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Maribaya Waterfall, Activities & Entrance Fee

waterfall photo spot
Maribaya waterfall, Cikawari with its smaller stream. Img: Muhammad Yusuf

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Maribaya Waterfall Entrance Fee: Rp45.000 Opening Hours: 08:00 - 18:00 Telp. Number: - Address: Jl. Maribaya Kampung Cikondang Lamajang Pangalengan, Cibodas, Lembang, Bandung Barat , West Java , Indonesia , 40391.

Spare at least half a day if Maribaya Waterfall is on the go-list. Seeing that this spot is a complete nature gem. Green surroundings combine with man-made attractions fit perfectly for both adults and children. Whilst to get to the waterfall, guests would have to walk quite a bit. The cold breeze, vast trees, and fresh air would entirely make the journey pleasant.

Many child-friendly attractions are ready to lift up the little ones’ mood. Such as that quite immense playground and the little zoo. Fluffy sheep, monkeys, as well as rabbits, are some of the occupants in this zoo. Guests will get to see the little quarter of living animals en route to the waterfall.

As the jewel of the premise, Maribaya Waterfall stands hidden just like a treasure. The Maribaya waterfall actually consists of two waterfalls: Cigulung and Cikawari. These two are located in one adjacent area. Located nearby are a café facing the waterfall, as well as a hot spring pool. Unlike other waterfalls, Maribaya waterfall has a more well-equipped establishment.

Maribaya vast green trees
Maribaya waterfall spot surrounded by vast greeneries. Img: Kipipia Arisa

Maribaya Waterfall Upon Arrival

Greeneries will welcome visitors warmly upon entering the spot. All combined with buildings built on wood and bamboo materials. A souvenir shop is located nearby. Nice food smell from the food court may allure to dine in. Feel free to have a meal first before walking to the waterfall.

The entrance gate is far from modest. There’s plenty of an automatic gate in line to avoid long queues. A tall rectangular gate with a pretty unique installation is by far the guests’ favorite to take photos. A simple reminder to commemorate the day.

Waterfall Calling

Unlike Curug Cimahi which requires an effort to climb down a hundred stairs. The access is pretty easy here, and it leads guests through several other attractions first before reaching the waterfall. There’s the sky-bridge Taman Halimun, amphitheater, as well as a playground.

cafe with river view
Cafe where guests could enjoy hot beverages and meals. The waterfall scene is mesmerizing. Img: Adie Marzuki

Little zoo location is also along the way. Attractions that simply divert visitors’ from the walking exhaustion. The first waterfall sight is known as Cikawari Waterfall. It may not be that enormous, it’s just around 15 meters tall. Several currents in this fall creating a wide beautiful plunge pool. Guests are allowed too to take a dip and walk across the stream.

Unlike the Cikawari falls, tourists aren’t allowed to do the same thing in Cigulung Waterfall. However, guests can still see the sight of Cigulung waterfalls from the Twig Café located nearby. The difference between Cikawari and the sister waterfall is the stream beneath it. Compared to Cikawari’s, the flow beneath the Cigulung waterfall is quite brisk.

Animals Feeding

Animals especially the fluffy and little ones always have a way to perk up children. And luckily before reaching the waterfall, there’s a quarter where these living lovely things lived. It’s a perfect spot where parents and children could enjoy some quality time. After all, what’s not appealing from a tame cute animal.

little zoo
The sheep are amongst habitant animals in the little zoo. Img: Sany Sofyan

Find tame and fluffy sheep with thick wool roaming around the sheepfold. These sheep are well-fed, and their living area is clean too. Not just the sheep, kids could see the monkey and rabbit too. And the most exciting part is children are allowed to feed the animals here. A sort of green and other colorful veggie is available for sale. Guests could simply ask the staff for the animals’ food.

Photo Spots

There are two types of photo spots here: free and paid photo spots. The sky bridge, as well as that rectangular gate, are some of the free photo spots. Several paid photo spots include the Cikawari sky tree, rainbow bridge, and the jungle swing.

For these photo spots, guests will be charged from Rp5.000-Rp20.000 per person. Normally, there is a photographer around the sky tree offering a short photo session service. Six photo files will then be given in exchange for Rp20.000 for this spot.

waterfall photo spot
Queque on Maribaya waterfall photo spot. Img: Andri Ajah

Hot Spring Area

Besides the waterfall, other fascinating attractions are its hot pools. Charge at a different price. The ticket starts from Rp25.000 for a foot spa and Rp35.000 for the deluxe pool. Contain sulfur and sodium bicarbonate, dipping in the pool commonly believed will cure many skin diseases.

The water warm temperature of 40°C, could help guests to relax. And relieving sore muscle after the long drive. There are communal hot pools. But for tourists fancy a more private pool.  There are two VIP pools and private rooms. For these VIP pools, the setup is pretty much like the Japanese onsen.

maribaya hot springs
Maribaya hot springs pools, with VIP pool and communal. Img: Maribaya Hot Springs Official

No ‘dress code’ guests should follow as the rules in an onsen, though. So, people can wear whatever is comfortable. The bamboo fence encircling VIP pools keeps the pool private in a natural way. The natural greyish stones surrounding the pool adorn the pool even more. With such design, no wonder this is perfect for family/group bathing choice.

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Maribaya Waterfall Opening Hours

Maribaya Waterfall follows the operational hours of Maribaya Hot Spring Resort. Which is 8 AM to 8 PM. The site is open every day from Monday to Sunday and National Holiday.

Maribaya Waterfall Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday08:00 – 20:00

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Maribaya Waterfall Entrance Fee

As for the entrance fee, tourists will get charge Rp45.000. There’s an additional charge for other spots like the children’s playground and the bridge.

Maribaya Waterfall Entrance Fee
Children PlaygroundRp35.000

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As the waterfall located inside a resort, guests could relish the resort facilities too. It’s properly nice facilities like clean toilets and spacious parking space. Bikes, cars, and buses parking space is located across the entrance gate. Guests coming with a rented vehicle will be charge Rp10.000 for the parking fee.

Food stalls selling out snacks and meals are within a reach. Some serve fried and grilled fish, chicken, and duck with authentic Sundanese sambal. Or order some snacks like fried cassava, seblak with its spicy broth, and stuffed tofu.

Try seblak as it is a Sundanese snack. Mainly made of krupuk (traditional crackers), it cooked along with eggs, chicken, or meatballs. The spices, galangal, chilis, and tasty broth are perfect to enjoy in the chilly weather. Here, the price to taste the snacks starts from Rp10.000. While for the meals, prepare at least Rp50.000.

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How To Get To Maribaya Waterfall

From downtown Bandung, it’s around 15 km driving to the spot. Renting a motorbike or car by far is the most convenient way to reach this tourism spot. Tourists could also order a ride-hail car or bike. The fare starts from Rp32.000 for a bike. While that ride-hail car costs around Rp50.000/car for a maximum of 4 people.

As for public transportation, there’s a public van from Alun-Alun Bandung. There are a few options, and it requires transit and change to another van. And it’s last stop is near Taman Hutan Raya Bandung.

And Maribaya Waterfall is halfway from the last stop. It takes another 7 km to reach the destination. The public van costs Rp15.000. From the last stop, tourists could continue the journey by booking a ride-hail car or bike.

Address & Location

Maribaya Waterfall located in Kampung Cikondang Lamajang Pangalengan, Cibodas, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency, West Java 40391.


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