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Jogja National Museum, Attraction & Entrance Fee

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Jogja National Museum Art Exhibition
Jogja National Museum, the center of modern art. It showcase the artwork of popular artist and newcomers. Img: Henry Indratmoko/Gmaps

Yogyakarta is the center of art and culture in Java. And without a doubt, tourists know it already. From the ancient site to traditional heritage. But for modern arts, then it’s definitely Jogja National Museum to gaze. The museum is the mecca of contemporary arts in Yogyakarta.

It houses amazing collections of arts. Coming from the contribution of local Indonesian and foreign artists. Both popular artists or newcomer ones. Jogja National Museum occupies a former building of Indonesian Academy of Fine Arts ISI. The white painted facade isn’t always as elegant as it is now.

The building was neglected for some times. That’s before Yogyakarta’s Yayasan Seni Nusantara decided to renovate the building in 2006. At that time being, the art community in Jogja have no place to showcase their artworks. Hence its the original idea to build the museum.

Statue in the museum
One of the statue collection in the museum. Img: M. Farouq

Later then, the building is renovated into an art hub. The white building represents a white canvas. Ready to paint at any time. Almost a major art event held in Jogja host by the museum. And when it happens. Temporary installation for the arts adorn the blank exterior in the museum.

Jogja National Museum host a regular venue for many important art events. for instance, Exhibition such as ART JOG and Biennale Jogja. In the future, the museum is planning to expand. Adding a library, more showrooms, and artists’ residence.

Galleries at Jogja National Museum

Galleries at Jogja National Museum is categorized into several sections. The main gallery showcases the museum’s current highlights. Usually from the artists in residence. Or guests artists holding exhibitions at the moment. While the museum’s permanent collection comprises of selected works.

Some of them are purchased arts, grants, donations from artists or institutions. These are displayed in other sections. Some in Fine Art Gallery, Ruang Seni Situs Patung (Statue Room), and Kriya Room. Walk through the Fine Art Gallery to see their paintings collections.

Paintings Gallery jogja national museum
Paintings display in the Fine Art Gallery. Img: Olan Pratama/Gmaps

Contemplate over abstract and conceptual arts. Muse at each of its meaning. Fine Art Gallery is also the gallery for installation arts and design works. Statue room, as clearly with its name. Display some of the popular work of locals sculpturer.

Kriya Room focuses on displaying arts in the form of handicrafts. Here, enjoy the display of pottery and ceramics arts. Examine the details of textiles arts. Such as batik, wooden carving, and traditional handicraft.

Citizen Gallery

A part of Jogja National Museum is dedicated to less known names. And the previously unheard. This particular gallery is inspired by a belief. That everyone has the right to express their artistic side. It often displays the works of newcomers. It’s like giving them the opportunity to be in the line for the first time.

Photography gallery
Among some collections, they are donated by the artist. Img: Marvin Santoso

Walk into the room and discover these new talents. By any means. They are no less interesting than the work of a more established artist. Some dare to cross boundaries, break tradition, and providing fresh perspectives.

Workshops & Events

From time to time, Jogja National Museum hosts events and special exhibitions. The two most popular are ART JOG and Biennale Jogja. The ART JOG is an annual event. Where local and international artist exhibits their finest artwork. Under a certain theme.

During the event, there will be a guided art tour.  A meet and greet with the artist also cultural performances. This year event will be held on July 25th to August 25th. Biennale is a similar event as ART JOG. Only it is held every two years.

music performance jogja national museum
Traditional Music Performance held in Jogja National Museum. Img: Rifqi Muhammad/Gmaps

It’s also a thematic one. With this year theme is “Indonesia together with Southeast Asia”. It’s the part of Biennale Equator series. Comprising as countries around equator as the participants. Visitors will need to wait until November for Biennale.

Smaller events are also available throughout the year. For example, on 9 March JNM will host the National Music Day. There are also art-related workshops and seminar to attend. Always check on the museum’s official website for the upcoming events.

The Museum Art Shop

After venturing the galleries. Make sure to take a peek at Jogja National Museum art shop. Here, visitors can find merchandise made by the creators of the arts at JNM. Shirts, clothes, bags, and small accessories with custom designs. Will not be found elsewhere. Buy one or two as a souvenir. Buying is a way to support the artists so they can continue creating more arts.

Paintings collection
Jogja National Museum host events and showcase new talent. Img: Yonan Baja

Jogja National Museum Opening Hours

Jogja National Museum opens daily except on Sunday. The operational hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM, with the exception on Saturday. On Saturday the museum only opens until 12 AM.

Jogja National Museum Opening Hours
Monday – Friday09:00 – 17:00
Saturday09:00 – 12:00

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Jogja National Museum Entrance Fee

No entry fee required on regular days. However during events, there will be a special ticket issue at a special price. The price varies, but it is usually affordable. Like last year Art Jog event. On the first day of the event, they charge nothing. And IDR50k for the following next day to the end of the event.

Jogja National Museum Entrance Fee
Regular day (non-event)Free Entry

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Parking is adequate. Although it can cramp during the weekend. Inside the building, it’s spacious, three-story area, with good lighting. The museum is equipped with free Wi-Fi throughout its premises. However, no air conditioning inside. So it can be hot especially on noon. There’s a canteen at the corner of the building selling food and drink.

How To Get To Jogja National Museum

Jogja National Museum location is easily accessible from the city’s popular spots. It’s a 10-minutes walking distance from Malioboro. From Yogyakarta Railway Station. Get on to TransJogja Corridor 10 bus and stops at Museum Bahari Shelter. Continue to walk for 5 minutes to the Museum.

From Adi Sucipto International Airport. Take bus Corridor 1B from the airport shelter. After that stop at Malioboro and museum is within 15 minutes walk. The fare for buses is cheap at IDR 3500/ trip. Apart from public buses, taxis can be a faster option. A bus takes an hour from the airport to the museum. While a taxi only takes 30 minutes.


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