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Trans Studio Bandung Theme Park, Activities & Rides

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Trans Studio Bandung
The biggest indoor theme park, Trans Studio Bandung. Img: Meidy Supit

Trans Studio Bandung is an indoor theme park at Gatot Subroto Street, Bandung. It is part of The Trans Studio complex. A one-stop destination with the theme park, a shopping mall, and a luxury hotel. All in one place. The whole complex covers an area of 4,2 hectares.

As a theme park, Trans Studio Bandung claims to be the biggest indoor park in the nation. Trans Studio Bandung is built in 2011. The company behind the creation of this theme park is Trans Corporation. One of a  prominent media company in Indonesia. This is why many rides here are inspired by television programs from Trans Corporation’s TV channels.

It even has a broadcast museum. Where visitors can learn about a TV program’s behind-the-scenes. In total, there are 20 rides at Trans Studio Bandung. All in three sections: Studio Central, The Lost City, and Magic World. Studio Central design like Hollywood 60’s theme. Where visitors can find superstars such as Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe.

ocean world trans studio bandung
The ocean world science venue in studio central. Img: Kartika Ramli

The Lost city and Magic World inspiration comes from the imaginary worlds. Rides here such as the Amazonian-theme ‘Jelajah’ and the haunted house ‘Dunia Lain’.

Most Favorite Extreme Rides in Trans Studio Bandung

The story of Jack and the beanstalks inspired the ride Negeri Raksasa (The Giant Country). Riders will fall from a 20-meter height to mimic Jack’s escape from the giants. Pemburu Badai (The Storm Hunter) is an upgrade from Negeri Raksasa. The ride drops people from a height of 40 meters. It’s very high, riders will see the whole Bandung city while on top.

The only ride located outdoor, Yamaha Racing Coaster is another visitors’ favorite. The roller coaster is known to be more unpredictable than a regular one. Instead of completing one lap and done. Prepare for a stomach-flipping ride back to the starting point. The whole ride only takes 1 minute as the coaster goes with a blasting speed of 200km/hour.

Yamaha Racing Coaster
Yamaha Racing Coaster, the most favorite rides. Img: Trans Studio Bandung Official

Adventurous Journey  ‘Jelajah’

The water ride ‘Jelajah’ brings visitors deep into the mysterious Amazon. The dark jungle awaits. Its secrets are waiting to be unraveled. Slide through the darkness of the temple ruins. The final challenge is a 13-meter waterfall drop. That guarantees everybody’s clothes to get wet – it’s better to pack a spare shirt beforehand.

Haunted House ‘Dunia Lain’

Dunia Lain, roughly translated as ‘another world’ in English. Once is a popular horror reality TV program. In the show, the hosts would explore haunted places around the country. Trans Studio Bandung attempt to recreate this show’s horror. By building a haunted house with the same name.

Many ghosts and scares here are inspired by the TV show. The journey starts with sounds of crying and screaming. Enough to give goosebumps. Prepare for jumpscares that make the 4-minute journey seemingly has no end.

Trans Studio Bandung Entrance
Eiffel Miniature and Trans Studio entrance gate. Img: Wd Bulbster

Plenty of ghosts here are locals and unfamiliar. Foreign visitors might have never heard about these ghosts before. Instead of Dracula or vampire. Meet Kuntilanak, a ghost in a female form known for her eerie laugh and tragic death story.

Trans Studio Bandung Performances & Show

Take a break from rides by enjoying Trans Studio’s shows and performances. There are many shows routinely held here. Such as the magic show “It’s Magic” and opening dance performance every morning. Sometimes, there are also special shows. In December 2018. An international circus group Gravity held a two-weeks performance here.

Trans Studio Broadcast Museum

Trans Studio is not just a place for fun. They also offer educational attractions, such as the Trans Broadcast Museum. Here, learn how TV crews work on a television show. And it’s behind the scenes.

Dance Show
Dance show, performance and thematic parade at Trans Studio Bandung. Img: Veny Chen

There are many steps, from planning, shooting, to editing. Visitors can involve in each of the processes. Lastly, head to the museum’s newsroom to practice being a news anchor.

Trans Studio Mall

It would take a separate day to explore Trans Studio Mall alone. It is the largest mall in Bandung with five floors in total. There are a great variety of stores. A cinema and a whole floor dedicated to food courts and restaurants.

Head to the first floor to shop branded items, local or international. Branded tenants include Hugo Boss, Nike, Guess, Puma, Indonesian Batik Boutique ‘Batik Keris’, and many more.

snack store
Snack store at trans studio bandung. Img: Andy Pradhana

Trans Studio Bandung Opening Hours

Trans Studio Bandung opens daily from 10 AM to 6 PM. On weekend, the theme park has longer operational hours, from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Trans Studio Bandung Opening Hours
Mon-Thursday10:00 – 18:00
Weekend & Holiday Season10:00 – 19:00

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Trans Studio Bandung Entrance Fee

An entrance ticket is IDR 180,000/pax. However, tickets are more expensive during the weekend and peak season (New Year Holiday, summer, school’s holiday). During high season, a ticket costs IDR 280,000/pax.

Trans Studio Bandung Entrance Fee
Monday – ThursdayRp180.000
Weekend & Holiday SeasonRp280.000

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Trans Studio Bandung is equipped with more than adequate facilities. Visitors can leave belongings at the locker room. Smokers are facilitated with a smoking room. Basic facilities include toilets, parking space, food court, and ATM machines. There is also a nursery room for mothers.

How To Get To Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung is accessible by public transports. From Bandung Railway Station, take the green public van with route Stasiun Hall-Gede Bage. Stop at Jenderal Gatot Subroto then take red-green van line Cicadas – Elang. The whole journey takes approximately an hour and should cost visitors less than IDR 15,000.

Visitors coming from Bandung Airport better take a taxi instead. The nearest bus stop is 1 km, so it’s inconvenient. On normal traffic condition, it takes 30 minutes to get to Trans Studio by taxi. If visitors insist on public transport, take bus line Cibeureum – Cicaheum, stop at Sinar Jaya Konsambi shelter, then continue with public van line Cicadas – Elang.


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