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Bali Spirit Festival Venue & Ticket Price

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Bali Spirit Festival
Bali Spirit Festival, 24-31 March 2019. Img: Bali Spirit Festival Official

Bali Spirit Festival (BSF) invites people to come into a healing retreat in Bali. Surrounded by Balinese tropical greens, BSF celebrates the art of healing and rediscovering one's inner-self. It offers a chance to reconnect with mind and body amidst the busy modern life.

The essence of Bali Spirit Festival is summed up in these three words: Yoga, Dance, Music. This festival has been an annual yoga gathering since 2008. First started as an attempt to rejuvenate Bali tourism after the Bali bombing. Bali Spirit Festival has turned into one of the greatest yoga festivals in the world.

This year the event will start from 24 to 31 March. While the venue sets in Ubud, Indonesia's own yoga heaven. Bali Spirit Festival runs for a week, day and night. Daytime events invite participants to yoga classes. And other activities like meditation workshop, healing sessions, and many more.

Bali Spirit Festival Yoga
Bali Spirit Festival activities from yoga workshop, meditation to healing process. Img: Bali Spirit Festival

Nighttime is the time for the party. Called Bhakti Night, the music nights offer interesting lineup. With guest performers from the wellness-inspired genre.

A Yoga Festival At Heart

Bali Spirit Festival is truly for yoga lovers. Workshops after workshops are carried every day. The yoga teachers come with a great deal of diversity from every corner of the world. They have various styles and teaching techniques. Pick any favorite type of yoga. From the popular Visana to the relaxing Yin yoga.

Or even a fusion of both, as taught by yoga teacher Tymi Howard at this festival. Whether a participant is a beginner or a seasoned yoga practitioner. Bali Spirit Festival accommodates every level. It's all down to loving oneself and how to achieve that through yoga.

Bali Spirit Festival Session
The yoga workshop open for all category, even beginner can learn. Img: Bali Spirit Festival

Lay down the mat and engage in every session. From one asana to the next. It's time to give the body some exercise. Through movement and regulated breathing, yoga teaches.

Bali Spirit Festival It Goes Beyond Yoga

The classes at Bali Spirit Festival extend beyond just regular yoga. Go for their unique classes. Which also offer elements such as meditation, music, or even burlesque dance. Chocolako from Nigeria, for example. She merges her heritage in her African drumming meditation session.

Or go for the unusual yoga class by Melody Henry. The Melody Henry combines black metal in her yoga classes. Her life experiences have taught her. That part of healing is by embracing the dark side of oneself. And make peace with it. If metal is not one's cup of tea, go for a calmer option.

Group Rate Bali Spirit Festival
Participants coming with a group of 7 people get a special group rate. Img: Bali Spirit Festival

In another class, Paul Teodo will play meditative music live while co-teacher Leah Santa Cruz leads the yoga session. Gypsy Bast, which had a successful burlesque dance class. Just a while back in 2015 Bali Spirit Festival, will also make a comeback. Gypsy teaches women what a feminine self-care can be through the dance.

Get loose as participants follow her instruction, moving the body in an uninhibited way. There are more interesting classes to join, such as crystal sound session by Awahsosi. And breathwork classes by Dana-Dharma Devi and Ashanna Solaris.

Coco Love Daytime Music Stage

From 12 PM to 5 PM, the coco stage gives performances to visitors in-between classes and session. Jackson Mullane with his meditative piano and Sito Loops with his afro-latin medicine music are among the list of performers.

Music Performance on Bali Spirit Festival
Yoga with music and other music performance between every session day and night. Img: BSF Official

The movement arts also have a place at this stage. The genre is varied. From modern capoeira, hip hop, to their traditional counterparts Kathak dance from India and Balinese dance.

One-on-One Session At Healing Huts

With over 20 practitioners skilled in various forms of alternative healing. The healing hut is open for participants seeking personal treatment. From a Thai massage to unusual methods of therapy. Such as Watsu or Chiropractic.

Participants can have private session tailored specifically depending on their concerns and problems. Want to get an insight of life and future? There's also reading session ready to book. Healing huts provide tarots, Mayan Calendar and other forms of astrology reading.

Music Night Bali Spirit Festival
Music Night Performer with artist lineup from all over the world. Img: BSF Official

Music Night Bhakti Night

Bali Spirit Festival's music lineup goes beyond the usual music one hears usually at the radio. Genres like tribal folk, world soul, blues, and tribal electronics fill the list of performers. Not only for the ears. But these musicians also play for the mind and the heart. Their sounds are soothing, meditative, and conscious.

The Bhakti Night offers participants a chance to rest the soul. After rigorous body works throughout the day. It's also a chance to mingle with others. Under a fun-filled, yet mindful, atmosphere. Among the performers is Setsuna Miyashita. With his Indian fusion music. And Aju, a tribal electronics DJ from Argentina.

Bali Spirit Festival Venue

The venue of Bali Spirit Festival is the Bali Purnati Center for the Arts. It's located in Gianyar, Bali, 20-minutes south of Ubud. The event's start from 24-31 March 2019.

Bali Spirit Festival Venue
Venue The Bali Purnati Center For The Arts

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Bali Spirit Festival Ticket Price

Tickets range from Day Pass to VIP tickets. A day pass ticket costs $120 for a one-day entry to the festival. The Spirit tickets grants visitors entry for all-week and they cost $650 per person. There's a special discount for expats residing in Indonesia (starting from 28% ticket discount).

Bali Spirit Festival Ticket Price
Teenager Pass (13-18 years old), valid: 24-31 March $264.74
Music Pass (1 Day) $32.64
Music Pass (7 Day & 8 Night) $159.24
Spirit Pass (1 Day) $127.59
Special Event Vedic Astrology $53.74
Weekend Pass (3 Days & Night) $370.24
Spirit Pass (7 Days & Night) $686.74
Abundance Pass (24-31 March) $895.45

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Bali Spirit Festival does not provide accommodations. However, it's easy to find accommodations nearby the venue. From charming homestay to luxury hotels. The facilities provided by the organizer include shower facilities, free drinking water station, kids area, pools, and a parking space. As for food, festival-goers can find booths on-site offering organic and healthy menu.

How To Get To Bali Spirit Festival Venue

To get to Bali Purnati. Participants can take advantage of the shuttle service provided by the organizer. It costs IDR 70k for one way trip from central Ubud. Since the venue is a 20-minutes drive from Ubud. Hailing a taxi can be an easy option too. Find a metered one (Bali Taxi) with rates IDR7k per kilometer.

Another popular transportation would be a motorcycle. Rentals are available all around Bali with rate starts from IDR 45k/day. With a negotiable rent price. From Central Ubud, the Ubud Palace, head southward toward Hanoman Street. Continue to A.A. Gede Rai St. then Raya Mawang Street to the location.


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