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Balekambang Beach, Activities & Entrance Fee

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Balekambang beach white sand
Balekambang beach offer not just 1 but 3 interesting spot. Img: Dina Adrianingtiyas

Not merely a paradise, Malang is a wonderland with magnificent beaches in every corner. For decades, this part of East Java has quite a reputation for its nature. It is a city for wanderers, tourists, and those who love beauty. And Balekambang Beach is one that completes that name.

Balekambang Beach is located in Srigonco, Bantur in the south part of Malang. This beach has been popular for decades and pride in the region. And still is. Today, more than 5 thousand visitors come every day. Blinded with the beach’s stunning landscape.

Taking a walk in Balekambang Beach will never be a disappointment. Balekambang offers a stretch of white sand, humble waves, and quiet air flows. The water is crystal clear. Enough that the sea bricks and corals can be seen with bare eyes.

Balekambang Beach
Ismoyo, Wisanggeni, and Hanoman island – lie hundreds of meters away from the beach. Img: kandhathasan v

Balekambang Beach Event

Not only having a beautiful landscape. Balekambang has quite a unique event held at least once a year. Every year, thousands of Muslims gather to celebrate Larung Sesaji ritual. An annual event hosting by locals as their gratitude to the Almighty. The event starts with a parade of people carrying offerings to the beach.

With the beautiful arrangement sound of traditional instrument gamelan. The people carrying the offers will walk to the sea. Lifting a mini size house miniature with either food or fruits inside it. A priest along with the oldest people in the village will pray and bless the offering.

The peak of the event is when people begin floating the locals’ offerings to the beach. Larung Sesaji has become the most awaited event. It’s not just some ordinary ritual. The locals have been keeping doing it for a century.

Beach market
Locals selling fruits at the beach parking spot. Img: Nifa Diana

And when the night comes. All people will gather and watch a shadow puppet’s performance. The show tells a story about Islam, mainly the history of the Prophet. The show begins from 7 p.m to midnight.


Meanwhile, in one part of the beach. A Hindu temple Amarta Jati lies unbothered. The temple is built in a huge rock, the Ismoyo island. Sitting 100 meters away from the beach. A simple bridge lay in to take the guests to the temple. The huge Dwarapala face statue right above the temple door guarding – and hard to not notice.

The temple is facing the sea, it has quite similar characters just like the famous Tanah Lot temple. Despite its small size, Amarta temple holds an important role. Particularly during the day of silence or saka new year. It floods by hundreds of Hindus celebrating and praying. During a regular day, tourists will likely see locals praying. Since it is a sacred place. Remember to be thoughtful.

Amarta Jati Temple
A colorful bridge connecting the island to Amarta Jati Temple. Img: Dimas Manchez

Not One, but Three Islands

Ismoyo island might be the one that attracts visitors the most with its temple. But other than that, there are two more islands with their own beauty. Wisanggeni and Anoman island with both lies hundreds of meters away from the temple.

Wisanggeni island is famous for its sacred 7 wells Sumur Pitu. Lies just 200 meters away from Wisanggeni beach. The green lush trees, bamboo, and paved road eventually will end in the sacred well. Locals and Hindus agree the water coming from the well is holy.

One day before Nyepi day during Jalanidhi Puja ritual. The Hindus will take the water and keeping it in the temple for a night – to then be used by the priest the next day for blessing every believer. Soon, the ritual continues with floating exactly 44 offerings to the sea. To cleanse and protect their soul from any sin before the day of silence starts.

Wisanggeni Island
Wisanggeni island is famous for its sacred 7 well. Img: Misbah Rohmadi

Aside from Wisanggeni island, Anoman offers its own beauty. On this island, guests will get to watch the ocean’s wide scenery. There is no sound disturbs. Except for the rhythm of the wave collides the corals. There is nothing except peace.

Flying Fox

There are many fun things to do in Balekambang Beach. One of them is flying fox. If most flying fox venue is in the forest, this one is different. Balekambang’s flying fox offers an exciting feeling of flying 10 meters above the sea.

The rope connects Ismoyo island to the edge of the beach. 130 meters long with a short 2 minutes ride. Flying fox experience will cost Rp20.000 and available every day, except for Friday. On the weekend the queue will take a while. As the beach is packed with visitors. And flying fox is everyone’s favorite.

flying fox at balekambang beach
Flying fox experience will cost only Rp20.000. Img: Maling dpo

Locals’ Delicacy

Balekambang is a friendly site for a family thanks to its wide and clean beach. The sand lays white and spacious, a humble place for a summer picnic. It is a perfect place to roll out the mat and a pack of lunch. Here, the blue sea landscape calls its guests to come and enjoy foods with an extraordinary scene.

The picnic will go complete with either a fresh grill fish or seafood. Just right at the beach, little restaurants will satisfy hungry tourists. With plenty of choice of Indonesian delicate culinary. Aside from the seafood dishes, try the locals’ signature like rice with beef stew or the famous Indonesian meatball. Price starts from Rp10.000 to Rp50.000 for a single dish.

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fresh seafood dish
Plenty of restaurants offering a fresh catch of the day. Img: Warung Harin

Balekambang Beach Entrance Fee

The beach is open 24 hours a day. The entrance fee costs Rp15.000 per person. There’s also an additional parking fee for people coming with private vehicles. Another Rp5.000 for motorcycle and Rp10.000 for a car.

Balekambang Beach Entrance Fee
Children & AdultRp15.000
ParkingRp5.000 (motorcycle) Rp10.000 (car)

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As a prime tourism site, Balekambang Beach has complete facilities. Basic facilities like toilets and changing rooms are available around the beach. Modest and cheap restaurants also available on the premises. Most of them sell seafood like grilled fish or the Indonesian local food like Pecel.

The beach is also child-friendly. Next before the beach, there is a playground provided for children. With swings, animal statues, and others. Furthermore, there are a guest house and homestay for staying overnight. With the price starting at Rp150.000 to Rp. 250.000 for per night.

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How To Get To Balekambang Beach

Balekambang Beach is located around 60 kilometers away from Malang downtown. From this point, the journey will take almost 2 hours. As the beach is located on the edge of the region. There are no public transportation heads there.

Renting a private car or motorcycle is the only way. The price for the rental normally starts from Rp. 300.000 per day, depends on the car type. Meanwhile, the price for motorcycle rent starts from Rp. 65.000 per day.


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