5GX Bali Reverse Bungy Kuta Attraction & Ticket

5GX Bali Entrance Fee: Rp300.000 - Rp350.000 Opening Hours: 11:00 - 02:00 AM Telp. Number: - Address: Jl. Legian No.99, , Legian, , Kuta, , Badung , Bali, Indonesia , 80361.

As bizarre as its name, 5GX Bali is a place where visitors can get ‘catapulted’. Get that adrenaline rush from the reverse bungee. While bungee jumping is often done from a remote place, 5GX Bali thinks differently. Located not far from Kuta Beach, 5GX is just a walking distance from the beach.

The place isn’t that wide. But visitors continuously come even after midnight. Trespassers who don’t intend to come here get attracted sometimes. Hysterical shouting from the machine’s triers creates the scene. In a fun way of course – spectators even giggle over them.

5GX Bali Bungy

The ticket counter awaits the visitors as a frontier there. Ask the staff and get a proper explanation about the price. One can also get information about the queue. Don’t worry, the 5GX Bali staffs are friendly. Once the payment is set now is the time to wait for the turn.

5GX Bali Reverse Bungy
Extreme rides 5GX Bali Reverse Bungy. Img: Rhoody

Don’t get panic if people are shouting. Getting catapulted up and down surely is ‘strangely’ stress-relieving. The duration for each turn is around 2-3 minutes. Get ready, and be brave!

5GX Bali Entrance Fee

For tourists keen on trying, the ticket is pretty expensive. Rp350.000 if the seat is occupied with 2 persons only. Rp300.000/person for 3 seat capacity.

5GX Bali Entrance Fee
2 occupied seat Rp350.000/per person
3 occupied seat Rp300.000/per person

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5GX Bali Opening Hours

5 GX opens every day from 11 AM until 2 AM. Except for Nyepi day of course where every tourist spot is close. No break time to ‘get high’ here. The entrance fee for spectators is free.

5GX Bali Opening Hours
Every day except Nyepi day 11:00 – 02:00 AM

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5GX: What’s Inside?

5GX is not a huge attraction park. But still, the place offers enough fun. Explore the surrounding and find cool, colorful murals on the right sidewall. People pose for some photos to simply capture the moment. During high season, the owner will exhibit a car in 1 spot.

Red refurbished VW Beetle for example is amongst it. While people flock their way to pose with this car and/or murals. In the background, people hysterically scream their lungs out. A good marketing strategy for sure and people usually fall for it.

3 seated capacity
The catapult with a 3-seat capacity. Img: Bintang

Tables and chairs line up neatly. Sit while queueing or head to the bar to get some cold drinks. The bar offers booze to sell. For non-alcoholic drinkers, get soft drinks or fruity beverages for a reasonable price. Too bad there isn’t any snack to munch on the bar.

The Downtown Reverse Bungee Spot

There are several reasons why 5GX Bali has lots of visitors. First, its location. Mainstream bungee jumping is usually from a high cliff. 5GX has it downtown and near Kuta Beach. Indeed an out-of-the-box idea.

Second, the direction. The top-to-bottom direction of the bungee is reversed. Third, aside from its vertical movement, people will get swung a little back and forth as well. Despite its short duration, the fun is intense.

5gx location
The attraction doesn’t start from 11 AM until 2 AM in the morning. Img: sulaiman 7

The reason behind the swing is the seat construction itself. The seating is put on the axis of the metallic barrel frame. Elastic suspenders are connected to each end. Seatbelts are provided to ensure the seaters don’t get flung by the force. Don’t worry, routine maintenance and checking are the staff’s main work.

Who’s Good to Go?

Children below 10 and also elderly people aren’t advised to enjoy the bungee. People with heart problems (hypertension or any other case) should not try this bungee either. Let alone the acrophobic fellows. One thing for sure, knowing one’s health condition is important before deciding to go up.


5GX sells its official t-shirt for Rp180.000. Keep the memories of getting catapulted by asking the staff to record. Action cam will be installed beforehand. The footage of one’s shouting or scared face can be laughed over after the ride. But of course, this requires bucks to spend.

Children trying the ride
Children are allowed to try the 5GX ride. Img: jinro

For photo or video files only, one has to pay Rp100.000. Rp150.000 to keep both photos and videos on an SD card. And Rp200.000 for both photo and video on an SD card. To save it in USB, photo or video only will cost Rp200.000. For saving both photos and videos but using a wristband USB it’ll cost Rp250.000.


Too bad 5GX itself doesn’t serve food. Even if it’s just some light snacks. Luckily, bringing snacks to the spot is allowed. Along the way, minimarts and small food stalls are many. So, consider eating first before coming here. Moreover, the price in warungs or food stalls is way, way cheaper than in big restaurants.

Let’s not forget about Sky Garden nightclub located across the road. The price may be quite mad – for example, its three-times minimart’s price for beers after 9 PM. However, the best thing is ‘All You Can Eat’ during its BBQ Session. Unlimited choice of food and drinks for Rp99.000+21% tax. However, this is limited to 7 to 9 PM. After that hour, the price hugely shifts.

Another nearby dining place is Vi Ai Pi. Located on the left side by Sky Garden from the 5GX spot. Pamper the palate with a broad variety of Indonesian and International meals. Even pizza and risotto can be ordered here. The dining place often offers lunch promos with cheaper prices and free soft drinks.

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There’s nothing much in the place aside from the bungee machine. Even a dedicated parking spot doesn’t exist. However, the small bar selling cold drinks offers a cheaper price compared to other tourist spots. The staff will provide tables and chairs to chill while queueing.

One thing to appreciate here is the insurance-included ticket fee. And to avoid any danger, the machine itself has a double seatbelt. Staff will help to fasten the seatbelt and make sure everything works fine. Once the checking is clear, the countdown starts.

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How To Get To 5GX Bali

5GX Bali is around 1 km from Kuta Beach. Many choices opt to go to Legian Street, where 5 GX is located. One recommendation for walking tourists is to go through Poppies II Street. To get to this street, find Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort first. On the right side of the hotel is a small money changer, and Poppies II Street is its adjacent.

Pass through the street. Be careful not to go to Benesari Street as the map often says so. Just stick with Poppies II Street. If not sure about the route, ask the locals how to go to Sky Garden. That restaurant is kind of big and famous, moreover, the place is across 5GX Bali.

After passing Poppies II street for after 800 m, turn right. Walk a bit more around 20 m. 5GX Bali is on the right side. To avoid exhaustion, ride-hail vehicles are good options. Order one for Rp9.000 for a bike ride, and Rp11.000 for a car ride.

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Address & Location

5GX Bali tourist attraction location is in Jl. Legian No.99, Legian, Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361.

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