Batur Natural Hotspring Attraction & Entrance Fee

Batur Natural Hotspring Entrance Fee: Rp190.000 Opening Hours: 07:00 - 19:00 WITA Telp. Number: - Address: Pekraman Batur village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, Bali 80612, Pekraman Batur , Kintamani , Bangli , Bali, Indonesia , 80612.

Running away from the hectic downtown? Try getting a ‘warm hug’ from Batur Natural Hotspring. The place’s surrounded by the majestic view of Mount Batur and Mount Abang. And Batur Lake completes the panorama. Chirping birds as the background sound, so the word ‘mesmerizing’ isn’t exaggerating.

Dip the body in the warm pool overlooking the lake. Enjoy the music being played from the cafe. Try the tasty food and revel in the dining spot or at the gazebo. With the endless tranquility of the lake, what else to complain about?

Upon Arrival

Just like many other tourist spots, small vendors are lining up outside the premises. Some of them sell snacks and cold drinks. Others sell traditional design accessories like necklaces and bracelets. For those who don’t bring change clothes, the vendor sells a T-shirt too.

narrow road
Narrow road access with a view of Batur Lake. Img: sri devie melavanic

Every guest must buy the entrance ticket before setting foot in the hot spring. Even if the person doesn’t intend to use the pool. Each guest will then get a locker ticket. Exchange the ticket with the locker key and pay Rp25.000 as the deposit. Return the key while checking out and get the deposit money back.

Batur Natural Hotspring Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for international tourists is Rp190.000. The ticket price includes a complimentary welcome drink, towel, and locker.  Make sure to prepare enough cash, as the site doesn’t accept card payments.

Batur Natural Hotspring Entrance Fee
International Tourist Rp190.000

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Batur Natural Hotspring Opening Hours

Batur Natural Hotspring is open from 7 AM and closed at 7 PM every day. Include the national holiday except for Nyepi.

Batur Natural Hotspring Opening Hours
Every day 07:00-19:00

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What’s Good in this Place?

Competitors may be nearby, but Batur Natural Hotspring got its charm. The place is more natural here with lots of greens. The gazebo roof is thatched with dried leaves. As so with the gazebo and dining tables. It is made of wood. The walking path also uses natural materials like stone and pebbles in some areas.

Another upside of the place is the ticket price. Other hot springs’ entrance fee is way higher. And in the afternoon the place isn’t too crowded as well. It’s a perfect laid-back and tranquil ambiance to spend a day.

lower pool
The lower pool, is by far the most favorite guests’ spot. Img: lidia christ

Batur Natural Hotspring Pools

As its name suggests, Batur Natural Hotspring offers a natural bathing place with warm water. The water temperature in the pool is around 40-45°C. And it flows from the Batur mountain aquifer. From its origin, the temperature can even reach up to 50°C.

The pools are made from stone materials. Its neat design intensifies its natural touch. Compared to a Japanese onsen, the Batur Hotspring setting is different to a certain extent. Also, there’s nothing like certain rules and manners as in Japanese onsen. So guests are allowed to wear a shirt or swimsuit.

And unlike the onsen, don’t go naked. At least wear a short, since undress isn’t a norm here. In the poolside, statues are pouring out water. Get a massage by standing back to back. And let the water stream from the statues work the miracle.

pool and sun lounge
The hot water pool and sun lounge area. Img: Dewa Gede

Although it’s nothing compared to deep-tissue massage. Having the water continuously hit the body can alleviate fatigue, too.

Children Pools

Coming with children isn’t a problem. Because Batur Hotspring also has children-friendly pools. And the magnificent view of Batur Lake is still insight through the children’s pool. The location is adjacent to the deeper ones. So, parents can still keep an eye on their children while enjoying the dip.

For children more than 5 years old, there’s a suitable pool too. Interestingly some adults like to dip in here as well. The location is a bit far from the lakeside pool. But some may fancy the spot because the pool isn’t too occupied.

lake front spot in Batur natural hot spring
Sunbathing spot boasting the lake view. Img: Teng Sutrisno

Traditional Massage

There’s a massage service too on the spot. Simply ask the staff to book a treatment. Go for the traditional Balinese massage and left relaxed. The massage room is private and cozy enough. But the ambiance isn’t like the massage rooms in top-notch resorts.

Guests can also request to get a massage in the sun lounge overlooking the lake. Quick tips for guests aiming for a strong deep tissue massage: ask for an older masseur. As for the massage service, the price is Rp150.000 for 30 minutes of treatment. It’s considered pricey compared to any spa treatment in Bali.

Eat and Drink

Batur Natural Hotspring has a poolside restaurant and bar. The restaurant sells rice-based heavy meals. As a recommendation, try their local delicacy mujair fish. The dish is made from fried mujair fish and served with warm white rice. Enhance the taste with a local-style dipping sauce made from chilis, garlic, shallot, and sliced lime leaves.

local's delicacy served in Batur Natural Hotsprings
Fried mujair fish with warm white rice and salad. Img: Mary

For lighter tummy fillers, visitors can try a portion of fried bananas. Served on a plate are three fried bananas with sweet dipping sauce. The sauce is made from brown sugar. French fries are the basic ones as those found in fast-food restaurants. Chili and tomato sauce are available to dip every stick in.

Unlike the restaurant which is only open up to 3 PM. Across the restaurant, the poolside bar serves drinks until closing time. Get hot coffee or tea and relax after the bath. One can also have fresh fruit juice to get that healthy shot. Beer lovers don’t need to complain as the bar also sells beers and cocktails.

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Aside from those pools, Batur Natural Hotspring has many facilities to accommodate visitors. Take sunbeds and umbrellas for example. Unlike beach sunbeds, these are free to use. But the numbers are limited; so, the early bird gets the worm – as people said. The parking lot is spacious. It can even accommodate buses.

Showering places and toilets are plenty too although at times people complain about their dirtiness. Towel service provides visitors with clean towels. The entrance fee has covered this. Get the food from the on-site cafe. Call the waitress, and place the order even from the pool.

Many gazebos are located in the place. However, not many are close to the lower pools. So sometimes the gazebo is a bit crowded. A few seating spots for the non-bather are on the minus side of this site. Also, at times the showering place is dirty – indeed another work for the owner.

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How To Get To Batur Natural Hotspring

From hotels near Ulun Danu Batur Temple, going there takes around 13km. The destination village’s name is Songan B. To get there, the most comfortable transportation modes are cars and scooters. Following the map can help but never hesitate to ask for directions from the locals.

From the temple, head southeast to Raya Kintamani Street. Then keep straight and stay on Raya Penelokan Street for approximately 4 km. There will be a slight left turn. Take that turn. Starting here the road quality isn’t like downtown. Street lighting is also not that many, so better to get off here before dark.

Continue the journey by following the map. Along the road, one can find the ad for Batur Natural Hotspring. Don’t stop there, there are 7 more kilometers to tackle. Reaching Kedisan Street, visitors will pass through a small village as the spot gets closer. Keep following the map/signs for the place and there comes the hot spring.

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Address & Location

Batur natural hot Springs is located in Pekraman Batur village, Kintamani, Bangli, Bali 80612.

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