Baron Beach, Top Activities & Entrance Fee

Baron Beach Entrance Fee: Rp2.000-10.000 Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours Telp. Number: - Address: Jl. Ke Puncak Tim, Rejosari, Kemadang , Tanjungsari , Gunung Kidul , Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta , Indonesia , 55881.

Baron Beach might not be as popular as other beaches in Yogyakarta. Mainly because of the crowd of local fishermen’s boats. Flooding the entrance with their wooden boats. Making the beach more looking like a fish market than a tourist site. The big cliffs surrounding the beach even make the coast looks small.

However, as people pass the entrance, there is nothing to see but stunning natural beauty. A shallow, wide, and long puddle lay before the beach. Creating an extraordinary landscape that will amaze anyone who steps in. The sand rests after the river, warm and mild. The cliffs stand green and huge as if they are a gate to the high sea. Such a perfect spot to just chill and relax.

Baron Beach Entrance Fee

The entrance ticket is Rp10.000 per person. There is an additional fee of Rp5.000 for tourists to enter the lighthouse. Another Rp3.000 for car parking fees and Rp2.000 for a motorcycle. Also, the wooden boat ride costs Rp10.000 per person.

Baron Beach Entrance Fee
Children & Adult Rp10.000
Lighthouse Rp5.000
Parking Rp3.000 (car) / Rp 2.000 (motorcycle)
Wooden boat Rp10.000

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Baron Beach Opening Hours

Baron Beach is open 24 hours a day as well as the fish market. Except for the small stall selling snacks or water.

Baron Beach Opening Hours
Every day Open 24 Hours

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River & Puddle

There is a unique natural rarity that Baron Beach has. In the west part of the site, there is a large, thunderous river. Lies side by side with the sea. The strong sea surf makes a huge stream of the river. Making it loud and shrill.

baron beach
Puddle and the main beach. Either swim or ride a boat to get to the main beach. Img: Nova Lina

The river flow stops thundering before the tall enormous cliff near the beach. Rather than making this “crash” a disaster, the flow creates a stunning, blue puddle instead. This long puddle cuts the beach into two parts. It boils down to the edge of the beach, creating a strong fusion with salty seawater. A mesmerizing view to witness.

As the puddle lies one meter high, visitors need to pass the puddle with wooden boats. On the edge of the beach, colorful wooden boats line up. Ready to bring anyone to the main beach. However, on particular days, the water puddle does not set that high. Beachgoers can pass the puddle by walking straight.

The Lighthouse

Not only welcome with the stunning landscape of the sea. Guests will also be welcome with huge cliffs that surround the beach. On the north cliff, a track to a huge lighthouse sets in. Although the track has yet to develop. The views that people will find upstairs are worth the walk.

Baron beach lighthouse
To get even more spectacular scenery, go to the lighthouse. It’s a 10-minute walk from the beach. Img: Herry

Here, the whole scenery of the beach with green cliffs around is ready to please the eyes. In addition to the scenery, some photo spots are also available there. Some decorations like an Indonesian eagle, flowers, and heart wooden backdrops are set around the lighthouse. Also, a small café is also placed nearby for visitors to see the scenery while enjoying some drinks.

Seafood Feast

Baron Beach is well-known for its richness of the seafood. Fresh fish, crabs, shrimp, lobsters, and other seafood are sold in the fish market. Guests might also choose and pick seafood themselves and cook it right away in the restaurant.

Compare to other beaches, seafood in Baron is cheaper. Tips, come in the morning to have fresh seafood brought right after the fishing boats arrived.

seafood dishes at baron beach
A plate of fresh seafood cost is as cheap as Rp20.000. Img: Intan Puspitasari

Baron Beach Events

As with other beaches in general, Baron Beach has an annual celebration held by the locals. The annual event is held in the first month of the Javanese new year. And part of the celebration is giving offerings and floating them to the sea. The ritual symbolizes the fishermen’s gratefulness to God. For the blessings that God has given for their lives.

Locals believe that God has opened a new way of livelihood for them. Long before Baron Beach opens to the public, most locals were farmers. However, the job did not give a better livelihood for them. Hence, one day, villagers start fishing at the edge of the beach. And was then followed by thousands of people.

Until the amount of fish decreased day by day. Forcing villagers to sail to the sea. One day, a tragedy happened. When a villager sailed far off to the high sea. His little wooden boat catches a shark’s attention.

Boats for rent
To cross the puddle and get to the beach. Get into the boat. The boat ride will cost Rp10.000. Img: Haswo Ps

The shark came closer, closer, and attacked the fisherman. Making the blue sea turns red, leaving nothing but the man’s name behind. Afterward, the local government starts to fund villagers with better wooden boats to prevent danger happens.


Although the beach has a quiet wave, it is not as humble as it seems. The “roaring” part of the beach starts from the underground river. On rainy days, the flow of the river gets wider due to tropical phenomena.

The river gets higher, to 3 meters high. The water is no longer light blue, it is turning brown with dirty dust flowing together. It completely makes the beautiful scenery a haunt. Hence, skip the beach before summer comes.

fruit market in the beach parking area.
The fruit market is located in the parking area of the beach. Img: odilia alfiandita


The beach has toilets, changing rooms, and a mosque on the premises. A playground is also available for kids. A parking area is also spacious that located right before the market. In the entranceway, a fish market fills up space together with souvenir shops.

They mostly sell brooches, lamps, mirrors, and curtains made with shells. Colorful umbrellas and beach mats are rented for Rp 20,000 per day.

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How To Get To Baron Beach

There are 2 options to get to Baron Beach from the city center, Malioboro Street. Right now there is public transportation Damri bus with tickets Rp20,000 for a one-way trip. The departure point is the Limaran Hotel located on Malioboro Street. The journey from the city center to the beach is 1.5 hours.

The bus operates from 6 AM and there will be a departure every 1 hour. The second option is going by private rental vehicle either a car or motorcycle. The price for a car rental in Yogyakarta starts from Rp300.000 for 12 hours. The fee doesn’t include the petrol, driver tips, and parking fee. While for motorcycle rental, the rental price starts from Rp65.000 for a 1-day rental.

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Address & Location

Baron Beach is located in Rejosari village, Tanjungsari, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta 55881.

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