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Padang Padang Beach, Activities & Guide

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padang padang beach on clear day
Small beach but popular amongst surfers. Img: Rasyid Ahmad

Padang Padang Beach wasn’t that typical touristy beach back then. But this shifted once the beach got featured in the 2010 film Eat Pray Love. Even the famous band MLTR was ‘hypnotized’ with its beauty. These days, the beach is already tourists-friendly. Even though getting down to this beach is a bit tricky.

The one and only access are the narrow stairs. Watch the step as the stairs are built between cliffs. This may be quite tiring, especially for ones rarely working out. But always remember that there’s always a silver lining in things. The view of the ocean, cooling breeze, and tropical beach vibes are the prize for that effort.

There are many activities one can do here. Get a chance to learn tackling the wave while standing in a surfboard. Or, witness the underwater beauty with rented snorkel gears. Chill and sip the beer while being exposed to the sun.

Padang Padang Beach Clean Sand
Golden sand and Padang Padang Beach clean water. Img: Nurmaningsih Nisrina

Pose for the camera with mesmerizing landscapes as the background. Done having fun, don’t forget to taste the local warungs food before leaving.

Padang Padang Beach Entrance Gate

Tourists will require to walk and cross a street on foot from the parking lot. But that isn’t far, probably less than 100 m. The ticket counter is on the right side. From the ticket stall, there’s a ‘little’ exercise. The narrow path and go down the stairs. It’s the only way to get to the beach.

To exit the beach there’s a different stairway to use. The stairs up are wider but that requires effort too to climb up. Elders and children may find this challenging. But there’s no other way to get out of the beach.

stair access
The exit access from the beach. Img: andy smartt

Monkeys Around

Although the beach has many guests that come and go. The monkeys don’t run away. Sometimes it seems the creature is comfortable with human presence. The monkeys even know a few tricks to interact with the beach guests. It will seem that monkeys in here are tame and understand how tourists like to take photos.

Some of them may pose some funny expressions. Like grinning when the tourist camera is about to take a shot of them. The groups also like to hang around the beach cliff. These creatures expect people’s leftovers food. Since near the cliff, there are food stalls too.

But that happens only when the tide is low. Be careful to leave the belongings unsupervised. Sometimes the monkey will try to steal guests’ belongings. To avoid this, don’t stay too long near the cliff. Go near the crowd, after all, monkeys are still a wildlife animal.

tame monkey
Tame and overfamiliar monkeys. Img: GAJE CHANNEL

Surfboard Rental & Surfing Course

The waves in Padang Padang beach are the typical southern ocean waves. High and wild at times. So, the wave is great for pro surfers. For visitors with zero surfing experience, hire a surf instructor. The normal fee is US$20 for a 1.5-hour session. Sometimes the instructor may charge more, but one can dodge the high price by bargaining.

Surfboard rentals are also available on the beach. One board is charged US$ 7 or around Rp100.000. More expensive compared to other beaches, and unfortunately the price isn’t negotiable. The rent is for as long as the surf shop closes at around sunset.


Beach and suntan are sure inseparable. Visitors can get the tan too in Padang Padang Beach. However, the place doesn’t have many sunbeds. As the beach line isn’t that long. Prepare sarongs, just in case there isn’t any spot available.

short beach line
Padang Padang Beach short beachline. Img: Gung Dede

Umbrellas can be rented separately with quite overpriced cost, Rp100.000. But there’s huge rocks and plenty tree to get some shade and run away awhile from the sun.


The high tide of Padang Padang beach may not suit all swimmers. Having a quick dip or swim is always fun. But don’t go too far since the wave can turn high unexpectedly. Coming with little swimmers, make sure the kids are supervised. Although lifeguards always keep an eye, that’s always better to play safe.

The drawback of the beach is occasionally the seaweeds are covering the water. That’s why some people opt not to swim here. Let’s not forget about the plastic trashes. The beach keepers sometimes make an effort to remove the weeds. But the personnel only take those out from the water, then bury them under the sand.


Take a chance to see the underwater beauty in Padang Padang Beach. Snorkeling is recommended especially when the seaweeds aren’t that many. There are plenty of colorful little fishes around the beach. Rent snorkel gears from the locals. Then, witness how the fishes mingle with each other around the corals.

hawker and surfboard rental
Hawkers and surfboard rentals. Img: andy smartt

Padang Padang Beach Sunset

Don’t skip the sunset while visiting the beach. Although there are no bean bags like on other beaches, the sunset here isn’t disappointing. Around 5:30 PM, locals and guests will start flocking to the beach for the sun.

The sun will go down at around 6:15-6:20 PM. One can see how splendid the sky color combination creates the view. Witness how the dusk sky turns from yellow, orange, then leaving the spectators with total dark sky.

Food Stall And Dish

The beach has several local warungs where people can get snacks and meals to munch. Commonly the warungs serve fried rice, fried noodles, and wraps as their menu. Vegetable fried rice and noodles are the safe option for vegetarians. These meals range from Rp25.000 to Rp30.000.

As for wraps, there are plenty of options. Chicken avocado wraps, BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) wraps, grilled vegs and goat cheese are some examples. The dish all served with salad and fries. The price is higher than rice and noodle meals, which is around Rp55.000 to 65.000.

For drinks, get several tropical seasonal fruit juices. Beers, soft drinks, and coconuts are available too. For beverages, fresh fruit juice cost Rp25.000 to Rp30.000. The price for a bottle of beer is around Rp30.000-Rp40.000 depends on the size and brand. Soft drinks, mineral water, and young coconut cost around Rp10.000 to Rp30.000.

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Padang Padang Beach Opening Hours

Padang Padang beach is open around 7 AM until 7 PM. The food stall and surfing shop close at the same time as the beach.

Padang Padang Beach Opening Hours
Every day07:00 – 19:00 WITA

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Padang Padang Beach Entrance Fee

To get inside there’s an entrance fee Rp15.000. And another parking fee Rp2.000/scooter and Rp5.000/car.

Padang Padang Beach Entrance Fee
Beach Entrance TicketRp15.000
Parking FeeRp2.000 (scooter) / Rp5.000 (car)

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The facilities on this beach aren’t top-notch but enough. There are several food stalls on the beachside. Plastic chairs and tables are put for dining on the sand. That might be uncomfortable for some since the seating isn’t sturdy.

Then, there are surfboard rentals as well as several surfing schools. One can hire a surfing instructor right away on the beach. Surf shops on the road (before getting down the stairs) offer lessons, too.

There’s an outdoor showering spot that might not that convenient for some people. Also, only one toilet is located on the beach. If there is a long queue, the option is to go to the toilets off the beach. But, the guest has to climb up the stairs again.

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How To Get To Padang Padang Beach

One of the closest, famous tourist attractions from Padang Padang beach is Garuda Wisnu Kencana. The distance from that cultural park is around 9 km. Turn left from the park’s main gate to Raya Uluwatu Street. Keep straight and stay on that street.

After 5 km, there’s a little right turn to Labuansait Street. Take the right turn, then just go straight. Keep on the street and after another 4 km, there’s a welcoming sign on the left side. Ride a bit more, and there it is. The Padang Padang Beach parking spot.

To get there, both cars and scooters are convenient. The access road isn’t that big but enough. Moreover, there’s no jam. App-based ride-hail costs up to Rp27.000 for bike and Rp48.000 for a car. The beach is also near Uluwatu Temple as that takes around 4 km to get there. But from this point, the map-based access road is a bit hard to pass through.

Address & Location

Padang Padang Beach located in Jl. Labuansait, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan district, Badung Regency, Bali 80361.


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