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Museum Angkut, Activities & Entrance Fee

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Museum Angkut
Museum Angkut main attraction display classic cars. Img; Jeffri Kj

At Museum Angkut, forget about calm and boring atmosphere a museum usually has. Located in Batu City, East Java, Museum Angkut is half a museum and half a theme-park. It offers both educational experience and thrill. From immersive learning to cultural experience, to wild fun, this museum has all of them.

It started as a museum of transportation. Angkut means “transport” in the Indonesian language. In total there is 439 transport. Means from cars to bicycles to traditional transportation mode. Museum Angkut’s highlight is their classic cars collections.

One of the most popular is a 1952 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe belong to the Indonesian first president Soekarno. The theme-park section of the museum is categorized as zones. There are in total 9 zones. The UK, Hollywood, Batavia, to name a few.

Chopper in museum angkut
A real chopper park in the outdoor area. Img: Sulthonul Brilyan

Museum Angkut also has a floating market, selling local food and crafts. For its unique concept, Museum Angkut received Best Museum Award from Indonesian government in 2017.

Museum Angkut Main Hall

The luxurious lobby of Main Hall hosts a number of classic cars and old bicycles. Examine and admire from a really close distance. If there’s something better than Museum Angkut’s hundreds of car collections. It is the fact that visitors can also touch the cars here. This interactivity is both educational and fun.

Educational Zone

Moving on toward Educational Zone. This zone is the “museum” part of Museum Angkut. It is filled with detail explanations over the history of transportation in Indonesia and all over the world. If this zone sounds boring, wait until 2 PM. The zone has a theatrical performance called “Spiderman Show”. The show performs every day at 2 pm in its sub-zone called Runaway 27.

classic cars
Hundred collections of cars. Img: Sandra Irawan

Runaway 27 itself is the museum’s airport. Replica of planes and real helicopters parked neatly in its hangar. If the Main Hall is for car enthusiasts. Runway 27 is heaven for airplane lovers.

The flight simulator, especially, is a childhood dream comes true. Tourists can even experience exiting a plane with an emergency slide.

The Fun Zone

This is the zone of wonder and imagination. Gangster Town & Broadway Street Zone, for example. It tries to give the vibe of America’s gangster era. The Fun zone also comes with its own theatrical show. Watch actors performing a scene from an old gangster movie such as The Godfather.

Hollywood Zone displays a large statue of Hulk made from recycled material. Not straying far from the  “transportation” theme. The zone exhibits replicas of vehicles from popular Hollywood movies. Meet The Mystery Machine. The van from a cartoon series Scooby Doo. In another corner, Batman’s Batmobile is lurking around.

Airplane in museum angkut
Real airplane with a flight simulator. Img: Adam Pramudya Jourdan

Culture Zone

The Culture zone mix history lesson with fun. At Batavia zone, prepare to enter the past. When the capital of Indonesia was still called Sunda Kelapa. Classic cars are parked along its old street. In the corner, stands the harbormaster’s office. The zone goes as far as replicating Batavia’s old harbor. Complete with ships and boats.

European zones comprise of countries of European Union. Such as the UK and France. Visit the mini Buckingham Palace in the UK zone. Where visitors can take deceiving pictures as if in front of the real palace. It’s not France without Eiffel Tower, and Museum Angkut has it. Head to France Zone to see this legendary landmark.

Superhero Parade

Here at Museum Angkut, the excitement peaks every day at 16.30 PM. Superheroes come out from their hiding. Parading around from Broadway Street to Movie Star Zone.

Food section
Food and floating market section. Img: Kirana Trans

The final performance is a street party where everyone can participate, superheroes and visitors alike. Dance the heart out, this party is the wildest it can get at Museum Angkut.

Floating Market

Join a canoeing trip to get the best experience at Museum Angkut’s Nusantara Floating Market. Navigate through the little river and visit the stalls here. Vendors sell from street snack to heavy meal at an affordable price. Plenty of options to choose, among the most recommended is East Javan best pick such as rujak cingur, a traditional salad with shrimp paste as its dressing.

floating market museum angkut
Plenty selection of food in a floating market. Img: abayuni adiahafi

Museum Angkut Opening Hours

Museum Angkut opens daily from 12 pm to 8 pm. During the weekend the museum is always full of visitor especially local.

Museum Angkut Opening Hours
Every day12:00 – 20:00

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Museum Angkut Entrance Fee

The entrance ticket will cost IDR 70k on weekdays and IDR 100k on weekends. A parking fee is IDR 3k for motorcycle and IDR 5k for cars. Tourists bringing a DSLR camera will need to pay an additional fee of IDR 30k to bring the camera in.

Museum Angkut Entrance Fee
Monday – ThursdayRp70.000
Friday – Sunday & HolidayRp100.000
DSLR Camera ChargeRp30.000

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Facilities at Museum Angkut are excellent. Every restroom is equipped with disability toilets. There are wifi, food court, ATM, storage room, and even a free charging station. The parking lot is spacious.

A shuttle service is free to use for visitors who want to go to other tourists spots. Such as Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, and Batu Night Spectacular.

How To Get To Museum Angkut

It’s relatively easy to get to Museum Angkut using public transport. From Arjosari Bus Station or Malang Railway Station, use public van ADL or AL heading to Landungsari Bus Terminal. After, take van heading to Batu Terminal. At Batu Terminal, hop into green or orange van heading to Museum Angkut. The public minivan fare is IDR 4k per trip.

Tourists using private vehicles can take this route: Malang – MT. Haryono Road – Batu – Pattimura Road – Sultan Agung Road – Museum Angkut. The road is straightforward and easy to follow.

Since the area around Museum Angkut is a popular tourist destination. There are plenty of road signs showing the museum location. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes from Malang.


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