Ranca Upas Bandung, Deer Park & Camping Ground

Kampung Cai Ranca Upas Entrance Fee: Rp44.000 Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours Telp. Number: - Address: Jl. Raya Ciwidey - Patengan No.KM. 11, Patengan , Rancabali , Bandung , Jawa Barat , Indonesia , 40973.

Ranca Upas is a flatland area surrounded by 215 hectares of protected forest. It is situated at Ciwidey Village, Bandung, around 1.700 above sea level. The area has chilly and pleasant weather. Making it a favorite destination to escape the heat of the city. Apart from being a popular camping ground, Ranca Upas is also famous for its Javan deer conservation.

The protected forest of Ranca Upas is home to local birds and flora such as the Huru tree and Jamuju (Dacrycarpus imbricatus). The Javan deer breeding program was a government initiative to preserve this vulnerable species. The forest also has its own local myth.

The name “Upas” was taken from a Dutchman who was lost in this forest and whose body is never found. The legend says he haunts this place. Don’t be discouraged by the horror story, Ranca Upas is a pleasant place overall. Aside from camping, there are plenty of fun outdoor activities to do here.

ranca upas swimming pool
Huge pool with mountain view. Img: Jaya

Ranca Upas is also a cultural hub and has hosted many local events. In 2018, the place hosts the photography event “Bandung Lautan Photographers”. Hundreds if not thousands of people are participating.

Kampung Cai Ranca Upas Entrance Fee

An international tourist entrance ticket is Rp44.000 with an additional overnight charge of Rp11.000. Attractions and rides have their own ticket, starting from Rp10.000. There’s a price list available at the ticket counter.

Ranca Upas Entrance Fee
International Tourist Rp44,000 – Rp59,000
Parking Fee (car) Rp15.000 (visit) / Rp34.000 (camping)
Carrot (feeding deer) Rp15.000
Swimming Pool Rp25.000
Paintball Rp125.000
Horse Riding, Archery Rp35.000
Onsen Rp50.000
Igloo Camp Rp700.000 (weekday) / Rp900.000 (weekend)

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Ranca Upas Opening Hours

The deer conservation site is open from 7 AM to 5 PM. Since the site caters to campers, meaning that campers can come anytime during the day. It’s best to come during daylight to avoid dark roads at night. However, for the accommodation, guests could check in at 2 PM.

Ranca Upas Opening Hours
Every day 24 hours

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Camping Ground Ranca Upas Bandung

The vast camping ground at Kampung Cai Ranca Upas can accommodate up to 10.000 campers. Its wide area means that visitors can pick any spot without having to worry about annoying neighbors. On the other hand, tourists who don’t bring camping gear can rent a tent and camping utensils at the ticket office.

Firewood is also available to buy at Rp15.000 a stack. To build a tent, pick somewhere with few trees to get the best view of the sky. Spend the night mesmerized by the stars, accompanied by the sound of cicadas and the rattling bonfire.

feeding deer in ranca upas
Carrot for feeding deer costs Rp10,000, it’s the favorite children’s activity by far. Img: Evi

A little tip, build the tent facing the east. In the morning, unzip the tent and be spoiled by the marvelous sight of orange and purple adorning the sky.

Step out into the misty air and don’t forget to wear at least three layers of clothes. Sometimes the temperature can reach 10°C in the morning. In this situation, cook a hearty breakfast and make a cup of coffee to warm up the body. Then, venture to the surrounding forest or simply enjoy the scenery from a hammock.

Playing With The Deer

There were originally only 6 deer when the government started the breeding program. They have since bred into dozens. Deer are generally gentle animals and harmless to play with. Only pay more attention during the sensitive mating season (around July-August). Male deer are having a lot of fights during this time.

Javan deer at Ranca Upas is shy. They approach visitors during feeding times only, and when a caretaker is present. The best way to lure this animal is by bringing some carrots as a peace offering. Chances are the deer will approach visitors. Mommy deer are usually more reserved and protective of their cubs. Be gentle around them especially.

deer conservation zone
A green view, a huge camping ground, and cold mist are exactly what Ranca Upas offers. Img: Jusup

Ranca Upas Hot Spring & Fun Park

From canoeing to archery, there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to outdoor activities at Ranca Upas. Adrenaline junkies can choose among these action-packed activities: mountain biking, paintball, fun archery, and flying fox. Train to be an old-time warrior with fun archery.

It is regular archery with a twist—visitors will shoot some arrows while riding a horse. Some activities are less adrenaline-inducing but they are relaxing. Rent a canoe and paddle idly around Ranca Upas’ lake while enjoying the chilly weather.

camping spot
A tent is available for rent for Rp11.000/person Img: Zaenal

Additionally, visitors could enjoy a cup of warm beverage while sitting on a gazebo beside the lake. Sometimes it doesn’t need a lot to have fun. To point out, Ranca Upas also has a hot spring. In other words, guests can get rid of last night’s cold by taking a relaxing hot bath here.

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There are some important things to note when spending days at Ranca Upas, especially when camping. There’s no ATM near the area so make sure to bring enough cash. Toilets are available at every corner, but their conditions are poor and visitors need to pay for each bathroom visit.

For food and drinks, there are coffee shops and cafés that line up near the entrance gate. They also provide electricity to charge electronics for a fee.

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How To Get To Kampung Cai Ranca Upas

Ciwidey is a popular tourist destination in Bandung and there’s regular public transport heading to this area. From Bandung Leuwi Panjang Bus Terminal, tourists can take a bus heading to Ciwidey Bus Terminal. The bus route is LW.PANJANG-CIWIDEY has 23 stops between Leuwi Panjang Terminal to Ciwidey.

The nearest stop from Bandung Suleyman Airport is Terusan Kopo-Soreang 300. From Ciwidey Terminal, take a yellow public minivan heading to the Patenggang area. Ask the driver to stop in front of Ranca Upas’ entrance gate.

A private option is available for visitors who want to avoid the inconvenience caused by too many transits. A rented car is affordable starting at Rp350.000 for day rent. It takes around 2 hours to get to Ranca Upas from Bandung.

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Ranca Upas Address & Location

The deer conservation and camping ground area is located in Jalan Raya Ciwidey – Patengan No. KM. 11, Bandung, West Java 40973.

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