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Balangan Beach, Activities & Entrance Fee

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Balangan Beach
Balangan Beach, white sand with less crowd. Img: Muhamad Jafar

Balangan Beach may not sound familiar for tourists visiting Bali. The beach is indeed relatively quiet compared to big names such as Kuta Beach or Nusa Dua. It is located not far actually, at Village of Balangan, South Kuta. Only 20 minutes south of the airport. The neighboring beach, Dreamland, is a far more popular destination.

However, Balangan Beach is not a new name among seasoned surfers. It is a hidden getaway flanked by two rock cliffs on its both sides. The water is clean and blue with nice reef breaks. The topography results in nice swells favorable for left-handed surfers. The shoreline stretches for approximately 700 meters facing the Indian Ocean.

The headland on Balangan’s west coast is part of a golf course and inaccessible to the public. The east headland is called Balangan Bay. It is a viewpoint where tourists love to take bird-eye selfies. Officials warn tourists to be cautious, especially after an accident in July 2018 where a student fell from this 30-m high cliff.

Balangan beach modest cafe
Modest cafe selling cold beer and food. Balangan Beach is a simple yet humble spot. Img: Taramitta Handaningrum

Balangan Beach Laidback Vibe

Despite its close proximity to the city, Balangan is one of the few places where old Bali feel still persists. It hasn’t yet overrun by massive development. Small shops and stall dominate instead of beach bars and cafes. Surfers huts stand in place of luxury resorts.

Nature wise, Balangan beach is the epitome of a perfect tropical beach. Palm trees, blue water meets white sand, and surfers chasing waves, the beach has it all. There’s nothing perfect than lying on a beach chair, beer on hand, and watching surfers in action. Relax and let the breeze hit the face gently.

Surfer’s Playground

Either experts or newbies, there are types of waves for both levels. Waves at the left point have two main peaks. Experienced surfers can take the biggest and strongest second peak. Meanwhile, beginners better stick to the shoulders inshore – the leftover waves from the previous peak.

Balangan bay
The Beach view from Balangan Bay. Img: Benny Thama

Get a coach from one of the surfer schools here. Package start from IDR 350k for a two-hour session seems reasonable – haggle to get a better price. Surf during high tides to avoid getting injured by the bottom-reef. Sometimes it’s also wise to use water shoes since there are plenty of sharp corals at the bottom of the sea.

Sunset at Balangan Bay

From the parking lot, instead of heading straight to the beach. Take a little detour to a little path uphill. This path heads to Balangan Bay. The little peninsula offers a clearer view of the whole coast. Recently it becomes a favorite photo spot for pre-wedding. Sunsets are especially dramatic from this point of view. So make sure to get to the hill before evening.


Under the left headland, there is a nice reef with corals and some reef fish. Although Balangan is not popular for snorkel, this part of the beach makes it a possible activity. Be careful to not go too far. The strong waves make it hard to swim back to the shore.

Surfing in balangan
Surfing session theory. The surfboard is also available for rent for only Rp50,000. Img: Dawn Patrol Bali

Yoga Retreat

Aside from surfing lessons, Balangan Beach also offers yoga classes. And what’s more relaxing than doing yoga while enjoying the ocean breeze? Check out for an open yoga class, usually around the afternoon. Follow the instructor going through some dynamic postures. By the end of the session, feel the difference in body and mind.

Dreamland Beach

When the tide is low, there will be an opening at the bottom of the western headland. It is possible to walk around the bottom of the cliff and arrive on the other side, Dreamland Beach. Save 10 minutes driving – or 40 minutes walk – if using the regular street. However, prepare to get a bit wet.

Dreamland highlight is the beach resort Klapa New Kuta. It has an infinity pool upstairs. Non-guests can swim here for Rp40.000. Come near the evening to catch a sunset while enjoying the infinity pool. Food and drink are upgrade versions from warung’s (also the price), and DJs entertain non-stop.

dreamland beach
Dreamland Beach, the neighbor beach. Img: Life Trip

Balangan Beach Opening Hours & Entrance Fee

Balangan beach used to be free but nowadays an entry fee of Rp10.000 is required. Parking costs Rp3.000 for motorcycles. For cars, it’s Rp5.000 per vehicle. Renting a beach umbrella is Rp50.000 for two hours, visitors can always negotiate for a cheaper price and a longer duration. Balangan Beach opens for 24 hours.

Balangan Beach Opening Hours & Entrance Fee
Every day except NyepiOpen 24 Hours
Entrance FeeRp10.000
Parking FeeRp3.000 motorcycle / Rp5.000 car
Beach UmbrellaRp50.000 / 2 hours

Nearby: Uluwatu Temple & Kecak Dance Performance.


Basic public facilities are available such as toilets and parking. There are small warungs selling decent food with a big portion suitable for surfers. Board rentals, surfing lessons, everything related to surfing is available. There are plenty of affordable accommodations nearby. A bungalow room starts from IDR 300k/night.

How To Get To Balangan Beach

There is no public transport option to Balangan Beach. Avoid using a taxi because, on the way back, unsuspecting visitors will be subjected to some kind of scam. Taxis aren’t allowed to pick up passengers around Balangan. Tourists will have no other options than using a local service with a very inflated price.

The best way is to use private vehicles, either a motorcycle or a car. Renting a motorcycle in the Kuta area is around IDR 65k/day while cars cost from IDR 650k/day. The route is as follows: Bypass Ngurah Rai – Ulu Siwi road – Raya Uluwatu Street – turn right to Bukit Permai Street – Karang Mas Street – B. Boulevard – Balangan Beach. Balangan is a 40-minutes drive from Kuta.


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