Bosscha Observatory Bandung Attraction & Entrance Fee

Bosscha Observatory Bandung Entrance Fee: Rp15.000-Rp20.000 Opening Hours: 09:00 - 20:00 Telp. Number: +62 22 278 6001 Address: Jl. Peneropongan Bintang No.45, Lembang , Lembang , Bandung Barat , West Java , Indonesia , 40391.

Make the fun trip to Bandung balanced by visiting the educational Bosscha Observatory in Lembang. Bosscha Observatory is an educational tourism spot well-known for its gigantic Zeiss telescope. People should know that Bosscha is the only astronomical observatory in Indonesia. Hence, makes its role in astronomical study crucial.

Not only for scientists, Bosscha also opens its arm wide to general visitors. The aim is to inform and educate common people about the cosmos, the sun, the star even the asteroid. For astronomy enthusiasts, Bosscha is definitely worth a visit.

There is a demo on how to operate the telescope. Zeiss telescope may be the primadonna, but the 6 other telescopes are also intriguing to learn too.

green surrounding
Green and trees surround the observatory. Img: Christopher

Bosscha Observatory Entrance Fee

For the midday visit, tourists will have to pay Rp15.000 for the entrance fee. While for the night visit it cost Rp20.000. The night tour starts during 5:00 – 8:00 PM.

Bosscha Observatory Entrance Fee
Midday tour Rp15.000
Night tour Rp20.000

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Bosscha Observatory Opening Hours

The Bosscha Observatory is open from Tuesday to Saturday. However, tourists can only visit the observatory on Saturday. From Tuesday until Friday, the observatory is open for institutional visits only.

There are 4 sessions at midday, starting from 9:30 AM, 10:45 AM, 12:00 PM, and 1:45 PM. While for a night visit, it starts from 5 to 8 PM. However, it required a reservation and the schedule is not every week. The maximum participant for each session is 90 people.

Bosscha Observatory Opening Hours
Saturday 09:30, 10:45 AM, 12:00, and 1:45 PM

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Bosscha Green Surrounding

After paying the entrance fee, walk a bit to reach the gathering place. Which takes place near the security post. One can have a simple chit-chat with the visitor before the gathering. Once the guide comes, the guide will conduct a short overview explaining the route.

Walking to the first spot isn’t that far. Despite its slight elevation, walking to the spot isn’t tiring. Greeneries here and there provide clean air and shade, especially on sunny days. In many areas, well-maintained grass covers the ground. So green and looks fresh. As if calling for a picnic day.

Old Dutch-style Buildings

It cannot be said that the building in Bosscha Observatory is modern. Since its establishment around the 1920s. Seems like the building design remains the same. Eccentric with classic Dutch exterior design. Most buildings are colored white with red linings mainly on roof parts. As for the main observatory dome, the color is full white.

dutch style
The observatory classic Dutch-style building. Img: Fernando

The observatory complex is part of a local college, Bandung Technology Institute. But the ambiance is not that geeky. Instead, it’s more like a park that has a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the clean areas and cool air, guests will immediately feel relaxed. No wonder, locals love to revisit Bosscha over and over again.

Bosscha Zeiss Telescope

While entering that dome-shaped building, people may feel that the space isn’t that wide. What else can be done – as initially this place isn’t designed for tourists. Many photos of galaxies are displayed and hung on the wall.

Following the frames, visitors will then be led to the building center. This is where the giant, double-refractor Zeiss telescope is located. It is heartwarming to know that this huge telescope was given by a Dutch scientist.

Bosscha Zeiss telescope
The Zeiss telescope to see Mars planet. Img: Isman

Back then, the grantee was the Dutch-Indies Astronomy Association. That event took place around 1928, which means the age of the telescope has almost reached 100 years old. To date, it still works properly. Of course, this is a result of proper and routine maintenance.

With a magnifying capacity of 1.100x. This allows the user to land a sight as far as Mars and Jupiter. Not only planets, this telescope is also the equipment to learn about the double star. The guide will show the audience how to operate the telescope.

But unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to try this telescope. One can try using other telescopes if coming for a night visit. Such as Bamberg and portable telescopes located in other buildings.

bosscha dome
The Bosscha dome can be opened and closed. Img: maykel

Outstanding Dome

The giant telescope is located on a stage, but the tour is a standing one. All of the audience will be encircling this stage. Unfortunately, there’s no seat prepared, since the space is pretty narrow. The guide not will only explain, but the audience can ask questions too. And find an amusing fact about our stars or moon.

The telescope isn’t the only interesting part of this building. What’s the point of a historic telescope if the dome cannot be opened? This only dome, which becomes the landmark of Bandung is gigantic as well.

The weight is 56 tons, which means it is several times heavier than an elephant. Despite its weight, it has a certain system that allows people to open the dome. The guide will provide a demo on how to open the dome too.

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Aside from those telescopes, there are no top-notch facilities. Toilets are available nearby the security post. Close to the toilet is a praying space for Muslim visitors. There are two parking points on the premise. One is located near the security post, and one is located not far from there.

The parking points are undeniably narrow, especially for cars. Visitors can also sit on the green grass while waiting for the upcoming session. The cool temperature of Lembang makes it cozy to sit there.

However, no food is allowed when entering the site. Need to keep in mind not to throw the rubbish carelessly. There is no dining place in the observatory complex. So, better to have a meal before reaching this place.

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How To Get To Bosscha Observatory

Getting to Bosscha Observatory from Bandung City Center? That takes around 15 km heading to the Lembang area. The distance will be best tackled by hiring a car or grabbing a ride-hail car. For the ride-hail, the fare will be around Rp50.000-Rp60.000/car. One can also go humble like locals by taking a public van.

Not only one can mingle with the locals inside the van. Getting to know Bandung more is another bright side of taking a van. If taking a van, prepare for at least 3 hours. Since the van halts in many places to gather passengers.

First, head to the East Gate of Bandung Railway Station. Then, find a public van with St. Hall – Lembang route. There will be around 20 stops before reaching Bank BJB in Lembang. Get down in that Bank, then continue the trip on foot.

As advised before, get the meal beforehand to avoid a grumbling tummy while in Bosscha. Along the road, there is plenty of warung along the road. That takes another 1.9 km to reach the observatory. One can also order a ride-hail bike from the drop-off point with an Rp8.000 fare.

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Address & Location

Bosscha observatory located in Jl. Peneropongan Bintang No.45, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, Jawa Barat 40391.

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