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Patenggang Lake Bandung Activities & Glamping

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Patenggang Lake, One of the top attraction in Bandung
Patenggang Lake offer a green view scenery and cool breeze. Img: Wikicommons/Farhan Perdana

Bandung locals swear that Patenggang Lake, in Ciwidey village, Bandung, West Java. Is the most beautiful lake in all Sundanese Region. At 1600 m above the sea level, the lake is surrounded by vast green tea plantations like a perfectly laid green carpet.

The lake’s beauty was first revealed to the world in 1856. By a Dutch botanist and geologist discovery, Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn. But for locals, the lake known long before that due to its myths and legends. The local legend associates Patenggang Lake with a story about a long lost love.

Two lovers were separated from each other during a war in the Majapahit era. With the power of their love, the lovers were able to reunite on the site that is now Patenggang Lake. Batu Cinta the love rock. A large rock near the lake’s edge believed to be the spot where the two lovers met.

Pinisi Resto Bandung
Patenggang Lake & Pinisi Resto. Img: Hasan Sadiq

The legend aside, Patenggang Lake’s landscape is also charming on its own. As far as the eye can see, visitors can enjoy a beautiful stretch of tea plantations, mountains, strawberry plantations, and a nature reserve forest. The lake also has a pleasant climate. At most days, cool foggy air blanket the lake surface, composing a serene and comfortable atmosphere.

The Lakeside

Even without any fancy attraction, Lake Patenggang is perfect on its own. It’s an excellent place to simply have a picnic surrounded by nature. Lay a picnic mat, and eat the warm meal bought from the local vendor nearby.  The chilly weather makes it perfect to try Bandrek.

A local Bandung specialty drink made from milk and ginger. Sip the warm beverage accompanied with some roasted sweet corns. Swimming is not a popular activity here, but tourists can take a dip in the shallow part of the lake. Close to midday the clouds and mists start to hang lower.

Boat Rent in Patenggang Lake
Boat rent to explore Patenggang Lake. Img: Al Faqir

The calm atmosphere will make eyes sleepy. Take a nap at one of the wooden pavilions before getting awoken gently by the chilly wind. Only a short nap though, because there are still a lot of things to do on this lake.

Boats, Water-Bikes, And The Island of Romance

The myth says that couples visiting Patenggang Lake will be blessed with eternal love, just like lovers from the legend. All they have to do is circling the Love Rock. If visitors are interested to do this, rent the swan-like boat.

At Rp40,000 for an hour, it’s a cheap price to have fun. Pedaling the water-bikes and figuring out how to navigate this manual boat. There are also regular boats to rent. Price is slightly higher at Rp150,000 per session. But visitors will not need to worry about pedaling and just leave it to the oarsman.

Tea Plantation, Situ Patenggang Bandung
Tea Plantation at Patenggang Lake. Img: Pangeran Herry

Moreover, the boat will sail further to the island of romance in the middle of the lake. An interesting fact, the island looks like a heart-shaped if viewed from above, hence the name.

Pinisi Resto

It’s hard to not notice this strange structure across Patenggang Lake. A half-cut wooden ship stands at the lakeside. Its brown paintwork is really in stark contrast with the lush green surrounding.

For anyone wondering why a strange ship is stranded here up in the mountain, the structure is actually a restaurant. This restaurant is called Pinisi Resto. Cross the wooden bridge to reach the restaurant from Patenggang Lake. The dock on this ship is a popular spot for taking pictures.

Patenggang Lake View from Pinisi Resto
View from the top of Pinisi Resto Img: Saepul Saeptiant

From here, visitors will get the best view of the lake and Asmara Island. The restaurant is also the best place to dine while waiting for the sunset. There are a variety of Indonesian or western dishes to choose from the menu.

Prices range from Rp 40,000 to Rp 80,000, a bit expensive, but considering the ambiance this restaurant offers, it’s worth it.


Recently Patenggang Lake gets more famous for “glamping”. Glamping is a made-up term combining the word glamour and camping. It means that people go camping, only with more luxury. There are resorts on the lakeside, offering a camping experience with 5-star hotel facilities.

The tent is not an actual tent, but rather a fully furnished room designed looking like a tent. The rate is quite expensive starting at IDR 2,000,000 per night, but the comfort is worth the price. Enjoy a million stars at night without worrying about building a fire, or finding a bathroom.

Glamping, Patenggang Lake
Glamping at Patenggang Lake, The Balcony Room View. Img: Feny Novida

In the morning, get a nice view of the misty lake while still curled up comfortably on the bed. There are more cool amenities too, such as swimming pool, breakfast and water heater.

Patenggang Lake Opening Hours

There are no official opening hours to Patenggang Lake, but the ticket office opens from 08.00 to 20.00.

Patenggang Lake Opening Hours
Every day08:00 – 20:00

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Patenggang Lake Entrance Fee

The ticket is DR 135,000 per person and for weekends, the ticket is IDR 185,000 per person. It is best to avoid the weekend, as it will be flooded by the locals. Season-wise, the best time to visit is at the beginning of the wet season. The lake will have enough water volume but the weather is still not too rainy.

Patenggang Lake Entrance Fee

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Patenggang Lake Facilities

Patenggang Lake has a spacious parking space. Tickets are Rp 3500 for motorcycles and 11,000 for cars. There are public toilets, and gazebos are available along the lakeshore. There’s even a rent for picnic mats, affordable at 10,000 per mat. There’s a small market row shortly after the entrance. Here vendors sell food, beverages, and various tourist knickknacks.

How To Get To Patenggang Lake

From Bandung city, the route is Buah Batu- Bojong Soang – Banjaran – Soreang – Ciwidey – Situ Patenggang. The distance is around 50 kilometers and the journey will take 1,5 hours. Tourists can also go by public transportation. From Leuwi Panjang Terminal in Bandung, take the bus to Ciwidey Terminal. From Ciwidey Terminal, take a public car “angkot” to Situ Patenggang.


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