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Nungnung Waterfall North Ubud Attraction

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Nungnung Waterfall North Ubud
Nungnung Waterfall is an hour drive to north Ubud. Img: Александр Ноздрачев

There is more to Bali than trendy cafés, beach clubs, and diving sites. Among many other must-visit places in Bali. Nungnung waterfall offers a peaceful getaway for those who are willing to explore. Located in the Badung region, this waterfall sitting at 900 meters above sea level.

The local gives the waterfall name after its own tranquil village Nungnung. Nungnung waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. Standing at 50 meters high, Nungnung waterfall claimed as the highest waterfall on the island. The local government has started promoting the waterfall in 1996.

And has not stopped ever since. It is continuously improving to welcome more visitors to the site. Nungnung waterfall is popular and famous for its beauty among international tourists first. Compare to other Nungnung Waterfall is not too crowded. As they don’t get too much credit in social media.

Nungnung Waterfall Tourist Attraction
The highest in Bali, Nungnung Waterfall offers more tranquil than the other. Img: feelmybali

Nungnung Waterfall Bathing in the Natural Pool

Indulge the eyes with amazing views as tourists drive into the Nungnung waterfall. Rice paddy fields of Tegalalang and beautiful green valleys are waving on the side of the road. This waterfall is hiding beyond the infamous Jembatan Tukad Bangkung. One hour and a half drive to the waterfall will feel like a breeze to travelers.

Be prepared for the challenge visitors have to conquer. Nungnung waterfall is 400 meters away from the entrance gate. To reach the fall. There are 500 concrete steps down through the lush green vegetation. The sound of water crashing into the refreshing pool can be heard from afar.

It is truly a rejuvenating trip for the adventurous explorers. Fall from 50 meters high. Nungnung waterfall offers a cool pool water sensation. It sending a strong shocking vibe to the body after walking down to 500 flight stairs.

Stairs to Nungnung Waterfall
Hundred of stairs to get to the waterfall Img: Asaad al.amri

The sighting of a bamboo bridge near the pool adds up to the natural environment. Making it hard to resist not to take pictures of the magnificent view.

Magnificent Landscape

Amidst the stunning and diverse floras. The mystical charm of the Nungnung waterfall is something not to be missed. Need a souvenir to bring home and to show to the family? A picture of crystal-clear cascade and charming greenery is the best kind of souvenir.

Whilst it’s hard to be early during vacation. Nungnung waterfall is best captured early in the morning. At least before the sun climbs up the rock. Don’t forget to bring a dry bag and a towel. There is no locker and changing room near the waterfall.

Nungnung Waterfall in October
The basic facility is not available. Just Nature. Img: Sarah Nydahl

Swing Attraction

Feeling like swinging in nature. Or relax while sipping on a cup of tea or coffee. A nearby place calls Bali John Swing is a great place to hang out. This place offers a wide range of tea flavor and authentic Luwak coffee. From coconut coffee to lemongrass tea. The little hut has many things for tourists to enjoy a tasting experience.

The so-called amusement park also has another activity offered. For some, swinging might sound a little childish, but here it doesn’t count. This swing is overlooking Ubud’s signature rice terrace with dancing coconut trees on the side. Safety is the provider’s number one priority.

Harness and helmet prepared for tourists before sitting on the swing. When it’s not too crowded. Take as much time to enjoy the view and take a few snaps for Instagram.

Jhon Swing & Coffee Luwak. Img: Fernando Meireles

Befriend the locals

After a long hike, visitors may enjoy a reviving coconut drink at the nearest warung. Traditional snacks are also available to calm roaring stomach sound. Join the friendly locals to get the ultimate experience of the adventure.

Be confident and ask some friendly questions about nature or cultural tradition. Who knows, it might turn into a new friendship and a chance to become a citizen of the world.

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Nungnung Waterfall Opening Hours

This waterfall is open from 8 am to 4 pm. An early morning visit to the site is highly recommended for an enjoyable day-trip. Spend 3 hours or more in the waterfall to thoroughly appreciate the captivating nature.

Nungnung Waterfall Opening Hours
Every day08:00 – 16:00

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Nungnung Waterfall Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to enter the waterfall is Rp 20.000 per person. A small price to pay in return for the magnificent beauty of nature. The entrance doesn’t include the parking fee both for motorcycles and cars.

Nungnung Waterfall Entrance Fee

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The surrounding area of the waterfall is very natural. Therefore, changing rooms are not available in the area. Make sure that belongings secure safely within reach. Nevertheless, small gazebo and toilets are available at the parking area.

A huge space for parking is available at the entrance and so does a small shop. Bring enough water or buy one before descending hundreds of stairs. There is no other shop selling water below. Once tourists walk down into the rocky concrete. Handrail on the sides is there. At least enough handgrip. So, do not worry about whatever the weather is. Rain or shine this place is one to find.

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How To Get To Nungnung Waterfall

There is a limited option when it comes to relying on public transportation in Bali. There is none of it. Located in the northern part of Ubud. Tourist only has several options like renting a car or driving motorcycle. From Ubud downtown, travel 35 km north, at least an hour drive.

Commonly, the traffic to the waterfall is quite normal. People will not get trapped in hours or more stuck in the street. The normal price for 10 hours rental is Rp500.000. And Rp100.000 24 hours for a motorcycle.

Address & Location

The waterfall is located right at Nungnung village, Petang, Badung Regency, Bali 80353.


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