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Angel’s Billabong Nusa Penida Guide & Activities

angel's billabong nusa penida
When the tide is low, the sea water will not burst to the spot.
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Angel’s Billabong is located in Nusa Penida, an island off the eastern coast of Bali. It is well known for the natural infinity pool and beautiful seawater. Angel’s Billabong is named after a myth story. This billabong, or a tip of the dead-end river, is believed by locals to be the bath place for angels.

Located on the west coast, the spot is always full of tourists and photographers. There is no doubt that every side of Angel’s Billabong is photogenic and Instagram-worthy.

Angel’s Billabong Natural Infinity Pool

There is a lot of famous cliffs in Bali, but Angel’s Billabong is surely different. The eroded coral reefs are forming a natural infinity pool between the cliffs. From above, it looks like a group of ponds made of coral reefs with a perfect ocean view.

crystal clear pool
Crystal clear pool with unpredictable waves. Img: Mia Thalib

However, there is some restriction. People only allowed to go down the cliff and have a short swim when the tide is low. It’s still risky to go down, if in doubt, just take a look from the top of the cliff. Angel’s Billabong is still pretty scenic from above.

Angel’s Billabong is directly facing the ocean. Therefore, waves from the sea are able to flood at any time. Better stay alert for any caution signs. Rough waves can be dangerous for anyone, especially unskilled swimmers.

Unforgiveable Waves

This site could display a contrast characteristic, depending on the high and low tide. During high tide season, there is no way for tourists to go down the cliff. Even when the natural pool looks pretty calm, strong currents can come in any minute. Massive waves can crush into Angel’s Billabong cliff without warning.

Angel's billabong, broken beach
The broken beach, Nusa Penida. Img: Agitha

However, there’s no need to worry. Officials have put some lifeguards to watch tourists’ activity near the cliff. The whistle will blow to warn tourists when they are too close to the edge. The guard will warn visitors too in case of the incoming high waves.

As long as people stay alert and follow the rules, Angle’s Billabong is still worth visiting. It would be such an experience to witness massive ocean waves slamming the coral cliff.

Crystal Clear Water

Besides its rock formation, Angel’s Billabong is also popular for its watercolor. The water is a mix of saline and fresh river water. Onlookers can see a beautiful water gradation in here. However, the color and visibility are depending on the tide level so it might be different from time to time.

angel's billabong in high tide wave
Angel’s Billabong in high tide. Img: rianti

Get ready to be amazed by the crystal water when the tide is shallow and calm. It almost perfectly stay-still like mirror glass. The water will reflect shades of green and yellow from the coral reefs underneath.

The landscape will be completely different during high tides. Rather than a calm-looking pool, Angel’s Billabong will look like a short waterfall. Since the spot is situated on a higher level than the ocean. The water will remain blue but might turn brown from the river mud after rain.

Broken Beach

After exploring the infinity pool, spare some time to look at Broken Beach. The beach only takes 5 to 10 minutes walking from Angel’s Billabong. It offers another stunning topographic view with its collapsed cliff.

The circular shape of collapsed cliff creates a natural bridge-like scenery. The cliff is also known as Manta Bay since people can see manta rays clearly from above, on a lucky day.

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Angel’s Billabong Opening Hours

Like any top beaches in Bali, there is no limitation in visiting hours. The site is open every day except on Nyepi. To get the best experience in Angel’s Billabong would heavily depend on weather and tides. Hence, always check for weather forecast beforehand.

Make sure to come during low tide because it is the only chance to swim in the infinity pool. The spot will start to get crowded after 10 AM.

Angel’s Billabong Opening Hours
Every day except NyepiOpen 24 Hours

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Angel’s Billabong Entrance Fee

There is no entrance fee charged to get to the site. But tourists will have to pay Rp5.000 to use the parking lot.

Angel’s Billabong Entrance Fee
TicketFree Entry
Parking FeeRp5.000

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As it is situated among the cliffs, it will hard to find decent facilities on the spot. Tourists can still find small food stall warungs selling some coconut water. However, the shops are mostly close after 4 PM.

Hotels are available around the neighboring area. There are also beach clubs with a swimming pool and bar. Eateries and cafes with decent prices are also provided along the way.

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How To Get To Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is located in Sakti village, Klungkung regency. It shares the same location with Broken Beach, Crystal Bay, and Kelingking Beach. From Sanur, tourists could depart using a fast boat to reach Nusa Penida Island.

The cost for one way boat trip varies from Rp100.000 to Rp175.000. After arriving at Toyapake Harbor in Cristal Bay,  tourists can rent a scooter for Rp70.000 to continue the journey.

From the main harbor, expect a 40-minute ride on a bumpy road trip to reach Angel’s Billabong. To point out, a parking lot is available near Broken Beach. Then, it will only take a short walking distance to the pathway towards the Angel’s Billabong’s cliff.

Address & Location

The Billabong located close to the broken beach in Bunga Mekar, Nusapenida, Klungkung regency, Bali 80771.


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