, Karangasem regency, Bali 80852.


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