Splash Waterpark Bali Attraction & Entrance Fee

Splash Waterpark Bali Entrance Fee: Rp270.000 - Rp400.000 Opening Hours: 09:00 - 18:00 Telp. Number: +62 361 8483939 Address: Jl. Pantai Berawa, , Tibubeneng, , Kuta Utara, , Badung, , Bali , Indonesia , 80361.

Sophisticated waterpark and lots of fun inside sum up Splash Waterpark Bali as a tourist attraction. Located in Tibubeneng, North Kuta, this waterpark provides a child-friendly playing place. Clean pools for kids and adults, slides to enjoy – all are in. Available sunbeds are many, too.

Floating in Crazy Creek never disappoints. Do a sliding tandem with the children in the speed racer, which doubles the fun. Enjoy the body getting slammed by the bucket’s water spill. Slide inside a tunnel and end up being swirled in the Super Bowl. Or, simply have a smooth, relaxing swim in the pool.

Tired of playing some splash, clean the body in the shower places. After that, fill the tummy with finger-licking food. Simply call the staff and order some of the place’s delicious food. Rent a cabana and eat the food while enjoying the vibe of a tropical waterpark. Spending time in a place awarded service excellence will never disappoint.

splash waterpark bali
The giant racer slide, Super Bowl, and red slide. Img: Ari Apsari Dewi

Splash Waterpark Bali Entrance Fee

A day pass to the waterpark will cost Rp270,000 for children and Rp400,000 for adults. While seniors over 60 years old and children under 3 years old are free of charge. The splash waterpark day passes include access to the waterpark area and single beds use. For a deluxe day bed and cabana, there is a minimum spend.

Splash Waterpark Bali Entrance Fee
Children Rp270,000
Adult Rp400,000
Children <3 years & Senior > 60 years Free

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Splash Waterpark Bali’s Opening hours

Splash waterpark is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. Except of course like every other attraction and tourist destination in Bali. It all closes on Nyepi day.

Splash Waterpark Bali Opening Hours
Every day except Nyepi 09:00 – 17:00

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A Water Wonderland for Children

With a colorful theme, children will surely have a great time in the Splash Waterpark Bali playground. Never leave without trying the mini slides. Feel the rain-like illusion by swimming beneath the large umbrella – catching the water drops while the sun shines bright.

The gigantic water bucket is located in the center of the waterpark. The spilling bucket has its charm – even adults are attracted to try it. When the bucket’s almost full, people will flock to the kids’ pool and then, splash! The water spilling hits the head and body. Although the ‘gigantic shower’ is powerful enough, no children ever cry over this.

Lifeguards are keeping an eye on everyone’s safety, so no worries. For young thrill-seekers, there’s a speed racer ride. The speed ride is the shorter version of the giant racing slide – which is a joyride for adults. For the speed racer, the minimum requirement for children’s height is 100 cm. With four lanes, see who the loser is!

water bucket arena
The water bucket, is the children’s favorite attraction in the waterpark. Img: Sirsan

Splash Waterpark Bali Adults Rides

Float and feel the serenity in the intense creek ride. Here, the creek’s pace is quite slow. Have accompanied while enjoying this attraction. Chit-chatting while enjoying the tranquil 102 meters stream brings a relaxing time. Out of all the intense excitement, but still fun indeed.

For those seeking the thrill, try the giant big red rides. The red slide offers a five-story slide to skate through. With a fast pace, every curve will give the slider a more powerful push. The big red rides despite being high are for adults and children. But for children, the height has to be at least 100 cm tall.

The giant racer slide is a 90 meters long four-lane slide. For one seeking adrenaline-pumping attraction, this one is another option. Children can try this attraction too. But only the one with a minimum height of 110 cm can play. Race and slide through. See who’s winning!

giant racer
Children with a height above 110 cm can slide in the giant racer too. Img: Tristan Menzies

Super Bowl Experience

When trying the Super Bowl, one will feel that human is just unable to outpower the momentum. No brake, no stop. Shout out and enjoy getting swirled in a massive green and red bowl. The hole in the center links to the pool below. After the swirl, shoot into the pool below.

Firstly, one will pass a dark tunnel. Then, reaching the ‘bowl’ itself, there’s the time to get rotated. The water flow makes the body unstoppable. After several rotations, the gravitation will pull one down to the pool. Splash!

Daybeds and Cabanas

Every single ticket purchase includes the use of a single sunbed. However, sometimes the visitors’ number is more compared to the number of single sunbeds itself. Upgrade it to the deluxe sunbed by adding some more cash. Or, for larger seating, cabanas are available to rent too. More convenient with springy seating and shades.

daybeds splash waterpark bali
Every ticket purchase includes 1 daybed cabana. Img: Yu De Lim

However, it’s best to reserve the deluxe bed especially if planning to come with a group. Online reservation for the ticket is cheaper. Plus, one can reserve the bed spot before the place gets occupied.


The management does not let visitors bring food. The reason is to keep the place clean. So, only in-situ food purchasing is allowed. Even at the entrance, the staff will search for one’s bag to ensure there’s no food or drink from outside.

There are quite many selections of food and beverage offered inside the premises. However, the menu is all western. Not even a single local meal is around. Another downside is the food price is higher than bringing food from outside. But this leaves no options for visitors.

As for the drink, the bar serves non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Soft drinks and fruit juices are available. The bar serves tea and coffee as well. Mineral water and other bottled beverages are many. However, just like the food, the price is of course higher.

The cost of drinks ranges from Rp22.000 to Rp2.000.000. That Rp2 million is for champagne, so that’s pretty reasonable. As for the food, the range is around Rp35.000-Rp215.000. The highest price of Rp215.000 is for a portion of beef brisket.

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For the charge price, the facilities in Splash Waterpark Bali are considered worth it. Life vests are available for free with a prior deposit of Rp200.000 plus an ID card guarantee. Lifeguards are plenty. The staffs are friendly, bar and restaurants are providing an excellent dine-in experience.

Lockers, toilets, and showering places – the place is clean and well-maintained. Slides and pools are daily checked. Parking is not an issue, a spacious parking lot is ready to accommodate. Sunbeds are included with the ticket price, one sunbed per adult ticket.

Towels are available for rent for Rp50.000/piece. No food and drinks are allowed to enter the place. There are also lockers facility of course with additional cash, too.

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How To Get To Splash Waterpark Bali

The waterpark is located 15-20 minutes away from Seminyak beach. The distance is 6.6 km and reachable by car or motorbike. However, due to the narrow roads, a motorbike is by far the most convenient vehicle. Public transportation is not available.

The daily car rental price is a dozen times more costly than ride-hailing. Ride-hail bike service costs Rp17.000 from downtown. For ride-hail cars, the charge is between Rp44.000-Rp53.000 depending on the passenger’s capacity. While for a taxi it costs around Rp34.000-Rp42.000 depending on the traffic.

From Seminyak beach, take the road that leads to Berawa beach. One should pass Raya Kerobokan Street-Petitenget Street-Pura Kayu Putih Street-Subak Sari-and then go to Pantai Berawa street. From there, after around 200 meters, turn right toward New Canggu Club street. The destination will be on the left side of the road.

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Address & Location

Splash Waterpark Bali location is in Jl. Pantai Berawa, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali.

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