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Mount Agung A Hike To The Best Sunrise View

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Mount Agung Entrance Fee: US$10-US$250 Opening Hours: 24 Hours Telp. Number: - Address: Jungutan, Rendang, Karangasem, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia , 80863.

As the highest peak on the island of Gods. Mount Agung is an adventurer’s top choice to conquer. From the ground, the volcano mountain stands tall 3031 above sea level. And beneath it, the largest temple Besakih, right on the slopes of the mountain.

Mount Agung is still an active volcano with a stratovolcano-type crater. It’s not an uncommon scene to see the mountain bursting a high fungus-shaped smoke in the morning. The mountain’s conical shape and its wide crater view are pretty obvious from the temple yards.

Luckily trekkers could enjoy the most scenic panoramas of Bali from the top. It’s not going to be an easy hike. Besides the hard trail, Mount Agung has a wide crater with active magma.  For that reason alone,  it’s incredibly hard and quite dangerous to get to the top.

mount agung
Mount agung bursting smoke. Img: Dewangongo 

Vegetable Farming

The cold mountain air and the result of the volcano eruption in the past have made the land around the area fertile. Along the trail, trekkers will pass so many vegetable fields. But that is not all, some farmers also cultivating rice, the Indonesian staple food.

On the harvest day buyer including tourists could buy vegetables and fruit directly from farmers. And just like in a common market downtown, everyone is welcome to bargain. Besides, the locals and farmers in the village are known for their politeness and hospitality.

Sacred Mountain

The grand Besakih temple is not the only holy site around the sacred mountain. At the top of the mountain, hikers could spot Pura Luhur Puncak Gunung Agung. A small shrine with 2 gold dragon statues near the crater.

mount agung gravel plains
Steep and rocky mountain. Img: Dita Arr

There is an ancient story that deep down the crater lived a dragon called Besuki. And Java and Bali once were just one island. The island was split up after a father gives in his son to serve the dragon. To prevent his son from coming back to his gambling addiction. He decided to divide the island.

Summit to Mount Agung

There are three ways to go to the peak of Mount Agung. One entrance includes going through Besakih Temple. The second one is through the Agung market. The most chosen entrance is going through Besakih Temple.

The hiking trails through Besakih Temple are the most challenging trail. But at the end of the trail hikers can achieve a 3.031-meter summit. Besakih hiking trail also passing 3 sacred places, Pesimpangan temple, Tirta Giri Kusuma and Kori Agung.

mount agung summit
Mount Agung summit. Img: 34_Marshal Mardiana

The ascend will take 6-7 hours to get to the top. And approximately 5 hours to get down. Most of the trail is straight up and involves climbing. But once at the peak, hikers will get access to a 360-degree view of Bali and the volcano crater.

Going through the Agung Market is probably a better option for an inexperienced one. The trail is not as hard as going through Besakih Temple. The ascend also less than what it takes compared to the opposite entrance. Commonly, people will need 4-5 hours to get to the highest point.

Mount Agung hike is suitable for people who love adventure and nature. The track to the top of Mount Agung is challenging. Be prepared for a physical and mental strain.

mount agung hike
7 hours hard level hike to the top. Img: Tatra

Best Time To Summit Mount Agung

For hikers who intend to witness the sunrise, it’s best to start the hike at midnight. Many hikers prefer to starts at 11 PM. Some will prefer to start at 2 AM. It depends on the person walking pace.

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What To Brings To Summit Mount Agung

Unless all the preparation is arranged by the guide. Bring enough water, pack a chocolate bar, sandwich, or any food for breakfast. Bring a backpack and a camera. Wear hiking boots, long pants, and a warm jacket.

A headlamp, walking stick and pair of the glove should be on the checklist. Considered the trip starts at midnight. Make sure to hike as a group even better with a local guide. The locals living in the village will try to offer their guide service. Before choosing any guide from the village. Make sure to agree on the price.

As a holy and sacred mountain in Bali, visitors are expected to respect and following the ground rule. Visitors are not allowed to say any bad words, swearing, and eating beef.

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How To Get To Mount Agung

From Candidasa, it will take an hour drive to get to Besakih. There is no public transportation available from Candidasa. Besides hikers will have to leave around 9-10 PM from the Candidasa area to be able to hike before midnight.

Private vehicle rental with a driver will cost around Rp500.000 to Rp700.000. But the most convenient way is to stay near the area. Not only it will save more time. It allows more time to prepare before the summit.

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Facilities Around Mount Agung

Hikers can easily find and arrange summit packages to Mount Agung around the area. The packages offered by the locals or a tour company. The range of summit package cost varies around Rp950.000 to Rp3.000.000.

This fee usually includes breakfast, a local guide service, transportation from the hotel (Kuta, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Denpasar, Sanur area).

Address & Location

Mount Agung is located in the Jungutan, Rendang, Karangasem district. Karangasem 80863.


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