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The Lost World Castle Sleman Activities & Entrance Fee

The Lost World Castle

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Jl. Petung Merapi , Petung , Kepuharjo Cangkringan , Sleman , Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta , Indonesia , 55583.
Entrance Fee: Rp30.000 Opening Hours: 07:00 - 18:00 WIB Contact Number: -

The Lost World Castle is not just a name. The park that was built in 2017 is literally sitting on a lost village. The Lost World Castle park is situated at Kepuharjo, the region that was severely devastated by volcanic ash and lava during the Mount Merapi eruption in 2010. In fact, the entire village was wiped out, and the catastrophe damage was pretty much undisguised.

The volcanic ash has not completely gone and former lava flow forms a volcanic sand river. From the lost world castle, Mount Merapi looms in the background. The mountaintop is torn wide apart due to the eruption. The lost word castle is not the only tourist spot that lies on the slope of Merapi mountain. In fact, there is other such Merapi museum and the Merapi lava site. All of these tourist attraction has one shared goal.

In that case, not letting people forget what happened a few years back in their village. Writing history, and reminding people of what the volcano did. The government later made the Petung area a tourist village as a rehabilitation effort. Hopefully, with tourists coming to their village, the area that once was lost will back to its track. Be vibrant again like it used to before the eruption happen.

the lost world castle jogja
The lost world castle on the slope of Mount Merapi. Img: Inisial

The Lost World Castle Explore The Imaginary

Prepare to be carried to different kinds of eras from the Jurassic to the Medieval age. The imaginary world at The Lost World Castle transcends many eras and cultures. In a way that the brain could hardly comprehend for its amusing randomness. First, explore the main medieval castle. Visitors will find a replica of the Iron Throne from the TV show Game of Thrones.

There is also a medieval pool inside this castle. The vast green meadow in front of the castle hosts an Indian village. Two real-size Indian huts stand only meters from a fallen triceratops.

paddling boat
Boat paddle and the pirate ship. Img: rest

The name of this section is “Wild Wild West”. Apparently, it’s a combination of the American frontier era with the Jurassic era – quite an interesting combination. Keep exploring the 1-hectare area to find more surprises. Climb the pirate ship ‘Black Pearl’ and feel like being a pirate from the Caribbean.

There are hobbit houses alongside a little wonderland with mushroom-shaped houses. The best wonder here is the castle’s fort which resembles the Great Wall of China. Walk along the top of the Great Wall to get the best view of Mount Merapi.

Lost World Castle 3D Paintings & Selfie Spots

The imaginary world also comes in 3D form paintings that definitely would create fun illusion photos. Cross a bridge with sharks below or fly with the magic flying carpet. Be creative with the camera, and brag with everyone back home. The pictures will surely make an interesting post on social media.

lost world castle vast area
The lost world castle vast area. Img: tyasti

Also, don’t forget to pose at the selfie spots. A selfie spot is definitely available in any recreational park in Indonesia. In this case, the Lost World Castle is included. Pose in front of the angel’s wing or the paradise gate resembling a stairway to the open sky. A couple of shots, while discovering the reason why the Indonesian local tourists love selfie spots so much – it’s simply fun.

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The House of Memory

Allow a few minutes to reminisce about how scary nature can be by visiting the House of Memory. This section of the park exhibits the real remaining house that was destroyed by the eruption a few years back then. The House of Memory wall is grey from the volcanic ashes.

Inside, a lot of furniture is still where it’s left. The heat from the ashes melts and damages every piece of furniture. The House of Memory will remind visitors of the ruins of Pompeii. Fortunately, this is not as horrible. Counts 320.000 people from this region were able to evacuate right before the eruption.

house of memory, the lost world castle
The remaining furniture and goods were left due to the eruption. Img: Inoe

There were still casualties. But disaster alert technology was able to prevent and save a lot of people from the disaster zone. The House of Memory is a place to learn how important a proper disaster response system is.

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The Lost World Castle Opening Hours

The Lost World Castle is open daily from 7 AM to 6 PM. Including national holidays. The peak time is during the weekend, from Saturday to Sunday. Make sure to see the weather cast before visiting the park. As most of the area is outdoor.

The Lost World Castle Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday 07:00 – 18:00

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The Lost World Castle Entrance Fee

The entrance ticket is Rp30.000, and for children under 5 years old, it’s free. The entrance ticket includes access to all the attractions inside. There will be no additional costs except for the ATV rides. Besides the regular ticket, tourists could opt for the all-in ticket for Rp50.000. The price includes the entrance to 2 other attractions, Stonehenge and the lost world park.

The Lost World Castle Entrance Fee
Children >6 years & Adult Rp30.000
All-in Ticket Rp50.000
The Hobbit House Rp15.000

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The parking lot at The Lost World Castle is spacious, enough to accommodate dozens of vehicles. There are decent toilets available. For hungry visitors, food vendors are plenty inside and outside the premises. They are offering food from snacks to full meals. There is also an ATV rental for anyone who wants to explore the area without a lot of walking.

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How To Get To The Lost World Castle

It takes approximately 1 hour to get to The Lost World Castle. The route is easy, visitors only need to drive north following Kaliurang road. At the Cangkringan intersection, turn right to Cangkringan road until Petung District. There are still many broken roads in some spots, due to the eruption. That is why cars need to be in proper condition and the driver needs to be experienced.

Therefore it’s best for tourists to rent a private vehicle with a driver. Not to mention that public transportation is not available to the location. The price range for car rental starts from Rp500.000 to Rp800.000/day. It depends on the capacity of the car and besides the price already includes fuel and the driver. However, it doesn’t include the entrance ticket to the tourist’s site and driver tips.

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Address & Location

The lost world castle is located in Petung Merapi street, Kepuharjo, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta 55583.

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